December is fast approaching and 2015 quickly coming to a close.

I find that with all the festivities and celebrations during this time of the year people forget to go within.

Winter is a time where animals hibernate and nature pulls it’s energies inwards for a time of  recovery, restoration and repose. The flow of life comes to a standstill.

The energy of winter is for reflection, a time for quietude and deeper connection to your soul

Winter is an invitation to look back at the year that has gone and at ourselves, our habits, our beliefs, our attitudes, our patterns, our achievements, our blocks, our lessons and our relationships.

It is a great time to re-evaluate where you are on your soul journey. The energy is supportive for any form of inner work.

I encourage you to take some time this winter to dive deeper into the depths of your heart. Reflect on what you still need to work on, what you need to accept or let go of, what no longer serves you and what will support you in expanding your awareness and spiritual growth.

You can do this by going for long walks in nature, whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee, through meditation and journaling is a great way to do this too!

And the next step of course is to take action! 🙂