What’s your story?

Everyone has a story that they feel limited by, emotionally attached to or even stuck on.

You try to change it but can’t seem to break-free no matter how hard you try.

This becomes tricky and sticky-icky when and if you start to make it a part of who you are, in some ways your identity.

Often with these limiting stories we feel powerless, helpless and end up feeling like a victim. We even start associating our sense of worthiness from whether we are able to change our story or not.

The truth is we all have stories. These stories are the experiences that will teach us our biggest lessons and life learnings.. if only we choose to embrace it, accept it and learn from it! 

Some of us will learn through relationship stories, others through health or a weight story, and some with a money or work story.

Whatever your story, I have found that the essence or the core issue is almost always the same.

It’s about loving and accepting ourselves as we are, with or without our stories. It’s about not identifying or taking our stories personally, making it mean something about us.

It’s about knowing we are worthy.

We are all Divine beings having a human experience to grow and evolve our souls.

And whatever your story, knowing that firstly you are NOT your story and secondly you can change it!

It may take some time and conscious effort on your part. All you have to do it stick to it, make a commitment to yourself and let it come from your heart.

Here are some questions to ponder on:

  • What choices are you making to stay in your story?
  • What do you do over your story? Gossip? Drink? Eat? Play victim?
  • What are you verbally affirming daily that keeps you stuck in your story?
  • What thoughts are you dwelling on that projects this story into your reality?

Here are 5 steps you can take to change your story:

1. Disassociate yourself from your story. Stop making it mean something about you.

2. Make a decision to let go of your old limiting story. This has to come from a place deep within your heart.

3. Create a new story. Actually write this down. Read this to yourself every morning & evening. And start affirming this throughout the day.

4. What thoughts could you ponder on daily that is more in alignment with your new story? Thoughts that are uplifting, exciting and filled with joy.

5. Make different choices. What new and empowering choices would propel you in the direction of your new amazing story?

oh and lastly.. Take action!

So my lovely one.. start telling yourself a new story today!

Go into your heart and feel it, believe it and vibrate that to the Universe so that you can start co-creating a new more joyful story!

You are worthy.