Module 2 Tasks

Tasks this week:

  • Journal about any resistance that came up today or anything that came up for you in the last session or that is still on your mind. Other things you can journal about is all the justifications you are using to hold on, your reasons to stay hurt or why you don’t want to let him go…This part has to be handwritten as your handwriting is directly linked to your subconscious mind.
  • Affirmations are a great way to set your intention in motion. All you need to do is repeat them out loud any time you find yourself drifting back to victim mentality or with negative thoughts about your healing process. Either write them down at least ten or up to twenty-five times daily. Choose one that resonates with you. Below are some affirmation ideas:
    – I no longer feel the need to resist letting go of…
    – I am learning that it is safe for me to let go now.
    – It is safe for me to forgive…