Coaching Agreement


You give your full consent to receiving Spiritual Life Coaching / Guidance / Healing / Energy Readings or any other holistic therapeutic sessions with Melany Oliver. You understand that the results may vary and that the practitioner may not guarantee results.

You understand that complementary therapy is not a replacement for medical treatment and psychological or psychiatric counseling/services. You also understand that the practitioner does not treat, prescribe for or diagnose any condition.

For in-person sessions, it may be necessary for the practitioner to make physical contact, to touch points on my head or body respectfully and you give the practitioner consent to do so.

You agree to participate in all sessions to the best of your ability. You agree to provide accurate background information when requested by the practitioner. You understand that full confidentiality regarding your sessions will be honored between Melany Oliver and yourself.

You give Melany the permission to:

  • Challenge you with powerful questions
  • Provide inquiries for you to think about
  • Assign tasks as and when required accordingly

You agree to the following:

  • You are willing to work through challenges and accept change
  • You are open-minded and willing to consider new concepts, try new things
  • You understand that healing is a journey and a process requiring self-care and commitment to self-growth
  • You are committed to working on my issues on all levels

You agree to the following scheduling terms:

  • All sessions must be paid in advance via the website PayPal option or in full through bank transfer
  • If I am late for an appointment, my session might be shortened
  • I will re-schedule any appointment 24 hours in advance
  • Last minute cancellations will be charged in full (unless it’s an emergency)
  • For the basic intuitive coaching package sessions do not roll over to the next month¬†
  • Coaching package sessions must be completed within the time-frame agreed from your subscription/payment date

No refunds are given once a coaching package is started as buying my services means you are making a commitment to complete. Start with a consultation session if you prefer, otherwise, once a package is purchased, refunds are not offered.

IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to make your bookings according to your schedule. If you do not complete your sessions within the time period there is no refund. Remember sessions do not carry over to the next month if they are missed. If this is not possible due to an emergency, kindly let me know and we can discuss accordingly.

NOTE: It is important to understand as unconscious patterns reveal themselves it is natural that you will want to recoil to your comfort zone as it will make you feel overwhelmed and very uncomfortable. This is precisely the reason you are not able to breakthrough some of your negative life patterns. This coaching agreement and terms & conditions are to hold you responsible and accountable for the transformation you are committing to by subscribing to either of my Heart & Soul Coaching packages.

Terms & Conditions


1. Therapist / Client Agreement

1.1 The Coach agrees to provide treatment for presenting issue.
1.2 The Coach agrees to act in a professional manner.
1.3 It is understood by both the Coach and Client that no absolute cure/results can be offered or is guaranteed.
1.4 The Coach will remain client confidentiality, except in cases where the Client or another person’s welfare or life is at risk of injury or death.
1.5 The Client agrees to disclose any and all information regarding past and present medical symptoms, medication, differing from usual physical or mental abilities, which may or may not have a bearing on the treatment given. In the event of medication or conditions not being disclosed by the Client to the Coach, no responsibility for any side effects will be taken by the Coach.

2. Terms of Payment

2.1 The Client agrees to pay the Coach all fees due before scheduling an online appointment by PayPal or online banking.
2.2 In the unlikely event of a treatment not being effective no refunds will be given as the Client is paying for the Coach’s time, not the result or outcome.
2.3 The Client is expected to give 24 hours notice of cancellation before the appointment is due, otherwise, the fee for cancellation of fewer than 24 hours notice will be half the session price. Last minute cancellations or no show will be charged at full cost.
2.4 Once payment has been received sessions are not transferable to another family member/friend/acquaintance
2.5 Once paid single sessions, packages and programs constitute an agreement to complete. It is the client’s responsibility to make their own bookings through the online scheduling app, failure to do so on time will not be eligible for a refund. In case the client is not able to book for any reason contact Melany to arrange/ organize/discuss accordingly.

3. Legal Disclaimer

3.1 Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery, Emotional Freedom Technique, Self-Hypnotic Techniques, Reiki, NLP, Tarot consultation, Coaching, Soul & Energy Readings are not in any way meant as a substitute for standard medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment for serious or life-threatening conditions, such as medical trauma, surgical emergencies, bacterial infections, bodily dysfunctions and thought disorders such as psychosis or schizophrenia. These techniques are an adjunctive and complementary alternative for self-healing, self-help, and behavioral modification.
3.2 Clients under the age of 18 must provide written consent by a parent or legal guardian to use any services provided by the Coach.
3.3 The Coach makes no expressed or implied guarantees of results following a session. The Client is duly informed that as individuals vary, so do results and that all healing is self-healing. Results are ultimately achieved through the Client’s own personal efforts at applying these techniques overtime for which the Client accepts full responsibility.