Tarot Reading

Calling All Tarot Lovers & Off-track Spiritual Beings...

Are you at a crossroads, unsure how to proceed with important life decisions?

Are you wondering what actions you should take now that would be in your best interest?

Would you like to gain some clarity on some of your life patterns?

Indecision is often worse than making a wrong decision. It leads to “analysis paralysis,” that
frustrating point where you are stuck in one place, confused and fearful about an uncertain
future. This is when a Tarot Reading can make all the difference.

We all need a bit of guidance at times, so if you are feeling a little lost or unsure about what decisions to make or if you just want some insight and new awareness about where your life and circumstances are taking you then a Tarot Reading may be exactly what you need.

It’s a 3-step process:

Step 1.
We will look at what is going on in your life generally, what challenges you are facing and possible outcomes in the immediate future.

Step 2. We then look into your work life and your relationships and answer any questions that you may have to clarify each area.

Step 3. Focusing completely on your concerns, we will determine the best course of action you can take to solve any issue and possible outcome of any situation.

You may begin to see patterns emerge during the session, emotionally, mentally or even physically, from past experiences or destiny itself.

When these materialize they can be subtle or intense, and it’s my job to provide insight, perspective and clarification into these patterns, so a possible future can be illuminated, instead of predicted.



The Tarot is a tool for self-development & spiritual growth.

It can help you understand yourself better, give you insight into your potentials & awareness about your blocks and how to transform them


"My experience with Melany and her cards was incredible. I came in with an open heart and mind, truly unsure of what we would experience together. Melany prefaced our time by telling me she is not a fortune-teller and she can't change the past, but she can help me to focus my energy on the direction the Universe is paving for me; in short, she could help guide me towards my own life's alignment. And she did. Melany illuminated pathways for me that quite literally connected the dots. She gave me validation on how to best serve my partner and move forward in my professional life. Her warmth and kindness created a gorgeous and safe space to allow realizations and self-confirmations to occur, building for me a strength in my resolve to keep progressing! She's right - she cannot know the future. But Melany can help you to build the future you desire if you can remain open and willing to seeing different possibilities!" ~ Erin Salem, USA

What to Expect from a Tarot Reading with Me

The Tarot is NOT a fortune telling tool! So if you have come here wanting me to "fortune tell" your future then you have come to the wrong place. I do not believe we can predict the future 100%, I believe we can create our future with the choices that we make daily along with the energy we continue to put out into the world.

I see the Tarot as a self-empowerment tool. It provides a map for your heart & soul, it shows you a reflection of your state of consciousness in that moment and where that is leading you in your life. And it is from this point of new awareness that you can make different choices, changes and take action on what you want to shift, release & manifest into your life.

The one-on-one reading with me is a conversation. It is a sacred moment between the Tarot, the Sitter & the Reader. Please come with an open mind and heart, respect my Tarot & the guidance you receive. If you don't understand something or if something doesn't make sense you can always ask. Please know that sometimes events and circumstances start to emerge after your reading and so the understanding comes as and when the events and situations emerge in your life.

A Tarot reading reflects your state of consciousness, your thoughts, emotions and what is happening in your life in that moment.

How many sessions will I need?

One 60min one-on-one session is normally enough for a general overview and to answer some specific questions that you may have in relation to all areas of your life.

How often should I get Tarot readings?

As a guidance, I always say not to read too often, as the Tarot will give you new awareness to process and inner work to do and unless you go away, do the inner work and take action, nothing changes. If you have different questions that emerge after your reading then I am happy to read again soon after, otherwise once every 3 months is sufficient for general guidance or as and when your situation changes and new questions arises.

How can I prepare myself for my reading?

There is really not much preparation, just get clear on your questions and what you would like some insight on. If you are having a one-on-one session with me, I am happy to help you formulate your questions during the reading. Generally, it is better to ask open-ended questions. Here are some ideas on how to formulate your questions:

~ What is blocking me from..?
~ What action can I take with..?
~ How can I best handle this situation?
~ What is happening with..?

A Tarot Reading provides Clarity, Understanding,
& Wisdom into your Inner Realm.

Wouldn’t you like to finally start living your life on your own terms instead of being tossed about by the winds of change?

When you bring more clarity, direction, and confidence into the picture it creates an avalanche of positive circumstances and events, because you start living your purpose.

You owe it to yourself to live to your fullest potential, and this
Tarot Consultation is the first step.


The Tarot has been my lifelong passion. I became interested from a very early age and still remember the day I went to buy my own tarot deck in Salvador, Brasil when I was around 14 years old.
I was mystified. How could this deck of cards reflect what you are experiencing in your reality, since what you are feeling, thinking, grasp the bigger picture of a situation, and even predict potential future events?
I connected with them, studied them, looked at each card with great admiration and fascination. I did this over and over again for years and years..
I would get frustrated and leave them for a month or so, then get back to them. I could not just let them go. It was a weird obsession to try to understand the cards, each and every 78 of them!
It took me almost 10 years to finally have the courage to do it professionally after much encouragement from friends who kept having amazingly accurate readings from me.


I remember the first several professional readings that I did, I was shaking with fear. What if I said the wrong thing? What if I can't read or get a blank? What if the person perceives what I say the wrong way?

I took course after course, bought book after book.. only to realize that these were not helping me to connect to my tarot deck. So I let go of needing to know everything and searching outside for connection and started to connect to my tarot decks through my heart.
This made such a huge difference in my readings. I was able to pick up things the books didn't tell me. It was almost like I could "hear" the cards talking to me, telling me the finer details. What amazed me was that even after reading for so many years, some cards would tell me something totally different than it had not done before.
Although I started reading professionally, it took me again several more years to fully trust what I am perceiving, sensing, be centered and learn to read the cards as a story.
After learning the tarot and reading for 17 years now, I still feel like a student! Each time I read and connect with the tarot I am able to learn something new. I truly believe the Tarot is one of the most incredible tools to access the depths of your subconscious and inner world.
Now I can really say I love the Tarot! I get excited about giving readings especially when the client comes to me with an open mind and heart. It fills me with joy when I am able to help clients process what is going energetically, mentally and emotionally in their inner world and give them practical tools on how to handle their situation through the reading.
I am forever in awe as I learn to expand my awareness through the Tarot's messages & wisdom.


"I have done a few readings with Melany and I will continue to choose to speak to her whenever I feel I need some guidance and clarity. Melany is lovely, gentle and extremely intuitive, everything she says resonates and is true to my situation. Her readings is very accurate and her interpretation is spot on. Thank you Melany"

Anonymous, Lebanon Housewife ​

"It was suggested by a friend that I have a tarot reading done by Melany, I was confused about a relationship, I was also questioning the success if I had a change in my career. What struck me instantly with Melany is her warmth. She knew exactly why I had contacted her (without me saying a thing)I cried quietly, it was like I had been telling my best friend all my problems and she repeated them to me to confirm she heard me and understood me. After the call I went away feeling as high as a kite with new skills to deal with the confusion"

Claire Meredith, UK Baby & Child Sleep Consultant

Haven't you been wanting clarity for long enough?

60mins Tarot Reading
USD $185

*Sessions via Skype / Zoom / Phone Only