Are you ready to let go of the past & actualize your life?

Client Testimonial
Diane Thorsen, Dubai UAE

In order to fully awaken to your heart power and be the conscious creator of your life,
your energy & belief system need to be shifted.

What most people don’t know is that your beliefs are created by your suppressed emotional wounds. The emotional wound itself is the negative belief – this is why all the mind techniques, energy healing and talk therapy out there don’t work if you have deep emotional trauma.

The emotional wounds then manifest mentally as permanent negative thoughts and distorted perception of situations that make you react or behave inappropriately, influence your decision making and choices that create your reality, and keep you stuck in negative patterns. 


Your emotional wounds are physical things that you carry inside your body. It is the vibration or frequency that you put out into the world every waking moment of every day. They are the blueprint of your life, a magnet for all the circumstances and events that take place, both positive and negative.


If you don’t heal your emotional trauma, then it really is a self-fulfilling prophecy for an unfulfilled life and a future of frustration and resentment when you are unable to
live your heart’s passion and desires.

Here’s my story to emotional health

When I was a teenager, I suffered from extremely dark depressive episodes and an intense self-hatred which also manifested as self-harm (cutting myself) and other self-sabotaging behaviours as a way to ease this emotional pain. I started drinking and smoking at around 11 years old, which only got worse as the years went by. I was in and out of toxic relationships, the drug use got heavier as I got older and I was literally on a mission to self-destruct.

After University in London, I decided to go back to Brazil to “find my roots” so to speak. Looking back now, I was searching for a sense of belonging which I did not end up finding there. In fact, all my self-sabotaging patterns got to play out freely, progressively taking me to an even darker state. I felt so alone and disconnected from the world and myself. I had lost myself.

I remember standing by the kitchen window of my parents’ apartment, where I was living alone at the time, looking outside at the night sky, smoking and contemplating where my life was headed. I had this very vulnerable moment of KNOWING full well that I was on the wrong path, that if I chose to stay
it would not end well.

I needed to make different choices, better choices, and fight the urge to sabotage myself and my life. In that moment I made a conscious decision to leave Brasil and go back to Dubai where I grew up.
I packed up everything and within two weeks, I was back in the UAE.

I learned the larger truth that these negative patterns all stemmed from deep emotional wounds that I had suppressed and repressed throughout my childhood. From the moment I got back to Dubai, I started my deeper inner search by seeing therapists and healers, meditating, as well as studying every healing modality out there. It took me 10 years to understand that energy healing, crystals, sage, even talking to a psychologist and trying to think positively does NOT work when it comes to the realm of emotions. From my experience, I can truthfully say that the only way to heal from these deep emotional wounds is to process the emotion! I believe this with my whole heart and soul now!

If any of the above rings true, let me support you on your journey to
transform what no longer serves you.

Fast forward 20 years and I am now fully living my life’s purpose – I believe this with my whole heart. I no longer react to things that used to trigger me, in fact, I have more love and compassion for those that once hurt me. The connection I have to myself, my own Soul, has given me so much clarity, my intuition and my healing gifts continue to flourish the deeper I go on this inner journey. I’ve attracted new healthier and more loving relationships based on trust, respect and love. I have more joy in my daily life and I feel so blessed knowing that I’m now on my true path.

The embodiment of all the inner work I’ve done is palpable as I’ve transformed the trauma into wisdom and this has solidified so to speak. Like alchemy, transforming lead to gold but in my consciousness. And it’s possible for you too. I am in much better health now and actually I love looking after my body with good clean foods, exercise, rest & self-care etc.

This deep emotional healing and embodiment has allowed me to connect better to people’s heart, tap into their emotions, feel their intentions and heart’s desires, and describe what they feel better than them most often.

I feel more aligned than I have ever been. I am no longer driven by fears that keep me limited but continuously trust in God, in this beautiful soul journey and in my own ability to follow my heart, my passion, my desires and my openness to more and
more to love.


With Soulful Coaching You Can:

~ You can resolve emotional issues so you stop repeating the same experiences over and over again

~ You can finally let go of limiting beliefs and programming which have kept you from manifesting your dream

~ You can muster up the power and inner strength to truly grieve the loss of a loved one so you can
finally feel at peace with their passing

~ You can forgive past partners and surrender to the Divine so you can attract the
most compatible soul mate for you in this life

~ You can achieve greater health and well-being by releasing any negative emotions blocking you from healing or
that may be creating mental stress

~ You can free yourself from stress & overwhelm so you can enjoy a more heartfelt, fulfilled life

“I’ve spent many years in therapy for anxiety and I can confidently say I haven’t had nearly as much success or shift
with any of them as I have with Mel.”

“After every session with Mel, I said “mind blown”. I came to Mel at a time in my life when I was recovering from a traumatic situation that left me feeling scared, small and unable to move forward, stacked on top of a lifetime of unfortunate events. Mel has an incredible ability to find the moments in your life when things shifted and irrational truths were set in your subconscious, and to guide you through changing their impact on your present and future. I’ve spent many years in therapy for anxiety and I can confidently say I haven’t had nearly as much success or shift with any of them as I have with Mel. The journey I experienced with her, the new truths I have put in place, the tools she has given me to carry on being a healthy and able-minded individual are absolutely invaluable. I still can’t fully explain what I’ve experienced but I’ve changed in such a wonderful way. And I’m beaming with new energy ready to live the next chapter of my journey, people closest to me have really noticed it as well. I’m stronger, braver, more confident, less afraid and focused. If you’re struggling but you have an aching desire for growth, resolution and most of all freedom,
I highly recommend working with Mel.”

Fathima, Artist, Dubai

When you start processing and healing your emotional wounds, you open the floodgates for all kinds of exciting new possibilities.

During Heart & Soul Coaching sessions, I’ll work with whatever I am guided to do in order to shift your negative life patterns. I work intuitively and empathetically connecting directly to your heart and what you need in the moment, so this could be an energy healing to start, challenging your limiting beliefs, guided visualization, EFT, NLP to shift your perception and help you see your blind spots or channelling information I am receiving.
Having said all the above please know that empathetic healing & communication is the core of how I work as an empath, which means all you need is to have a sincere desire to heal and be open to know your Soul’s truth. If you are sincere about truth and healing, my experience has been that the transmission of consciousness and emotion that occurs through our interaction & connection will most certainly touch your heart and you will know it. This is pure heart to heart healing. 

Soulful Coaching Sessions Can Include…

~ Healing Childhood Traumas
~ Recovering from Toxic Relationships
~ Helping You Accept the Loss of a Loved One
~ Releasing Distorted Perceptions & Limiting Beliefs
~ Breaking Free from Disempowering Family Patterns & Dynamics
~ Accessing & Processing Emotional Wounds
~ Spiritual Guidance & Archetypal Counselling

Every case is different and all you need to do is be open to release these patterns and it will be my pleasure to guide you throughout the whole process!

I’ve worked with men and women stuck in past relationships, still suffering from abusive situations, continuing to mourn the loss of a loved one, wanting to realign with their heart’s desires and those still seeking the root causes of their pain.

These people watched their lives change because of a new awareness that made everything make sense, or an energy and belief system shift using a variety of processes and techniques.

It’s truly miraculous, and my honor to be of service.

Client Testimonial
Christina Petrie, Seattle USA

Isn’t it time you experienced your
LIFE differently?


● You are emotionally exhausted from repeating the same negative patterns in your life
● You are tired of feeling stuck, and self-sabotaging your relationships, career, life purpose and goals
● You feel trapped inside your own life and don’t know how to change this
● You know you are meant for more but can’t seem to understand what is blocking you or what is in your way
● You have tried “positive thinking” and it doesn’t seem to be able to bring you to the next level of expansion that you want
● Your heart yearns to experience more joy, love and more conscious control for your life
● You know you are carrying some emotional baggage, trauma and past wounds that you are ready to release


✔️ You are ready to take full ownership and response-ability for your life
✔️ You are very committed to your own healing
✔️ You are willing to release the emotional blocks that stand in the way
✔️ You are willing to sincerely reconnect with your Heart’s desire and honour your Soul’s truth
✔️ You are willing to heal your relationship patterns and create authentic connections with others
✔️ You are willing to be radically honest with yourself and others
✔️ You are willing to let go of your self sabotaging patterns and dive all in into fulfilling your dreams 

Start Your Transformational Journey Today…

~ 3-Months of Soulful Coaching, Spiritual Guidance & Emotional Healing
~ Full email support & check-ins in between sessions
~ Weekly or bi-weekly sessions depending on your needs
~ Personalized homework & assignments to keep you on track
~One of my online programs suited to your needs
~ Audio tools & worksheets to support you

Not sure if this is for you? Start with a Single Session.

*Minimum 3 Months commitment
*All Sessions are held online on Zoom or over the phone
*Terms & Conditions Apply (click here to read more)

Here’s what some clients had to say…


Where do my negative beliefs & life patterns come from?

Our childhood experiences create all our beliefs both positive and negative. If our negative experiences are not processed emotionally and left unhealed, these then can also impact us unknowingly where we often pick up other people’s thoughts & feelings mistaking them as ours and end up owning them.

Most of our mental programming are passed on through our genes and our ancestral lineage as well as learned in childhood. We can also tap into group consciousness belief systems and even subliminal messages from the media and other social sources all subconsciously if we have unhealed emotional wounds.

What’s included in these sessions?

For creating the best results, I work in 3-month long coaching packages. During the sessions, I’ll offer soulful coaching, spiritual guidance and support in emotional healing which is all tailored to your personal needs and intuitively guided depending on what comes up in each session. You can opt to have sessions every week or every second week depending on the package you subscribe to. In between our calls, you’ll have my full email support & guidance. 

Read the full Terms & Conditions here.

What if I just want one session?

If you are new to my work or if you don’t want to commit to 3-months and would just like to a single session for some guidance you can book a Soul Reading. This is where we dive-deep into your limiting beliefs and emotional blocks preventing you from healing, breaking negative patterns, achieving your goals or creating a life you love. Before the session you will send me a background of what you’re struggling with and what you need clarity on. During the call I will share with you my insights and what steps you can take to start transforming some of your blocks. After that we can continue to explore with anything you need guidance or clarity on. 

Still have questions?

Contact me directly on