You can’t seem to attract what you REALLY want in life

You’re stuck in a negative life pattern and are not able to break free - no matter how hard you try

You are struggling to process stuck emotions & hurtful experiences and need guidance and support through this

You keep creating your own roadblocks where you should be thriving

You feel much farther from your highest potential than you should be at this stage of your life

If any of the above rings true, let me support you on your journey to

transform what no longer serves you.

Our thoughts are made up of electromagnetic energy.

Every idea, belief, emotion, judgment, perception, and concept we have is stored in our mind.

This is a double-edged sword because when we leave these thoughts to their own devices, some negative energy can easily creep in and set up shop in our subconscious, resulting in limiting beliefs, self sabotage, and an unfulfilled life.

In order to fully awaken to your heart power and be the conscious creator of your life, your energy & belief system needs to be shifted.

Your beliefs are those permanent thoughts and emotions that create your reality. It’s what you put out into the world every waking moment of every day. They are the blueprint of your life, a magnet for all the circumstances and events that take place, both positive and negative.


Unknowingly we often pick up other people's thoughts & feelings mistaking them as ours and end up owning them.


 Most of our mental programmings are passed on through our genes and our ancestral lineage as well as learned in childhood. We can also tap into group consciousness belief systems and even subliminal messages from the media and other social sources all subconsciously.


When you start clearing these un-wanted energies from your system, healing old heart wounds & changing your limiting beliefs it opens the floodgates for all kinds of exciting new possibilities.


~ You can resolve emotional issues so you stop repeating the same experiences over and over again


~ You can finally let go of limiting beliefs and programming which have kept you from manifesting your dream


~ You can muster up the power and inner strength to truly grieve the loss of a loved one so you can finally feel at peace with their passing


~ You can forgive past partners and surrender to the Divine so you can attract the most compatible soul mate for you in this life


~ You can achieve greater health and well-being by releasing any negative emotions blocking you from healing or that may be creating mental stress


~ You can free yourself from stress & overwhelm so you can enjoy a more heartfelt fulfilled life

During the sessions, I will work with whatever I am guided to do in order to shift your limiting life patterns. This could be energy healing, belief work, subconscious reprogramming, visualization, EFT, NLP or channeling information I am receiving.


Every case is different and all you need to do is be open to release these patterns and it will be an honor and my pleasure to guide you throughout the whole process!


I’ve worked with men and women stuck in past relationships, still suffering from abusive situations, continuing to mourn the loss of a loved one, wanting to realign with their heart's desires and those still seeking the root causes of their pain.


These people watched their lives change because of a new awareness that made everything make sense, or an energy and belief system shift using a variety of processes and techniques.


It’s truly miraculous, and my honor to be of service.

Heart & Soul Sessions Can Include...

~ Processing Emotional Wounds

~ Healing Childhood Traumas

~ Releasing Limiting Beliefs & Subconscious Reprogramming

~ Breaking Free from Disempowering Family Patterns & Dynamics

~ Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse

~ Soul Retrieval, Cord Cutting & Shamanic Healing

~ Spiritual Guidance & Archetypal Counselling


Start Your Healing Journey Today... 

Basic Package

~ 3 Months of Soulful Coaching,
Spiritual Guidance & Intuitive Healing

~ 2x 60mins Session a Month (bi-weekly)
~ Full email support & guidance
~ Savings on Downloadable Programs
~ Monthly Investment

Premium Package

~ 3 Months of Soulful Coaching,
Spiritual Guidance & Intuitive Healing

~ 4x 60mins Session a Month (weekly)
~ Full email support & guidance
~ Savings on Downloadable Programs
~ Monthly Investment

*Minimum 3 Months Subscription
*Terms & Conditions Apply (click here to read more)