Find clarity, understanding
& wisdom to fall in love with your life.

Would you like to gain clarity on some of your limiting patterns and circumstances?

Are you unsure about what decisions to make?

Do you have a lot of questions about your current life situation?

Are you wondering what actions you should now take that would be in your best interest?

Sometimes, we get so entangled in our stories, emotionally hijacked by our situation, that it’s hard to see clearly and objectively what is really going on.

Maybe you’re getting triggered in relationships both at work and personal and don’t know how to resolve this. Or you’re a people pleaser and you don’t know how to set healthy boundaries. Or you simply feel unhappy and unfulfilled and don’t know how to feel better.

It can be tremendously challenging to move forward if you don’t know where the issue lies, where and how you keep yourself stuck, as well as what to do to truly transform your limiting pattern at the causal level.

More important than the quest for certainty is the quest for clarity.” – François Gautier

You may be feeling lost, overwhelmed or unsure of what is holding you back. You might even become distrustful or jealous, cutting yourself off from others… even though you know this is not the true You.

Here’s a secret: until you haven’t dealt with the core issue (processed emotional wound at the causal level), you won’t be able to experience true healing. You can’t try to do/resolve things in your head or think that by reading self-help, you will magically change. Trying to intellectualize and/or rationalize isn’t enough — you need to do the inner work. And (spoiler alert!) meditating is NOT doing inner work!

Soul Readings are a diagnostic tool. We can use this to reveal what is getting in your way so you can re-focus on living a passionate and authentic life.

Chances are very good that, on a subconscious level, you already KNOW what you need to do, what steps to take, and even what strategies to implement to arrive at the answers you’re seeking.

But at the conscious level your vision is obstructed by certain thoughts, feelings and emotions which manifest themselves in the form of worry, anxiety and stress.

When you are in this state of mind it’s hard to see which path to take, even if it’s right in front of you.


A Soul Reading is a private session where I use my gifts of intuition and a signature blend of
empathetic communication & mediumship to identify emotional blocks as well as what you are projecting into your reality. Led by my highly-attuned intuition, I can help you uncover your blind spots, negative patterns (both psychological and emotional), life path and more.

A Soul Reading Can Help You:


  • Discover what is blocking you from healing & how to break-free from negative life patterns
  • Help you in making empowered choices aligned with your core values
  • See through emotional influences keeping you entangled in disempowering circumstances
  • Get clarity on relationship dynamics & how to resolve them so that you can move on to having healthier & more loving relationships
  • Develop emotional intelligence so you stop reacting to situations
  • Understand emotional trauma creating & obstructing your life path and preventing you from accessing to your true potential
  • Learn ways to reclaim your personal power to support you in creating a life aligned with what your heart truly desires

“You always give me a clear direction on what I have to focus on in order to improve and self-develop.”

“You have the amazing ability to somehow pick up the vibe that I’m feeling and guide yourself into the scenario. You have the skills to verbally communicate what is actually happening with me even if I’m halfway across the world, you are always able to understand and provide me with the best solution for my overall well being. You give me the right advice on how to handle the situation, what to expect, what has happened and/or how to resolve it. You always give me a clear direction on what I have to focus on in order to improve and self-develop. I thank you so so much for all of your love and support. I have complete faith and trust in the messages and treatments that I receive from you. You have been able to deliver very intensely deep messages to me that not many people would imagine or understand and continue to do so over anyone else in my life. I really really appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for me!”

Nikhil D’Souza, Canada, Producer / Production Manager

What happens when I sign up for a Soul Reading?

The Soul Reading is a 60min session meant to be very focused and to address only 1-2 questions on one specific issue.

Instead of attempting to do a full “life review” in a single session & only come out with vague & general advice, we’ll dive deep dissecting one of your emotional blocks or pattern so you’ll come away with clear + specific directions for your healing journey.

 We can get to the root cause of what’s keeping you stuck. We’ll look at your issue, your blocks, and what you need to do to change this.

Once you make your payment you will receive an email confirmation with details on how to prepare & book your session using my online schedule. All sessions are done online via Zoom or over the phone. There will be some space for you to share your question in the booking form, this is to help me prepare for yourSoul Reading
and for us to make the best use of our time together when we speak.

Life becomes much easier when we have clarity.

The first step is always awareness. In your session, we will fully explore your
blind spots and blocks and go right to the heart of the issue. Through my unique
process, I’ll help you find your true inner voice and trust your inner compass.

Together, we will uncover the most authentic empowered version of yourself so that you
can live a happier and more fulfilling life. I stand as a witness and hold the space for you
to be fully seen in your expression so that what is lurking underneath can reveal itself. 

We will look in-depth at what’s underlying your negative patterns and where you feel
stuck, along with practical steps and actions you can start taking to
transform these patterns.

You may begin to see patterns emerge during the session. They could be emotional,
mental or even physical, from past experiences or hopes of a future you can create.

When these materialize, they can be subtle or intense, and I’m there to provide insight,
perspective and clarification into these patterns, so that a possible future can be
illuminated, instead of predicted.

A little about me & how I work…

Hi, I’m Melany, and I am a psychic empath. I can feel people’s emotions, pick up their thoughts and get images in my mind (clairvoyance) of the root cause of their blocks.

As a born empath, I can naturally feel what your soul is experiencing, feelings and thoughts specifically. For most of my childhood and teenage years I was overwhelmed with this sensitivity. I have, over many years now, finely-tuned my gifts, and learned how to use them to help others.

Let me show you how to break through your emotional blocks so you can start living an
and fulfilled life from your heart.

Before your session, you will answer a questionnaire — the more information you can give me about your pattern the better I will be able to guide you. I take about an hour to prepare for the session so that we can make the most of our time together.

When you ask me for a Soul Reading, I consciously connect with your heart & soul energy and start picking up what is going on inside your inner world.

During our session, I work empathetically, meaning I feel in my body what you are feeling unconsciously (perhaps things you are not aware of that you have suppressed or repressed) and translate the information to you in a way that is practical and grounded to give you clarity, insight, and awareness so you can understand more of your Soul’s truth, know what you need to do to heal and start to trust yourself and
your path once again.

I help you get clarity by questioning what you are saying. I can spot where you may be dismissing something important. I notice the gaps, things you are not mentioning, places you avoid going to and pick up the disconnect between what you say and what you feel. 

Through a respectful, honest and raw truthful conversation we can unearth what you’ve been missing. By mirroring back to you what you can’t see, you can experience powerful insights and a shift in perspective.

I will give you clear, structured action steps so by the end of the call you will know what to do / how to move forwards.


The consultation will be tailored to your specific needs.

No two life paths are the same, so we’ll be focusing on challenges or questions that resonate deeply with you.

Popular focus areas include emotional blocks, negative life patterns, relationship dynamics, work opportunities,
career prospects, and emotional wellbeing.

Feel stuck, but not sure where the issue lies? We’ll work together to figure it out.

“Melany illuminated pathways for me that quite literally connected the dots.”

“My experience with Melany, her intuition, and guidance was incredible. I came in with an open heart and mind, truly unsure of what we would experience together. Melany prefaced our time by telling me she is not a fortune-teller and she can’t change the past, but she can help me to focus my energy on the direction the Universe is paving for me; in short, she could help guide me towards my own life’s alignment. And she did. Melany illuminated pathways for me that quite literally connected the dots. She gave me validation on how to best serve my partner and move forward in my professional life. Her warmth and kindness created a gorgeous and safe space to allow realizations and self-confirmation to occur, building for me a strength in my resolve to keep progressing! She’s right – she cannot know the future. But Melany can help you to build the future you desire if you can remain open and willing to seeing different possibilities!” ~ Erin Salem, USA

We all need a bit of guidance at times, so if you are feeling a little lost or unsure about what decisions to make or if you just want some insight about your blocks, and a new awareness about where your life and circumstances are taking you – then a Soul Reading is exactly what you need.


Haven’t you been waiting for clarity long enough?

When you bring more clarity, direction and confidence into the picture it creates an avalanche of positive circumstances and events, because you start living your purpose.

You owe it to yourself to live to your fullest potential, and a Soul Reading is the first step.

Book Your Soul Reading…


$300 USD one-time payment

What’s included?

1:1 Soul Reading & Guidance Session with Melany
to find clarity & understanding around one issue. We will look at your emotional block and dive-deep into the root cause. I’ll give you actionable steps you can take to work through it moving forward & what to expect. 

Questionnaire to fill out before booking your appointment so that we can make the most out of the time we have together

60min Zoom Call you will receive the link to our call on the booking form

Recording of the call is optional at no additional cost!


“I have done a few sessions with Melany and I will continue to choose to speak to her whenever I feel I need some guidance and clarity. Melany is lovely, gentle and extremely intuitive, everything she says resonates and is true to my situation. Her perception is very accurate and her interpretation is spot on. Thank you Melany”

Anonymous, Lebanon

“You have completely changed my outlook on life, men and family life. Working with you has helped me in every aspect of my life! It made me see things differently, feel things differently, made me more emotional in a good way, it warmed me up thawed me out of sorts and helped me value myself. Thank you!”

Anonymous, Ireland

“I love having sessions with you! It was great to get out of ignorance and find true meaning of love. Every session taught me a new thing about me, love and life. Good to find myself! Your coaching really really changed my life for good! I’m more aware of my emotions, my actions, my reactions and that helps me create balance in every area of my life. I feel things from the heart and that continues to make my life beautiful. Can’t thank you enough, Melany. You’re a beautiful soul and your guidance truly helps changing lives for good.”

Geetanjalis, Dubai