Many ancient and modern day cultures consider our Mother Earth to be a living being which in many ways can provide for its inhabitants. The Earth was once honored, even to the point of asking permission when taking things out of the ground or to build upon it. The Earth nurtures us, it can provide us with strength, stability and nourishment. There are a number of different ways in which we can clear our energies and unwanted energies from our home as well as invite the earth’s positive energies into our homes.

1. Salt

Salt has been used by many traditions for centuries due to its purifying properties. It has the ability to neutralize negative energies and is therefore used mainly for cleansing purposes. To clear ones own energy we can either take a salt-bath (using rock salt) or bathe in the sea, both have the same effect. The salt actually affects our bio-electrical field which permeates outwards around us. It basically cleanses our aura which in turn affects our chakras and helps to remove negative energetic blocks.

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To cleanse the energy of your home with salt here are 2 examples. In Brazil it is very common to walk into someone’s house and see a big bowl of rock salt by the entrance, often decorated with garlic and red hot chili peppers. This is believed to ward off the evil eye and neutralize people’s negative energies that are visiting your home. The chilies and garlic would normally be replaced on a weekly or monthly basis depending on their condition and the energies existent in the house.

Alternatively you can put some rock salt into a bowl, offer a prayer so as to connect with the Earth’s element, and ask that the salt purifies and cleanses the energies of your home. After, walk around the whole house sprinkling this blessed salt anywhere where you feel the energies may be dormant, heavy or blocked. Just as important as the salt are your intensions, you must be fully engaged, and completely focused and working from your heart when performing this ritual. There is no right or wrong way to perform this, just be fully focused using your intuition. It is recommended that you sprinkle the salt in the four corners of each room and around the periphery, and even around your bed which will help to ensure that you have a restful sleep and create a safe and protective ambient whilst you are sleeping.

Salt Lamps are another ideal way to purify the ambient in your home. Once lit, the warmth from the inside of the lamp causes the salt to emit negative ions into the air. Negative ions are molecules which form in nature where the air and water are moving, such as waterfalls, lakes, mountains and beaches hence it gives a ‘freshness’ type of energy to the air. Studies have also shown that negative ions improve moods, alleviating stress as well as neutralizing the effects of electromagnetic energies coming from electrical equipment. Not only are salt lamps great to purify the air in our homes they also give the ambient a comfortable warm feel.

2. Plants / Trees

The two major protective plants we use in Brazil are ‘Comigo Niguem Pode’ which is ‘Dumbcane’ in English and ‘Espada de Sao Jorge’ which is ‘Mother in Law’s Tongue or Snake Plant’ in English. Both these plants are known to purify negative energies and protect against evil eye, psychic attacks and negative energies in general. These are great to have around the house and to place in front of your door. Just as anything involving nature elements, you need to connect with your plants, and before bringing into your home welcome them to enter. I had an experience with two plants that I took without inviting them. They never settled in my home no matter what I did or where I moved them so I put them back where I found them and they gradually became healthy again! The energies in your home will be enhanced by placing plants in places best suited to them and by talking to them and watering them with care. If you have a garden, trees can be amazing guardians. In ancient times trees were believed to be holy and sacred, holding divine sources of wisdom and protection. They were thought to have souls and be the doorway to other dimensions. Try to connect with a tree in your garden if you feel drawn to it. You can use the connection to meditate and imagine yourself being one with the tree. In ancient times people would often leave gifts such as fruits, nuts or something in return as a form of energy exchange.

3. Crystals / Gem Stones

Crystals are amazing gifts created from the Earth! Each crystal has its own unique healing properties and purpose due to the different vibration frequencies and internal crystalline formation. They are able to absorb, transmute, focus, emit or store energies. If you choose to use crystals in your home it is important to know that most need cleansing regularly (with a few exceptions), and re-energizing and programming. Taking time to do this is vital to the efficiency of working with crystals. If not, the crystals that absorb energies will over time lose their ability to perform their purpose. Over the years of working with crystals I have also experienced on occasions, that once a crystal is done with you and lost its ability to respond, it can either completely disappear or break unexpectedly. When or if this happens I would normally show appreciation to the crystal for helping me and return it back to the earth normally by burying it in beautiful surroundings such as a garden or a rockery. There are hundreds of different crystals out there, however below I have described a few common ones normally associated with protection and cleansing:

Amethyst – protective, cleansing, transmutes negative energy into positive, self cleansing

Black Tourmaline – cleansing negative energies and protection against electromagnetic smog / psychic attacks and forms of negative energies

Citrine– protective for the environment, transmutes and grounds negative energies, self cleansing

Clear Crystal Quartz – unblocks stuck energies, protects against radiation and electromagnetic smog, cleanses chakras and subtle bodies

Labradorite – protective, deflects unwanted energies, prevents energy leakages in aura

Smoky Quartz – absorbs negative energy and electromagnetic smog

Note: for cleansing your crystals you can bathe them in rock salt for 10-20mins then leave them either in the Sun or Moon light to re-energize them for an hour or so. 

I hope you find these three easy and practical tips, it just takes a little bit of initiative in the beginning. Once it’s all set up it will become part of your routine.