"Heart to Heart with Melany"

Every 3rd Sunday of the Month on News for the Soul Radio!

Chloe's Countertop Podcast

  • How and why did Melany get into this work
  • What is her story
  • What is inner child
  • Why is inner child work important
  • What is a past-life
  • Why Melany decided to stop working with past-life
  • How her work has impacted her own life
  • Why this work is for everyone
  • How Melany helped me on my healing journey

Why Am I So Happy Radio Show with Paula Vail

  • Healing the Broken Heart
  • Complete Heart Attunement
  • Client Cases
  • What is trauma
  • How I work
  • Emotions
  • Manifesting Your Heart's Desire
  • Practical Tools to Change Your Life