Soul Reading


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Soul Reading
~ Akashic Records & Spiritual Guidance

~ Gain a deeper understanding of any area of your life
~ Give you clarity on challenges you are now facing and how to approach them
~ Get insights into situations at hand and possible outcomes
~ Shed light on relationship dynamics and how to manage them better
~ Reveal what is blocking and limiting you from achieving your goals
~ Understand Your Life Lessons & Soul Purpose
~ Get Clarity on Relationship Dynamics & How to Resolve it
~ Learn Why You Are Blocked in Specific Areas in Your Life & How to Start Transforming It
~ Receive guidance on how to reach your highest potential of giving you an opportunity for personal growth and self-development

*Sessions must be completed within 60 days

IMPORTANT: Buying my services means you are making a commitment to complete, once a session is purchased, refunds are not offered. It is your responsibility to make your bookings according to your schedule. If you do not complete your sessions within the time period there is no refund.

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