Soul Coordinates Workbook

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Your Soul Co-ordinates is where you are now on your soul journey. This includes your mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual condition at this moment in time as well as your desires, passion, intention, dreams and vision for your future.

It is important to know where you are so that you can see where you are headed, what may be blocking you, what needs to change, when to let go and where you are just needing to cultivate a little courage.

This little workbook is jam-packed (64-pages) with questions and exercises for you to truly connect with where you are on your Soul Journey. Once you have established your Soul Coordinates you can then create a plan of action based on your answers and what came up for you going through this process.

Whether you are just starting your journey or have been on this path for a little while and looking to re-connect and tune in you will love this process of inner reflection.

Section 1: Core Values
Section 2: Goals & Vision
Section 3: Inner Reflection
Section 4: Extra Worksheets

Also includes:

-Journaling prompts
-Schedule Worksheet
-Reflection Exercises

I LOVED creating this for you and I hope you love going through it too!

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