Healing the Broken Heart Audio Program


Learn how to let go of your ex once and for all so you can move on with your love life!

  • Release your Justifications for Holding onto the Heartache
  • Prepare your Heart & Soul to Let Go
  • Forgive & Cut Cords to Release Any Emotional knots Keeping You Stuck
  • Reframe your Wounds to Empower You to Move On with Your Love Life
  • Learn How to Love & Accept Yourself & Open Your Heart to Love Once Again!
  • 10 Audios to work through Healing Your Heart
I listened to Melany’s “Heal Your Broken Heart” program a couple of months after a break-up with my long term partner.  I had never done a course like this before and it is fair to say I embarked upon it as a healthy cynic, albeit with an open mind.  
It was a welcome and worthwhile exercise. I thought I was over my break-up, but as I listened to the program over several weeks, I came to realise that I had buried a lot of emotional baggage rather than confronting these issues and healing. This course brought those feelings back to the surface – necessarily so – but then gave me the tools with which to heal, day by day. 
Don’t expect immediate payback from this course.  The healing is gentle and gradual.  But it works. Questions are posed, messages sent, seeds sown.  They take root in your subconscious and, over time, crystallize into clearer emotional thinking about the break up: that it isn’t the end of the world; that perhaps it was simply meant to be; that there is valuable learning to be had from the experience; that it is better to accept and forgive than resent and blame; that one needs to cut the residual physical and emotional ties that drag you back into thinking “what if…?”  

And so now, four months down the line, I reflect in a calm and happy way on the break up of my relationship and, if ever I feel a twinge of regret or anger creeping into my thoughts, I simply playback in my mind the key messages I took from Melany’s course and balance is restored. 

Neil Murphey, UK