Healing Relationship Patterns Audio Program


  • Locate and release the mental and emotional blocks that are stopping you from attracting your most compatible soulmate
  • Heal the emotional wounds so you can feel safe to open your heart again to love
  • Mentally erase any energy-draining beliefs in your conscious or subconscious making you re-live the same experiences repetitively
  • Reprogram your mind to feel more positive about love & relationships
  • Save precious time, energy and heartache by freeing yourself from the same relationship patterns
  • Fine-tune your heart energy to attract more harmonious & healthier relationship




“I was born with a very rare congenital heart defect. Despite medical intervention and open-heart surgery, the condition is palliative (modern medical science has no cure). I have no outward symptoms of the disease unless I overexert myself. Unfortunately, the condition affects every aspect of my life and sometimes, quite harshly.  But, I have always been a positive person all my life.

I purchased the Healing Relationship Patterns Audio Programs in Dec 2017 to guide me through a personal issue. However, 2 weeks before I did that, I was diagnosed with Arthritis in my right foot- a possible precursor to organ failure (I’m just 29 years old) which made me face a possibility that I’ve always avoided thinking about: that my body might eventually shut down. I was advised an abdominal ultrasound to check my internal organs as I had an abnormally high haemoglobin count (which I still haven’t bothered to do) and was prescribed enough arthritis medication accompanied by a tasteless diet to be followed for a month and then another checkup to determine the next steps. By the time I purchased and started the Complete Heart Attunement, I had stopped taking the medication daily as it was making me sick and was only taking medication if had an attack after eating something I wasn’t supposed to (Christmas parties). I’m a very spiritual person and I work with energy. However, we all need guidance and sometimes, a nudge to introspect, detox the soul, let go of fears, release the traumas and forgive everyone. Honestly, I couldn’t believe all the emotions that I was letting out and releasing, it felt so good and I felt so light after each module. I progressed through each module in the audio program when I felt I was ready and felt guided to. Some exercises I did daily, some weekly, some twice a day, at home, in office, some with the help of my guides and my own energy work. I’ll be candid here, the 1st 2 weeks were also as painful as it was cathartic, I had 2 arthritis attacks for which I was forced to take the meds. One morning at on the Marina Walk, my legs became jelly after the detox and forgiveness meditations. I couldn’t get up off the park bench for a couple of minutes. However, with each module of the program, the meditations, the daily journaling of my thoughts, tearing up the separate pages I wrote the pain and negatives onto, releasing through crying and yawning, I could truly feel something changing and it was a great feeling.. By the third week of the CHA, I had started introducing all the food that I liked back in.. I haven’t had a single attack since and haven’t taken any of the medication since then either.. I’ve thrown it all away 😀 ! Miracles do happen when we acknowledge our worth, commit to it and do the inner work, the Universe really will support us… Thank you, Melany, for this amazing program… It is amazing to walk pain-free, without a limp, not live in fear and be present…  I will definitely be doing another round of the Complete Heart Attunement.”