Healing Emotional Wounds

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Learn How to Heal from Emotional Pain so You Can Open Your Heart to Love & Live a More Fulfilled Life!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • What are emotions?
  • How emotions get stuck in the body
  • Emotions and Health
  • Emotions & the Law of Attraction
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Processing Emotions
  • Emotional Addictions & Triggers
  • Understanding Emotions
  • Basic Guide to Start Processing Emotional Wounds
  • Action Plan
  • Overcoming Resistance

Here's what you'll receive:

  • 10 Training Videos on Healing Emotional Wounds so you can start to understand the language of your Soul and connect to your heart
  • Lots of journaling prompts throughout your journey so you can be guided in the right way to truly explore the concepts I share
  • 3 Keys to Start Healing Emotional Wounds so you can know when you are out of alignment & how to realign to initiate your own healing process
  • 5 Tools to Support you to Process Emotions so you can start releasing all these heart wounds that no longer serve you!
  • Daily Practices to support your Healing Journey so you can stay grounded, consistent and more in-tune with what you need each step of the way 
  • Guided audio meditation to support you in processing emotions, go within connect & pray from your heart so you can learn how to develop your heart muscle to start creating more of what you truly desire

BONUS: Overcoming Resistance


”I had an inner knowing as a child that when I leave my household, I had to ‘fix’ myself. Ever since then I have been stumbling upon my path trying to figure it out. I did everything from being too hard on myself, ”disciplining” myself, watching motivational videos, consuming psychology content in all its forms but nothing really helped. I tried working with two different healers but I knew it wasn’t working for me because there was something missing. The missing part was the understanding of what the healing journey really is, the realization that you need to truly desire from your heart to heal & the honest work you need to put in. Melany’s content on YouTube, Instagram & her 2 courses ”Healing Emotional Wounds” & ”Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires” helped me not only understand that but accept it as the truth which shifted my entire perception & placed me on the right path. Ever since I started applying what I learnt; I can hear the soft music of change in the background of my life that I never heard before. I am not there yet but at least I have a true source of guidance to bring me back in line. Thank you, Melany.” 

Batoul Gharaibeh