Healing Emotional Wounds


Learn How to Heal from Emotional Pain so You Can Open Your Heart to Love & Live a More Fulfilled Life!



Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • 10 Training Videos on Healing Emotional Wounds so you can start to understand the language of your Soul and connect to your heart
  • Lots of journaling prompts throughout your journey so you can be guided in the right way to truly explore the concepts I share
  • 3 Keys to Start Healing Emotional Wounds so you can know when you are out of alignment & how to realign to initiate your own healing process
  • 5 Tools to Support you to Process Emotions so you can start releasing all these heart wounds that no longer serve you!
  • Daily Practices to support your Healing Journey so you can stay grounded, consistent and more in-tune with what you need each step of the way 
  • Guided audio meditation to support you in processing emotions, go within connect & pray from your Heart so you can learn how to develop your heart muscle to start creating more of what you truly desire