Soulful Poems for the Tender Hearted Souls


Eroding who I am
Ever so subtly
So I don’t understand

Diminished and reduced
Not able to grasp…
The abuse
Losing myself
Intensely questioning
How I felt
Humiliated, always
Set up to fail
Cause I stupidly missed
The fleeting detail
The emotional kind
Destroying my soul
Torturing my mind
To be who I am
Born a sin
Guilty, I stand.
In the midst of hate
Repulsed by the poison
Of my fate
Parts of myself
Fighting oblivion
While I walk through hell
What is not mine 
Releasing the burdens 
Way past my time…
The masks I wore
Standing my ground
Holding on to my core
In the light of my fire
The flame I rekindled
With my burning desire
For now I see
And stand bravely
Confronting, the darkly.

Wetiko Wetiko

Wetiko Wetiko 
Wetiko I see
Wetiko in you
Wetiko in me
Wetiko everywhere
And nowhere to be found
That’s how Wetiko gets around

Wetiko is here
Wetiko is there
Wetiko is not fair
Wetiko distracts
Wetiko makes you blind
That’s how Wetiko plays with your mind
Wetiko is shady
Wetiko projects
Wetiko always neglects
Wetiko bewitch you
Wetiko make spells
And that’s how Wetiko raise hell
Wetiko will hook you 
Wetiko decepts 
Wetiko gets in your head 
Wetiko is greedy
And always wants more
That’s how Wetiko soar
Wetiko is evil
Wetiko perverse
Wetiko make things worse
Wetiko will kill you
That’s the Wetiko curse
Wetiko Wetiko
Wetiko you see
Wetiko destroys me
And gives me the cure
That’s why Wetiko is pure


You took it from me
Plastered and barely conscious
I had no choice but to be

And filled with shame
My dignity taken
Feeling it’s me to blame
No escape
Scared and in pain
You didn’t even know my name.
I cried silently
While you disgraced me.
And filled with disgust
In agony with every thrust.
And stained with profane
What you did was inhumane.
I didn’t tell a Soul
Instead made it my inner black hole.
I abandoned myself
For years I went through hell.
But my soul cannot be bought
You’re not the only monster I’ve fought.
The light started to shine
Knowing my Soul is still mine.
You took it from me
And I can never get it back
My Soul is still intact.

It’s Time…

They’re calling me
Yet again
Cawing and cawing
The won’t leave me be
Gnawing For me to see…

To see my time has come
And long gone
And why I’m still here
Not moving on…

It’s time they say
This time for real
You must walk on dear
Or we’ll tear you in two
Leaving behind the scared wounded you

We’ll uide you and hold you
We won’t let you fall
Take that first step,
we’ll do it all…

Your dreams await you
Magic is at your door
Let your Soul emerge now
So the real you can soar!


You starved me of love 
You starved me of you 
Fed me crumbs of your closed heart 
So I can be with you…
I bought the bait
For a long little while 
But now, my heart won’t stay   
Won’t accept your love style.
I swallowed the hurt 
And poisoned my Soul
Danced with your shadow 
Just to feel whole 
You clipped my wings
So I couldn’t fly
But those little comments 
I can see now were lies 
I tarnished myself 
So you could be you 
Wounded us both 
To appease you 

I’m starving for love 

I’ve been starving for you 
I’m leaving now 
Leaving you.

Black Heart

Black heart ⁣
Cold heart ⁣
Heart of stone⁣

Your poisoned darts ⁣
Pierced my heart⁣
But the wound ⁣
Became my art ⁣

The venom spread ⁣
Took over my head⁣
And almost ⁣
Got me dead ⁣

You cast your spells ⁣
To raise my hell ⁣
But your demons ⁣
Taught me well… ⁣

I watched and learned⁣
Yes, I got burnt ⁣
But these battle scars⁣
I earned… ⁣

Your darkness seeped ⁣
Into the hearts asleep⁣
But mine…⁣
Was not yours to keep. ⁣

I laid low⁣
Dampened my glow⁣
Settled in black ⁣
Keeping track…⁣

The underworld I roamed ⁣
Made it my home ⁣
And like the back of my hand⁣
It became my land… ⁣

Although your toxin thrived ⁣
And diseased people’s eyes… ⁣
My heart saw through ⁣
What no one else knew ⁣

My contaminated heart ⁣
Was clean from the start ⁣
And sincere tears are the cure ⁣
To clean the impure ⁣

Wicked Heart ⁣
Icy Heart ⁣
Heart filled with hate ⁣

I broke your curse⁣
It deeply hurt… ⁣

And I want you to know that ⁣
healing a black heart ⁣
Is never too late.⁣