When our heart is whole and radiant, we are clear about our direction & purpose and can attract what we want into our life easily and effortlessly. If our heart is carrying emotional wounds from past traumas, un-healed heart-breaks, limiting beliefs formed from deep emotional pain, or is entangled with other people’s energy, this creates confusion and giant blocks in our abilities to attract our heart’s desires!

I have been the emotional mid-wife to many people over the years, helping them overcome a range of issues as well as giving them clarity on what they are projecting and direction in life. I work with people all over the world, my sessions are all conducted via Skype so we can work together where ever you are.. for more on how I work go to FAQ’s.

Let’s get you started so you can begin to heal now!

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Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires!

A Creative Process Using the Four Sacred Element to Align with Your Heart’s Desires!

Healing the Broken Heart

A Step-by-Step Program to Transcend Heartache & Heal Your Heart So You Can Get Over Your Ex Right Away!

Healing Relationship Patterns

A Breakthrough Process to Stop Negative Relationship Patterns & Fine-Tune Your Heart to Attract Love.