Are you unsure about what decisions to make?

Do you have a lot of questions about your current life situation?

Would you like to gain clarity on some of your limiting patterns and circumstances?

Are you wondering what actions you should now take that would be in your best interest?

You have probably tried meditating, visualizing, praying, affirmations or read self-help books in an effort to change some of your blocks or negative patterns…

Maybe you have asked the Universe for signs or even tried doing a reading for yourself to get some clarity about what you should do or what to change and still feel confused…

We are constantly vibrating our thoughts, desires, feelings, and emotions out into the world, both conscious and unconscious, and sometimes we can do so without any awareness of its rippling effects.

I can help you to understand yourself better, gain invaluable insight into your potential, and increase awareness of your blocks and how to transform them.

I feel those things.

I am a psychic empath, a sentient intuitive. My psychic ability is “feeling” energy and clear knowing also known as “claircognizant”.

I can feel people’s emotions, pick up their thoughts and get images in my mind (clairvoyance) of the root cause of their blocks. I see patterns inside your consciousness, feel and understand the true nature of the situation associated with each pattern.

When you ask me for a Reading, I consciously connect with your heart & soul energy and start picking up what is going on inside your inner world.

With your permission, I can access your Soul’s blueprint, also known as your Akashic Records and receive the information you need to give you clarity, insight, and awareness so you can understand more of your Soul’s truth and start to trust yourself and your path once again.


A Reading is a private session with me, where I use my gifts and signature blend of Tarot, Mediumship and Akashic Records to connect with your Soul energy and identify energetic blocks as well as what you are projecting into your reality. Led by my highly-attuned intuition, I can help you uncover your blocks, patterns (both psychological and emotional), life path and more.


Your Reading will be tailored to your specific circumstances.

No two life paths are the same, so we’ll be focusing on challenges or questions that resonate deeply with you.

Popular focus areas include emotional blocks, limiting life patterns, relationship dynamics, work opportunities,
career prospects, and spiritual wellbeing.

Feel stuck, but not sure where the issue lies? We’ll work together to figure it out.

A Reading with Me Can Help You:

  • Know more about your life lessons, purpose & how to reach your highest potential in this life
  • Help you in making empowered choices aligned with your Soul
  • Discover what is blocking you from healing & how to break-free from your negative life patterns
  • Clear karmic cords keeping you entangled in disempowering circumstances
  • Get clarity on relationship dynamics & how to resolve them so that you can move on to having healthier & more fulfilled relationships
  • Become aware of soul contracts & vows holding you back & techniques to clear it
  • Access your Soul’s essence & connect with your Higher Self
  • Release emotional and energetic trauma creating obstructing your path
  • Learn ways to reclaim your personal power to support you in creating a life aligned with your Soul truth
  • Ask questions & receive messages directly from your Spirit Guides & Ancestors

“My experience with Melany, her intuition, and her cards were incredible. I came in with an open heart and mind, truly unsure of what we would experience together. Melany prefaced our time by telling me she is not a fortune-teller and she can’t change the past, but she can help me to focus my energy on the direction the Universe is paving for me; in short, she could help guide me towards my own life’s alignment. And she did. Melany illuminated pathways for me that quite literally connected the dots. She gave me validation on how to best serve my partner and move forward in my professional life. Her warmth and kindness created a gorgeous and safe space to allow realizations and self-confirmation to occur, building for me a strength in my resolve to keep progressing! She’s right – she cannot know the future. But Melany can help you to build the future you desire if you can remain open and willing to seeing different possibilities!” ~ Erin Salem, USA

How I work with the Tarot’s Guidance…

Technically speaking the Tarot is a deck of 78 cards containing 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana.

The Tarot is NOT a fortune telling tool! So if you have come here wanting me to “fortune tell” then you have come to the wrong place.

I do not believe we can predict the future 100%, I believe we can create our future with the choices that we make daily along with the energy we continue to put out into the world.

I see the Tarot as a tool for self-development & spiritual growth.

It provides a map for your heart & soul, it shows you a reflection of your state of consciousness in that moment and where that is leading you in your life.

And it is from this point of new awareness that you can make different choices, changes and take action on what you want to shift, release & manifest into your life.

The one-on-one reading with me is a conversation. It is a sacred moment between the Tarot, the Sitter & the Reader. Please come with an open mind and heart, respect my Tarot & the guidance you receive.

If you don’t understand something or if something doesn’t make sense you can always ask.

Please know that sometimes events and circumstances start to emerge after your reading and so the understanding comes as and when the events and situations emerge in your life.

A Reading will reflect your state of consciousness in the moment of the reading. It helps you understand yourself better, gives you insight into what you are projecting & awareness about your blocks and how to transform them.

“It was suggested by a friend that I have a tarot reading done by Melany, I was confused about a relationship, I was also questioning the success if I had a change in my career. What struck me instantly with Melany is her warmth. She knew exactly why I had contacted her (without me saying a thing) I cried quietly, it was like I had been telling my best friend all my problems and she repeated them to me to confirm she heard me and understood me. After the call, I went away feeling as high as a kite with new skills to deal with the confusion”

Claire Meredith, UK Baby & Child Sleep Consultant

Your Soul’s Blueprint…

The Akashic Records are the vibrational record of your soul’s journey across space and time. It is often referred to as “The Book of Life” in different religious texts. It holds the energy of your Soul Blueprint and carries forth information about your soul’s journey, purpose, lessons, gifts, legacy, and awareness on how to overcome challenges, blocks and reach your highest potential in this life. It holds the memory of all our experiences from past, present, and possible future lives.

Your Akashic Records is your Soul-level consciousness connected to All That Is. It is embedded in your Soul, like a blueprint of your essence.

Anything that holds energy has an Akashic Record that can be easily accessed through a channelling process.

The Akashic Records itself exists in all dimensions time and space. It is the DNA of the Universe, the essence of which All things emerge from.

The Akashic Records is the fabric of all creation and realities. It is consciousness in it’s purest form unmanifested. It is the zero point field and provides a template for physical and non-physical form.


Life Patterns

Energy Blocks

Spirit Messages

Soul Contracts

Metaphorically Speaking…

The Akashic Records often speaks through metaphors. I may see images, become aware of specific feelings, get instant knowing, hear words or may even be guided to do some instant healing in that moment. I will channel whatever I am perceiving in response to your question.

Getting your Akashic Records opened alone will create a shift in your consciousness as you access more of your Soul essence. This gives you an opportunity to understand your Soul truth and see things from your Soul’s perspective.

There are a number of ways in which we can work with your Akashic Records, it is truly an all-encompassing and complete system of guidance, healing & transformation.

By connecting to your Soul’s Blueprint I can tune into your energy & get a glimpse of what is going on ‘energetically’ on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

An Akashic Records reading is NOT like a Mediumship or Psychic Reading where I will give you any random information I am perceiving for validation and tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing. Once we open your Akashic Records, YOU will guide the entire session with your questions and intention for the reading. This gives you an opportunity to find your Soul’s truth and make your own choices with the information you receive.

Connecting to your Akashic Records is a sacred process and I ask that you honor these sessions with the utmost
integrity and respect.

I will start with a heart centering meditation & a blessing to open & connect to your soul’s Akashic Records. Once I have your records open, you can start the session by asking your questions one at a time.
Once the session is complete I will close your records.

“You have the amazing ability to somehow pick up the vibe that I’m feeling and guide yourself into the scenario. You have the skills to verbally communicate what is actually happening with me even if I’m halfway across the world or in a different country, you are always able to understand and provide me with the best solution for my overall well being. You give me the right advice on how to handle the situation, what to expect, what has happened and/or how to resolve it. You always give me a clear direction on what I have to focus on in order to improve and self-develop. I thank you so so much for all of your love and support. I have complete faith and trust in the messages and treatments that I receive from you. You have been able to deliver very intensely deep messages to me that not many people would imagine or understand and continue to do so over anyone else in my life. I really really appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for me!”

Nikhil D’Souza, Canada, Producer / Production Manager

I have always been fascinated with the spiritual realm. Growing up I was taken to spiritual centres in Brasil to get my aura cleansed and speak to mediums who channeled Spirit Doctors, drink blessed water, lay in specific coloured rooms with crystals for healing and all sorts. This is part of my culture, especially in the sate of Bahia in Brasil.

The Tarot on the other hand has been my lifelong passion. I became interested from a very early age and still remember the day I went to buy my own tarot deck in Salvador, Brasil when I was around 14 years old.

I was mystified. How could this deck of cards reflect what you are experiencing in your reality, sense what you are feeling, thinking, grasp the bigger picture of a situation, and even predict potential future events?

I connected with them, studied them, looked at each card with great admiration and fascination. I did this over and over again for years and years..

I would get frustrated and leave them for a month or so, then get back to them. I could not just let them go. It was a weird obsession to try to understand the cards, each and every 78 of them!

On my break from learning Tarot, I studied mediumship and explored getting into altered states of consciousness. I discovered on my very first mediumship class I had a natural ability. I was called up first and sat in front of the class, I was a bit nervous but thought to myself what the heck, I’ll just say whatever I see and feel taking everything very lightly. To the teacher’s surprise, I sat down and immediately picked up the teacher’s grandfather, his name, described exactly how I could see him in my mind’s eye and passed on some personal messages she could relate to.

This skill developed more so after I did my Reiki Master training. I would occasionally pick up and pass on messages to clients who came for an energy balancing and clearly had their loved ones by their side. Some of these souls would visit me just before my client’s session telling me their names, making their presence known. I can tell you many stories and incidences where clients finally got the closure they craved, these were all very special and I remember pretty much most of these moments as I’m sure my client do.

Although I do have the natural skill in mediumship, it is not what I focus on and work in a way where I only go there if it’s necessary or if Spirit is taking me there. I focus more on scanning the Soul, looking at life patterns and getting clear on what blocks need to be released so that clients can manifest more of what their heart’s desires and align with their Soul purpose. I have since also dived deep into learning and developing my skills with the Akashic Records amongst other tools.

It took me almost 10 years to finally have the courage to do readings professionally after much encouragement from friends who kept having amazingly accurate readings from me.

I remember my first several professional readings that I did, I was shaking with fear. What if I said the wrong thing? What if I can’t read or get a blank? What if the person perceives what I say the wrong way?

I took course after course, bought book after book.. only to realise that these were not helping me to connect to my tarot deck, to Spirit and be guided my own intuition. So I let go of needing to know everything and searching outside for connection and started to connect through my heart.

This made such a huge difference in my readings. I was able to pick up things the books didn’t tell me. I was able to allow Spirit to step in and guide me and “hear” the cards talking to me, telling me the finer details. What amazed me was that even after reading for so many years, some cards would tell me something totally different than it had not done before.

Although I started reading professionally, it took me again several more years to fully trust what I am perceiving, sensing, be centered and learn to read the cards as a story and allow my intuition and Spirit to step in without judgement.

Even after years of doing this professionally, I still feel like a student! Each time I read and connect with Spirit, the tarot and a client’s blueprint I am able to learn something new. I truly believe the Tarot is one of the most incredible tools to access the depths of your subconscious and inner world it does give you the finer details that perhaps you can miss if doing changelings alone, hence I love using a combination of what I am guided to in the moment.

I get excited about giving readings especially when the client comes to me with an open mind and heart. It fills me with joy when I am able to help clients process what is going energetically, mentally and emotionally in their inner world and give them practical tools on how to handle their situation through the reading.

I am forever in awe as I learn to expand my awareness through the Tarot’s messages, my Soul guidance & the Akashic Records wisdom.

A Reading provides Clarity, Understanding,
& Wisdom into your Inner Realm.

We all need a bit of guidance at times, so if you are feeling a little lost or unsure about what decisions to make – or if you just want some insight and a new awareness about where your life and circumstances are taking you – then a Reading may be exactly what you need.



~ Gain a deeper understanding in any area of your life

~ Give you clarity on challenges you are facing and how to approach them

~ Get insights into situation at hand and possible outcomes

~ Shed light on relationship dynamics and how to manage them better

~ Reveal what is blocking and limiting you from achieving your goals

~ Receive guidance on how to reach your highest potential giving you an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery


Wouldn’t you like to know more of your soul’s truth?

Let’s Get Started…

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“I have done a few readings with Melany and I will continue to choose to speak to her whenever I feel I need some guidance and clarity. Melany is lovely, gentle and extremely intuitive, everything she says resonates and is true to my situation. Her readings is very accurate and her interpretation is spot on. Thank you Melany”

Anonymous, Lebanon Housewife ​