Yesterday I had a huge breakthrough and released a whole lot of shame I had been holding on to about my past. I started hearing phrases in my head and decided to sit write it down, and it all came out.. Of course I cried, released it all and stayed with my emotions until I finished writing. It was almost like it was inside of me wanting to come out.. I hope you can connect.

Throughout my journey in this life,
I have been quite a few things,
Consciously and subconsciously
My awareness has expanded,
With these lessons that my soul is attracting to me
To experience and grow from,
Some through love
But more often through pain
So living and learning as the saying goes..
I was in denial of my shadow,
And not believing my light,
Feeling restricted
By these invisible rules
We all seem to abide by
Being conformed by what I ‘should be’,
How I should look, talk and behave like,
Standing in conflict
With my personal truth
Afraid to lose face
And still willing to compromise,
Resisting the facts
And eventually surrendering to change
Through it all I have grown..
Grown rich
With my different perspectives,
Learning the hard way
In search of enlightenment
Constantly in awe
Of life’s gifts and surprises!
But to grow spiritually quickly
As I so seek,
I had to lose myself
And endure the dark nights..
Acting out of impulse
From previous programming,
Sabotaging myself
For reasons I don’t even know why..
Pretending to be ‘someone’
For social acceptance,
Hiding my emotions
And many faces,
Fearing rejection.
In search for my soul’s freedom,
I had to let go..
Of beliefs and ideas
And of what people thought of me
And instead,
Let it be as it is
And trust this journey..
To re-connect with the Divine
With myself
And the All
And gain my deepest insights
Slowly but surely
Releasing the old limited me,
To finally..
Accept my darkness,
And embrace my light,
In this long process
I have lost friends
And even ruffled a few feathers,
I have played the victim myself
And been the mirror
Of people’s fears and projections,
I have suffered in the hands of the perpetrator,
And have also been the betrayer
I have stepped back
And observed in silence,
And spoke my raw truth
Being open and vulnerable
To be misunderstood
When my intention was pure
To then lose faith in this world
And 3rd dimension we live in
I have perceived things objectively
And in subjective ways,
I have done wrong things in my life
And been too scared to make it right.
I have been accused of things I did not do
And used anger to protect my boundaries,
Myself and my birthrights
I have kept myself small
In so many ways
Playing in the comfort I know
Leading eventually..
To me giving all my power away.
I undervalued myself
I was covered in shame
All rooted in past traumas
I didn’t know who I was..
I was overwhelmed with emotions
So dug deep down in my heart
I found my inner strength
And rose up from the dark
I have taken big risks,
And played closely with fire,
This is my journey..
The same one in fact
That we are all in,
Within this interconnected mass..
To find wholeness and love,
And the truth of who we are,
Awakening ourselves
To the Divinity within..