Are you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed?

Do you constantly worry about the future or over-analyse every situation?

Are you struggling to focus on simple tasks and stay motivated?

Do you feel emotionally drained being around people?

Are you stressed out and dealing with insomnia, headaches and a general sense of restlessness?

If any of the above resonates then an energy healing may be just what you need to
bring you back into balance.

You have seven main energy centers known as “chakras” that run along the spine.

These energy centres are like the digestive system of your energy body. It is where you process your emotions and life experiences.

All the chakras work together in maintaining your energy system aligned.

In order for you to be healthy and have a sense of well being there needs to be a free flow of energy running between all your chakras.

There are many ways your chakras can get blocked, not maintaining a healthy lifestyle, prescriptive drugs, electromagnetic energy from mobile phones and computers, physical mental and emotional trauma to name a few.

Blocking the energy flow between the chakras will eventually, if not dealt with, create stress and overwhelm, physical symptoms and illness such as insomnia, IBS or headaches, for example, addictions as well as negative life patterns.

“I was shocked at the immediate effect of what Melany did especially the fact that it was at a distant!! I instantly felt better, my sleeping pattern improved, work was getting busier and new opportunities started rising. Within a month I got an amazing opportunity to work with top photographers and video makers. All that clearing energy work needs to be taken more seriously because it simply works. I am so grateful Melany has helped me open doors I never thought could be possible.”

Moniasse Sessou, London, UK
Bodywork Therapist & Model

The chakras radiate outwards creating a protective energetic layer, known as the ‘aura’. This rainbow-like energy field around a person can extend up to 30ft (9m). It is in constant interaction with other living organisms and your surroundings.

When you receive energy from your surroundings, it is then transmitted and assimilated through the chakras. For example, walking through a crowded mall, we often pick up and absorb other people’s stress sometimes leaving the mall with a headache or feeling tired and heavy. Similarly, you can experience good feelings at a birthday or a wedding where everyone around is filled with love and happy thoughts.

The Aura is made up of essentially seven ‘spiritual bodies’ which act as a protective field against negative energies or influences. It reflects your inner being, showing your true nature and intentions. It is your spiritual signature, you cannot fake the aura.

Often people use terms such as red with anger, green with envy, full of energy or radiant beauty. These terms reveal the colour of the aura in certain emotional states.

The aura reflects your physical health, mental attitudes and spiritual development. For this reason, the appearance of the aura, being attractive or repulsive, bright or dull colours will depend on the individual’s state of being at that moment. The aura is a dynamic matrix. It is the self as energy. It is constantly changing in accordance with your moods, diet, habits, lifestyle and all other contributing factors.

Your energy body just like your physical body needs to be nurtured and looked after. There are plenty of practices you can do to start looking after your energy bodies and keeping yourself feeling good and centred, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, exercising, grounding, deep breathing and spending time in nature to name a few.

Making energy healings a part of your lifestyle is a great way to maintain your energy systems flowing, healthy and strong.

Receiving an energy healing accelerates your body’s own innate self-healing ability, supports your immune system, can help in relieving pain and so much more!

When you start clearing and balancing your energy system, you immediately feel lighter, more energized and able to handle stressful or challenging situations in a more positive manner without getting overwhelmed.

Getting an Energy Healing is a great way to relax your mind, clear toxic energy in your auric field
that is weighing you down and bring your whole being back into balance.

An Energy Healing Can Help You…

~ Be more present in all areas of your life
~ Relieve stress & anxiety allowing you to enjoy a greater sense of peace
~ Feel revitalized and motivated once again
~ Be in touch with your emotions rather than overwhelmed by them
~ Increase your creativity and awareness as you unlock energetic blocks and allow your energies to free flow once again

What People Are Saying…

“My energy balancing experience with Melany has been the most powerful I have experienced. The sessions balanced my mind and body allowing them to make huge jumps spiritually, and left me feeling lighter and at peace.”

Natasha Rockstorm
Co-Founder InJoy Giving

“From the moment you sit with Melany, you feel an instant shift in energy. Her energy balancing method put me into such a relaxed state I actually fell asleep within the first 5 minutes. I’d definitely recommend her sessions.”

Angelique Turner, Australia
Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist

During the sessions, I go into a trance state and use what is known as physical mediumship to channel my Spirit Guides and connect with your Spirit Guides to support you in bringing your energy back into balance.

I use a combination of energy healing techniques tailored to what you need, Quantum Touch, Reiki, Access Bars, Matrix Energetics, Shamanic healing techniques and working with the elemental spirits as well as other beings of light that may appear in the session to name a few.

Every session is unique and all you need to come with an open heart and mind and surrender to the process.

Energy Healing Sessions Can Include…

~ Chakra Balancing & Clearing
~ Negative Thoughts Detox
~ Elemental Balancing
~ Aura Cleansing & Energizing
~ Releasing Toxic Energy & Psychic Hooks
~ Soul Retrieval & Re-Alignment

Treat Yourself to an Energy Healing Today…

Energy healing can be done in-person or at a distance, that’s the beauty of energy work!
De-stress packages available.

*For the Destress Package Sessions are carried out weekly over 3 weeks
*Please note this is not a coaching session, reading or spiritual counselling, this is pure energy healing.
If you are stuck in a negative life pattern I would suggest the Soulful Coaching.