“Sound” according to google dictionary is the vibrations that travels through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person’s or animal’s ear. It produces continuous and regular vibrations as opposed to noise. So like everything sound is just energy in motion.

Since everything is energy, the only difference is the frequency in which the object / person / sound / animal / tree or whatever is vibrating. In the case of us human or animals, we are composed of many different parts (organs, systems, thoughts, emotions and spirit), so we are actually a combination of different vibrational frequencies.

The great thing about sound is that you can actually measure specifically at what frequency the sound is vibrating. Sound is also not just merely heard with the ears, sound can be felt by the body, sound is felt by every single cell in your body. In this way people are able to use a ‘sound’ tuned into a specific frequency to target a particular organ in the body as well as different mental and emotional states which they want to work on, transform or heal.

There are many healing benefits of working with sound as well as many different ways in which to work with sound. Below are just a few examples.

Mantras are said to be sacred words, that when repeated or chanted (often 108 times) can resonate a certain frequency and help you change or transform mental and emotional states as well as promote physical healing.

Recently I have been experimenting with different mantras, some I have felt the subtle changes straight away specifically in my awareness, whilst others not at all. Perhaps I have some resistance or larger blocks to these and may need to work with them longer, or perhaps it’s not the appropriate mantra for me at this time. Having said this a few mantras I was reciting took at least a month for me to feel a shift!

Working with a mantra a month for 6 months now, I am astounded by the quick insights, energy shifts and awareness that comes from chanting these mantras when you do it from a place of joy, fun and with no attachment to the outcome! I was guided to “My Astrology Coach” by a friend and it came at just the right time, I decided to take the Solar Power challenge. I’m still not finished my year of chanting and I can’t recommend it enough. Here is a link to his website:


On a more general note, OM being the most well-known mantra, from what I understand is said to be the sound of creation, of everything and no-thing, the sound of potential and supposed to represent an aspect of God. From this many other mantras have formed, all with their own meaning and healing properties. I encourage you to play around with some of these mantras, chose one that resonates and either chant it daily or play it in the background and immerse yourself in it’s vibration.

Here is a link to a few of my favourites:

Eternal OM

Gayatri Mantra sung by Deva Premal 

Bhagavate Mantra sung by Krishna Das 

Singing / Screaming 
Singing is another great way to start shifting energies. I would suggest singing when dealing more with throat chakra imbalances and screaming when the throat chakra feels blocked and there is some repressed or unexpressed emotions or even anger.

Screaming is a great way to shift blocked energy in the  throat chakra, you can do this into a pillow or out in a deserted area. This can be very scary for some people, I know I resisted this exercises a little. It took me at least 5-10mins to build up the courage to start screaming. Most of our unexpressed emotions stay stuck between our heart and throat, so physically using your voice to release this can be very liberating!

Singing Bowls
Singing bowls have been used for centuries in Tibet for both healing and meditation. Their unique frequencies is said to harmonize brain wave synchronisation and mind/body connections. These are used worldwide for meditation in groups or even for personal well-being. In this way you can use the singing bowls as a form of meditation, the act of playing them itself, having to use a continuous rhythm of circles and applying the right pressure I find can also be very meditative and relaxing.

A gong is basically a big metal disc, normally large in size. They are known to be sacred instruments. A great way to experience the healing effects of these beautiful instruments is to go for a “Gong Bath” healing session or group meditation. They are called gong baths since you will be immersed in the different vibrations of the gongs being played, almost like you’re in a bath of sound. These can penetrate deep into your body, helping to shift energy blocks and even take your mind on an inner journey. I have had some incredible experiences through Gong Baths, in fact so much so that I became a hard core “Gong Head” as they call it, basically an addict to Gong baths for some time LOL. I highly recommend it!

Healing Bells
Healing bells, also known as “Tingsha” bells, are normally used for space clearing. The ones I own and have seen have all been high pitched in sound. The sharp sound is said to cut through any low vibrations and have the ability to transform it quickly. You ring the bells in any way you are intuitively guided to, sometimes it will be slow and long, whilst other times quick and repetitive. When you use healing bells for a house clearing, it is best to start at your front door and work your way around your home in a clockwise direction. Try it out, you will definitely feel a shift in the energies in your home!

Tuning Forks
Tuning Forks are most commonly used when healing the body of ailments, aches and pains as well as general well-being and relaxation. You are literally “tuning” your body organs, chakras etc back into balance. The frequencies emitted are so strong it is known to balance your body’s biochemistry instantly along with many other healing benefits!

Drums and Rattles 
Drums and rattles are normally used by Shamans for healing, clearing unwanted energies, expanding  and altering states consciousness. They use a rhythmic beat to enter a trance like state in order to get insights. Have a listen:

Didgeridoos are recognisable for their low frequencies and very unique sound. The Aborigines use these beautiful instrument to play over people with the intention to promote healing. It is specifically good for living tissue and organs. Playing the didgeridoo itself is said to be a very meditative and healing experience for the player as they have to focus on the right breathing technique to get play the didgeridoo correctly. Have a listen:

Wind Chimes 
Chimes are normally used outside and around your home. These emit low base frequencies and are more to create a harmonious environment. It has a calming effect on the mind and body and is said to clear discordant energy from the space giving off a tranquil and serenity vibe.

Sound Healing
If you would like to explore more about Sound Healing, here is a great Sound Healing website I have discovered and experienced if you would like to experience or learn more about it: http://www.soundhealingcenter.com/explore.html#whatis

Your Inner Voice
Last year I was experiencing a few blocks which I was not able to get to the root cause so I had my voice analysed by Jon Kelly. Jon is a well known re-searcher and voice analyst. I was shocked by what he picked up from my voice, basically all of my childhood and teenage traumas which I had been avoiding for many years. I honestly had no idea how much these traumas had been affecting my life. I had completely suppressed them and was unwilling to look back at these painful memories which marked me on such a deep level. Jon really opened my eyes and started me on the path to accepting these traumas and healing them… slowly and gently in my own sweet time! I highly recommend his sessions! Here is the link to his website: http://yourinnervoice.com/professional_services

On the more not so woo-woo or airy fairy way, just some general “feel good” music where you can sing your heart out and dance like no one is watching is also a great way to shift your energy and lift your spirit! Do it.. and do it often, it’s fun 🙂