Have you ever thought to yourself ‘I just want to be happy’?

Hi, I’m Melany.

I am a Spiritual Guide & Intuitive Healer.

I am a born empath; I can naturally feel what your soul is experiencing. I’m here to tell you, beautiful soul, that You can heal your emotional pain & change any reality you no longer desire! Are you heart-broken? Haunted by the traumatic events of your past? Re-living the same relationship or negative life patterns? Unable to find love & joy in life?

I passionately believe that your pain, traumas & emotional wounds are gifts from the Divine to help you grow & open your heart to deeper truths. It all starts with getting to know yourself better.

Real Transformation Blooms from Within


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Your heart already KNOWS what you need to do.
I’m here to help you do it – step by step.

“I have known Melany since 2005 at the University of Westminster. I was always attracted by her personality, quiet and mystical. In January 2013 I really felt I was on my knees, everything I had worked for over the past 2 years went into the ether: my wedding, my land, my projects, my dreams… I knew Mel was doing some kind of healing work and I decided to reach out for some help energetically. I was shocked at the immediate effect of what she did especially the fact that it was at a distant!! I instantly felt better, my sleeping pattern improved, work was getting busier and new opportunities started rising. I am a therapist myself but recently decided to get back to my creative side: dancing, modelling etc… Within a month I got an amazing opportunity to work with top photographers and video makers. I couldn’t believe it! All that clearing energy work needs to be taken more seriously because it simply works. I am so grateful to have reached out to Melany she has helped me open doors I never thought could be possible.”

Moniasse Sessou, London, UK
Bodywork Therapist & Model