Interview with Maureen from I Never Knew But My Dog Did Feb 2023:

“Just Feel to Heal”


Interview with Dawn from How My Parents Raised Me October 2022:

How to Heal from Narcissistic Mother’s Abuse


Interview with Amy from Your Brilliance March 2020

Interview with Women Empowered August 2017

Interview with Paula Vail on WBTVN Choices;
Finding Your Joy May 2017

Interview with Anna Rova from GirlSkill February 2018



  • Quick Q&A
  • What does success mean to me?
  • Femininity
  • My Story
  • “Why me?” mentality and how it keeps you trapped
  • Recognizing destructive patterns
  • What is Reiki?
  • Tools & Resources I like

Interview with Slade Roberson on his Shift Your Spirits Podcast August 2017


  • Becoming a professional intuitive healer
  • How did “heart healing” become my focus
  • Defining “heart wound”
  • The Heart Path
  • How I work my “Healing the Broken Heart” program
  • Obsessive thoughts & How to get rid of them
  • Being friends with an ex yes or no?
  • Symbolism and subliminal messages
  • Repeating relationship patterns & how to transform it
  • 5 Practical Audio Tools to connect to your heart

Chloe’s Countertop Podcast November 2016


  • How and why did Melany get into this work
  • What is her story
  • What is inner child
  • Why is inner child work important
  • What is a past-life
  • Why Melany decided to stop working with past-life
  • How her work has impacted her own life
  • Why this work is for everyone
  • How Melany helped me on my healing journey

UAE Media & Articles



Thank you so much for your interest and commitment to work with me for our gruelling Row across the Atlantic.

To say we started off as a team of strangers and we only had one rower in our team, it was a huge challenge that we were setting out on that only a few people even attempt to do let alone complete the crossing. More people have been to space or have climbed Everest than have successfully rowed an ocean, and a third of the people that attempt it fail. Despite the challenges we were faced with suge as huge storms, sea sickness, sleep deprivation and equipment malfunctions, we are very proud to say that we achieved 2 World Records!

I believe that this was largely down to our team having a common goal with a desire to achieve. We were focused and pulled on each other’s strengths as a team. We all shared a common attitude of positivity and we were extremely resourceful when we needed to solve problems. I personally wanted to be the strongest I’ve ever been both mentally and physically to ensure my performance within the team wouldn’t let anyone down.

The biggest challenge was mental strength which, at times, was way more than the physical strength. We never considered giving up. This just wasn’t an option. Sometimes the body wanted to but the power of our mental strength held us together physically for 45 days at sea rowing for 12hrs every day on a 2 hour shift system.

I felt mentally and physically prepared and this was down to training I did both physically and mentally. I cannot thank you enough for teaching me how to focus all positive energy towards our goals. You are one very talented lady and I will always remember the crucial role you played in our external team. I often say the preparation was the hardest part, getting to the start line, and you had a big role in preparing me personally for that. From this experience and your coaching I can now apply the same to my day to day living.

Thank you again. From one very grateful client, Katie xxx