Align with Your Vision, Magnetize Your Dreams and Create A Life You LOVE! 

…without this system, one element out of alignment could be the one thing stopping you from attracting what your heart truly desires! 

See if this resonates…

You are struggling with the law of attraction…

You have tried thinking positively, visualizing, affirmations or doing a vision board and had no luck
manifesting what you truly desire…

You are feeling frustrated because you are unable to attract what you really
want into your life no matter what you do… 

You want to sharpen your manifestation ability and start co-creating your reality!

If any of the above sounds familiar, read on!
You’re going to LOVE this system to manifesting…

Imagine the joy, passion and excitement of feeling completely
aligned with what your heart truly desires –
KNOWING you are
on the right path.

Picture the clarity you will have when you become congruent with all the elements being fully connected to your Soul’s will…

Every action, decision and choice you make moving you closer to your dreams… And doing so with ease & grace, trusting the process!

Envision your highest and best self happy, fulfilled and in love with life!

Because everyday you are manifesting as you continue to grow

and evolve in your own sacred process of becoming…

Witnessing the manifestation work it’s magic through synchronicities

Well, You don’t have to imagine, you can start making your dreams come true today…

You Accelerate Your Manifestation Abilities
When You Align with the Sacred Elements Within

I spent years investing in all sorts of manifesting programs including hypnotherapy audios, subliminals and binaural beats, visualizations, using all kinds of mind techniques, bought books on brain magic, energy clearing after energy clearing using every energy healing technique out there (how much energy clearing does one really need?!) and even singing specific mantras daily to manifest what I wanted.
I noticed that some techniques and tools only focused on the mind (air element)…
Whereas other healing modalities focused purely on your energy (fire element)…
And then there was counseling and therapy that focused on emotions (water element)…
While coaching was all about taking action towards your goals & dreams (earth element)!

The missing link was really your Soul.

Your Soul encompasses all the above but more importantly it’s your Soul’s sincere heartfelt desire that IS the GLUE. It is the glue that once all the above are in alignment makes the magic of manifestation happen!
Which made me realize Emotions, Thoughts, Intention, Actions and let’s not forget your Soul all play a vital role in our
spiritual growth and manifestation process. 
I started to apply this to my business and anything I wanted to manifest and, low and behold, things started to happen! 
If all the elements were already in alignment, all I had to do is set a desire from my heart and BOOM magic would happen.




Create Your Own Unique Manifestation System by
Aligning with the Five Sacred Elements…


…So that you can attract more Love, Freedom, Health & Wealth into your life and start living a life you LOVE!! 

Get Ready to Manifest Your Heart Out!

...& align with your vision, magnetize your dreams and start creating the life you’ve always longed for…

Whether you realize this or not you are ALWAYS manifesting!


Whatever you are currently going through or experiencing is what you have ASKED for VIBRATIONALLY with your thoughts, emotions, intentions, and actions.


Good news is you CAN CHANGE what you are currently creating by consciously working with your entire BEING… 

Once you understand how the elements work together to weave the fabric of creation this manifestation process will become your LIFESTYLE!


…because life is growth! So if you are not growing, manifesting and continuously expanding you are dying…

Just take a look at nature and you will see this in action. Growth is the only evidence of life.

This is why I’ve created this digital course to be easy to follow, light-hearted, inspiring and practical so you can take action right away.



If you don’t know what your heart truly desires how can you manifest?

Clarify your intention & get crystal clear with what your heart truly wants to create & learn how to align with what you truly desire


The Earth element is all about results! After all it’s the result that you want to manifest right?

Learn to become congruent with your earth element & more conscious of the choices that supports you on your heart alignment journey so you can manifest the tangible results your heart is set on! 


Your Water element are your Emotions! Emotions are the language of the Soul, it is how your Soul processes life experiences. If your emotions are not flowing you will stay stuck repeating the same negative patterns for life. 

Allow your water element to flow so you can release emotions that no longer serves you and feel more joy in creating the life you truly desire.



The Air Element within you is all about Mindset! Your Mindset is essential during the times of struggle, stress, when facing adversity or when you cannot see the result you want.

Learn to consistently clear your air element to start receiving inspired thoughts, ideas, creative solutions & peace of mind so you can use the power of your mind to focus on your heart’s vision.


Your Fire Element is your Passion, your state of consciousness as well as who you are being.

Learn how to keep your fire burning and step up to who you need to be so you can stay motivated and driven while you consciously magnetize Your heart’s desires.  



Your Soul is what truly creates through the will from a space deep within your own heart. It is what glues the four sacred elements together in order to manifest in this dimension. 

Learn how to set a sincere heartfelt desire so you can align your Heart & Soul and actually set in motion your heart’s desire in your outer reality. 


Here’s What You Will Receive:

✔︎ Theory of How to Apply All The Sacred Element Practically When Manifesting

✔︎ Specific Exercises to Align with Each Element

✔︎ 6x Videos, One for Each Element & Module

✔︎ 5x Elemental Reflection Meditation

✔︎ 5x Elemental Alignment Meditation

✔︎ 15x Audios Total to Support Your Heart Alignment Process

✔︎ 21-page Manifest Your Heart’s Desire ebook



❤︎ Guided Forgiveness Audio so that you can release any resentment and old hurt holding you back from
opening your heart to receive more love and joy in your life. 
❤︎ PLUS You will also get this super BONUS Soul Co-ordinates Workbook! (Value $47)

This little gem of a book is jam-packed (64-pages) with exercises, questions to reflect upon and journaling prompts so that you can get even more clarity and align with what I call your Soul Co-ordinates.

Your Soul Co-Ordinates Workbook Includes:

✔︎ Section 1: Core Values

✔︎ Section 2: Goals & Vision

✔︎ Section 3: Inner Reflection

✔︎ Section 4: Extra Play Sheets

❤︎ PLUS  the Magnetize Your Energy ebook!

This awesome ebook is filled with 11 hands-on tips to raise your frequency PRACTICALLY!

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Created by Melany Oliver…

Melany started her career as a holistic and complementary therapist over 15 years ago using natural approaches to healing including aromatherapy, craniosacral therapy, shiatsu, reflexology, looking at environmental stress, lifestyle and other holistic therapies to treat clients with all sorts of conditions. She completed a VCTC Diploma in Complementary Therapies at Solihull College, Birmingham and was nominated as Holistic Therapist Student of the Year and graduated with B.Sc. (Hons) in Health Sciences: Complementary Therapies at the University of Westminster London. Since her graduation, Melany has continued to learn more tools and techniques to further develop her skills. She has attended numerous training and seminars including, NLP practitioner, Hypnotherapy practitioner, Feng Shui Practitioner, Reiki Master & Teacher amongst many other mind, body and energy healing techniques. 
After a decade of working with hundreds of women and noticing how emotions affect people’s health and impact their life, she now specializes in helping women who suffer from deep emotional wounds and are wounded by their childhood traumas and past negative relationships heal themselves and open their hearts to love. Melany also guides Souls on their spiritual journey of awakening supporting them through their spiritual emergence.  

Success Stories From My Students… 

This is what one of my students had to say from the Manifest Your Heart’s Desire One-Day Intensive Workshop…

Here is what one of my student from the Manifest Your Heart’s Desire Retreat had to say…

And just using ONE of the technique‘s I teach in this course this is what two students manifested…

And here’s what another student had to say who went through the self-study program…

Get ready to dig deep to release your own roadblocks
to manifest your heart’s desires!

This online course is your step-by-step guide to create the inner transformation needed so you can
experience the results you want.  

If you are serious about committing to YOU, your dreams and living the life you truly desire then this is for you!
You will LOVE going through the process and understanding how the sacred elements play a part in your daily life.
You will see where each element is out of balance and know exactly what to do to re-align. You will start to notice how each element influences your reality and how this impacts your inner world as well as how to work with each element both individually and together within (inner work) and on the outside (taking action).
When you align all the sacred elements and activate your heartfelt desire you create a ‘unified field’ where your entire BEING is congruent with what you want to manifest, and this is what makes your energy MAGNETIC!
This course IS definitely for you if…

– You want to manifest but don’t know how or where to start
– You have tried other manifestation programs before and it didn’t work
– You are willing to take inspired action and put in the work
– You are willing to work through your emotional blocks
– You like the idea of being the creator of your own reality
– You are serious about making your dreams come true
– You want to take your manifestation power back instead of just wishful thinking

This course is NOT for you if…

-You don’t want to change or don’t like change
-You’re not willing to dedicate any of your time or energy to do the work presented in the course
-You are not ready to to look within
-You don’t want to take responsibility for your emotional work
-You are not open to looking within and questioning your behaviour, patterns or beliefs
-You have other priorities than making your dreams come true
-You’re looking for a magical solution or someone to come and save you from your problems

And NO! I will not make you:

X Write 100 affirmations a day or say them out loud all-day

X Meditate for hours or multiple times a day

X Clear the energy of your house with sage

X Wear specific crystals so you can vibrate at a higher frequency
(Give me a break!)
X Hang weird objects in different parts of your home (Yes, I actually was told to do this in one of the manifestation courses I took from a very well known website – just saying!!)

X Think positively 24/7 because this is literally impossible
– life happens!

X Ask the Universe and hope for the best

X Create a vision board (but you can if you want)


How long will it take for me to go through the course?

You can go through the entire theory and some of the exercises in a day (8 hours), after this you will have to take action and implement what you learn and what comes up for you throughout the reflection section of each element. You may also wish to do one element a day for 5 days or one element a week for 5 weeks is another option.

How long will I have access to this course?

After purchasing, you will have lifetime access! Plus if I ever update the course you will get all the updates, extra bonuses and new material.

How is this course delivered?

The course is delivered through an online app on my website. Once you have made your purchase you will receive an email where you will create an account and be able to log in. You will have immediate access to all the material and lessons however I do recommend you don’t skip steps and follow the structure and steps the way I designed it.

What is your experience with manifesting?

I manifested a group of 14 women WHO CALLED ME —they didn’t even know me, and I also didn’t know any of them— to run private workshops for their community. All I did was work with all the elements, visualized, released negative beliefs, took action and set a heartfelt intention to grow my business. When I asked the lady, who organized how she found me she said it was between you and two other ladies and I intuitively picked you! 

I also manifested a 10-day retreat worth over $3000 as a GIFT from the OWNER!!! I did not have the money to go but I sincerely desired it. I worked with all the elements, I was in touch with the owner and asked about the price, planned the travel route and took inspired action joyfully – my mind was like “are you serious?” “I need clients, I have to work…” I followed my guidance anyway and after I set my desire from deep in my heart, 12 hours later I got the call — one of her employees had a dream I was supposed to be there for the next retreat so she decided to invite me!!! This was completely unexpected!! And there was my little ego wondering how on earth I would get the money in a few months. 

Since then, I have been using this system to continue to grow my coaching business authentically in a way that is in integrity with my Soul as well as in my own personal healing processes and spiritual development. It is also how I work with clients in coaching, using all the elements as I know they all play a part in creating change & transformation! 

I know how frustrating it can be when you’ve read every self-help book and tried every technique under the sun. You don’t have to try harder, meditate more or wait for a miracle! Honestly, you just have to ALIGN with the Sacred Elements and watch as the magic starts to unfold…

When you work with the sacred elements you begin to understand nature, how everything is connected and how every element supports your manifestation!

What if I don’t like the course, can I get a refund?

I have put my heart and soul into creating this course and I can honestly say it will enlighten and inspire you in some way! If you feel connected to my message and what I have shared, I promise you will love it. Because this is a digital course once the course is delivered I do not offer refunds.  

Stop fantasizing about your dreams coming true or hoping things will change and start to MANIFEST YOUR HEART’S DESIRE TODAY!

Click the Buy Now Button Below & Get Instant Access To the Manifest Your Heart’s Desire Course

Here’s What You Will Receive:

✔︎ Theory of How to Apply All The Sacred Element Practically When Manifesting

✔︎ Specific Exercises to Align with Each Element

✔︎ 6x Videos, One for Each Element & Module

✔︎ 5x Elemental Reflection Meditation

✔︎ 5x Elemental Alignment Meditation

✔︎ 15x Audios Total to Support Your Heart Alignment Process

✔︎ 21-page Manifest Your Heart’s Desire ebook

USD $97