I shared this with my oil family and felt it was too good not to share here!

Since it’s the month of LOVE, I thought I’d share some aphrodisiac oils with you in case you want to try them out with your partner, lover, husband or wife… 

And don’t worry if you’re scared about using essential oils ‘down there’ ’cause you don’t have to, just through inhalation by diffusing them alone sends the signal to the amygdala part of the brain which is the center for our sexual drive. 

I use Young Living Essential Oils for their quality but any therapeutic grade essential oil will work. You can order your Young Living EO here.

Here you go…

10 Aphrodisiac Essential Oils for Love & Libido: 

1. Ylang Ylang

I love this oil! Other than helping me heal severe ovary pain from PCOS when medication did not work for me, the smell is just luxurious. I find it super relaxing and makes me want to zen out. It just feels good. 

Aside from the aroma being delicious, Ylang Ylang is known to increase libido in both men and women. You can either diffuse it to get the feeling of love in the air or apply it on the inner thighs for that sensual feeling. 

Traditionally in Indonesia Ylang Ylang is seen as the flower of love, they even scatter it all over the bed of newlywed couples on their wedding night. So if you’re wanting to reignite that romantic cherished feeling, Ylang Ylang is all over it. 

2. Cypress

Cypress energy is said to help you go with the flow while feeling secure within yourself, so it’s a good one to get jiggy with it. 

Cypress essential oil is great to stimulate blood flow and circulation in the body and blood flow and circulation around our, you know, yum yum.. which is what you want for the magic to happen… meaning volcanic explosions during your big O. 

This is a great one to add on to use with any other oil listed here. Apply a drop or two on the inner thighs and you’re good to go!

3. Clary Sage 

Clary Sage is more of a lady’s essential oil, it supports all things PMS related and generally brings a sense of balance especially around that time of the month. 

But that aside, it’s THE oil for women if you’re having some trouble getting moist down there. Its euphoric energy can make you feel more frisky, increases lubrication and gets you excited and more willing to get it on. 

You can apply Clary Sage on your wrists and arms, over your ovaries, on the back of your ears, back of your neck, below your belly button or even take 1-2 in a capsule internally (Young Living Vitality only) combined with olive oil.

It’s another great one to use in combination with some other essential oils listed here such as Orange and Ylang Ylang.

4. Sensation

 This is my absolute favourite perfume to get in touch with my femininity! It’s the perfect essential oil to set the tone or to get you in the mood for sexy time! 

You can apply a few drops of sensation essential oil on the inner thigh area to get raunchy or back of the neck, behind the ears or over your heart chakra to ease into it. 

If you love this oil, you will love the Sensation Massage Oil, which is the Sensation Essential Oil pre-blended, it’s been recommended as the best natural lube just FYI. 

5. Orange

Did you know that Orange essential oil is an aphrodisiac? It can help to open up the sacral chakra near the pelvic area which is the energy point associated with pleasure and sensuality. 

It’s known to be awesome for frigidity as it helps you relax, embrace sexuality and have fun! So if you’re experiencing low libido due to anxiety, a bit of orange essential oil will do the trick. 

Oh, and for the man’s joystick to work better, 8 drops of orange over the liver is recommended to increase the internal glutathione levels which is an antioxidant responsible for a solid snake, if you know what I mean.

6. Idaho Blue Spruce

 In the bedroom, Idaho Blue Spruce is known to be the viagra of essential oils, so this oil is more specifically targeted to men. It helps you gentlemen stay firmer for longer so you can enjoy a prolonged sexy time with your beautiful lady. 

If your libido is super low and you’re needing more attention to nurture longevity and firmness in that department, then 3-8 drops mixed with olive oil in a capsule is recommended as a supplement to get your health down there in check. 

You can dilute it with coconut oil and massage it on your love stones or inner thighs or even take 4-5 drops internally (Young Living Idaho Blue Spruce only) 20 minutes before playtime for an extra sturdy popsicle! 

7. Goldenrod

“Golden” and “Rod”, do I need to say more?

Plus it’s known to be edible! Just saying… It used to be drunk as a tea back in the day. 

Goldenrod is said to increase ‘firmness’ in a man’s, well you know, when used topically or internally! It’s safe to take 3 drops internally (the Young Living one of course) in a capsule with olive oil or use it as an inner thigh love potion.. either way, it will most certainly make that soldier stand tall. 

8. Nutmeg

Oh Nutmeg, it’s one of those oils you don’t know what to do with unless it’s around winter time (at least for me) until you find out some of its other benefits!

Yes, it’s another aphrodisiac boosting essential oil… Its stimulating and energizing properties are said to “get you there fast” and keep you going! So if you lack stamina in the bedroom, Nutmeg is your best friend. 

You can ingest 1-2 drops with olive oil in a capsule (Young Living Vitality blend only please), blend it with some of the other essential oils suggested here as an inner thigh battery blend that will keep you going for a happy ending.

9. Mister

Mister essential oil blend was formulated to balance the masculine energy. Having said that, it’s not just for men but women who need to balance their yang energy too, so this bad boy swings both ways. 

If your libido has been running low, Mister is your go-to oil blend to perk things up again! Just apply 1-2 drops on the outer left ankle for the gents and the front and back of the pelvis/lower back and hip area or even use it as a cologne. For the ladies, apply it on the outer right ankle.

10. Shutran 

This one goes out to the men looking to catch a special lady’s attention! Shutran is more of a cologne, designed to attract your lady through its sweet-smelling seductive pheromones. Chaps, Shutran is also your testosterone confidence boost. 

Pheromones (sex pheromones in particular) are chemical signals released by an organism to attract an individual and encourage them to mate with you. Gentlemen, Shutran is literally doing all the work for you, it’s your lady stimulant and magnet.  

You can either diffuse Shutran to set the mood or apply it topically with a few drops behind the ears, on the sides of your neck, a couple of drops on your chest and even on your inner thighs to turn her ON! Some women find using Shutran also helps to get them going so ladies try it out too! 

And this is just the start of it ladies and gentlemen, there are other oils that can support the love vibe if you need it! 

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