RESOURCE: Shaking Stress Relief & Grounding

Shaking for Stress Relief and Grounding

If you find yourself feeling numb to emotions, extremely stressed, always emotionally overwhelmed and feeling emotionally dysregulated, I would recommend starting a shaking practice, just 10-15mins a day, for the next month or so to support you in getting grounded in your body and recalibrating your nervous system. 

Shaking is your body’s natural way to regulate your nervous system and discharge excess energy. It is one of the most primitive responses in humans and animals to release trauma.

If you look at animals in nature, they will shake after an intensely traumatic experience or after they have just escaped a predator. They will allow themselves to shake for as long as it’s needed and then go about their day as if nothing happened.

This exercise is also great to relieve chronic stress, releasing tension in the body, boosting energy levels, helping reduce anxiety, and, I’m sure, a whole lot more.

Most importantly, it gets you grounded and reconnects you to your body as well as activates one of your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Note: Do your best to be fully present in your body throughout the exercise. 

Below are two great examples of how to do the shaking exercise: