BONUS: Love in Action

Love in Action 

  • Love is a GIFT. You cannot demand love from others or force others to receive your love. Needing love stems from a wound and if this is the case then you still have work to do here. 
  • Forgive yourself for past mistakes. If there is anything you need to forgive yourself for it’s important you do this as you yourself deserve your own love and forgiveness. Write yourself a forgiveness letter and process any emotions that come up for you about that. 
  • Respect your own boundaries otherwise no one else will. Learn to say NO when you mean it. You are allowed to say no. 
  • Respect and love others. Treat others with as much love and respect as you would want them to treat you. Respect their boundaries and when they say no. 
  • Speak your truth. Not in anger but with love. If there is anger, process the anger first before speaking your truth. Get into the habit of speaking your truth even when you feel uncomfortable. Truth opens your heart to love. Know that sometimes people may deny or get angry at you for speaking your truth and thats ok as long as your intention comes from love. 
  • Nurture yourself! Part of loving yourself is to look after your body, health and wellbeing. If you want to attract love you have to BE loving to yourself. Look at where you are not being loving with yourself and take action steps to change this. For example, do you have a bad junk food eating habit? Do you need to start an exercise routine? Are you drinking enough water? Are you working too much? Take the necessary action steps to nurture and look after you and your physical health and wellbeing.  
  • Cleanse your home. Physical things such as ornaments, furniture etc hold energy. So this week do a physical clear out of your home; any old clothes, shoes, jewellery, items, ornaments perhaps even big things like furniture or pictures that you no longer align with you and your intention to open to love.

    I would recommend you hold the item and ask yourself “do I LOVE this?” or “does this item evoke joy in me?” If the answer is NO, get rid of it, donate it or give it to someone that would appreciate it.

    The second part of this exercise is to make your home a place you LOVE to be in and love the look of, make it cosy and FEEL safe, a place where you feel your body relax when you enter. It’s super important your home is where you feel connected to you. You must LOVE being there and your surroundings, ornaments, furniture etc. So, if you are getting rid of big furniture, for example, you may need to get new ones that you absolutely love.

  • Write out 100 things you are grateful for (revisit whenever you want to step into abundance, love, joy and high vibes) and make gratitude a daily practice.
  • Take yourself out on weekly LOVE dates with yourself! Whether it’s a long stroll on the beach, getting your nails done, going for a massage or enjoying a nice cup of coffee and a good book in the morning for an hour. On your love date, ask yourself, what would I LOVE to gift myself today? Listen to your inner guidance and do that.
  • Follow your passion, even if this is not your career path or job (yet) at least make it your hobby. This is a must as you are nurturing your Soul essence when you do this. This alone is very attractive and will magnetize your love vibes.
  • Create a loving morning and evening ritual for yourself. It could be practicing gratitude before getting out of bed or before you sleep every night, drinking water before you have your coffee in the morning, journaling 15mins before you start your day, whatever you feel is loving for you. Tune into your inner guidance and have fun creating this for yourself. Practice this until you feel it’s time to change it up a bit.
  • Remember to be kind to yourself – this includes your inner self-talk
  • Celebrate & congratulate yourself every day for the things you do inside this container (and beyond)