BONUS: Heart Prayer

Heart Prayer


Remember the heart prayer is an emotion, it’s a sincere feeling of a desire you have to create, to manifest, to heal, to know the truth, to experience, to repent etc. This is not an intellectual thought. It’s an emotion that you emanate from your heart.

This is a part of your Soul’s will. With practice you will learn to develop your heart’s desire muscle so be patient with yourself. 

The key to setting your heart desire in motion is sincerity. It has to be coming from a place of truth, love and humility. You can’t fake this. If your desire is coming from your wounded ego or if it’s an emotional addiction it won’t work. 

Once you set this desire in motion, in this case, to heal an emotional wound, if it’s truly sincere emotions will come up immediately. If you have some resistance what may happen is you will attract a situation or event into your life to trigger that emotion in you so pay attention to your law of attraction and what happens after you set these heart desire in motion. This will be what you will need to work on next to overcome your resistant emotions blocking you from accessing the casual emotion so that you can heal.