Intuitive Coaching & Soul Healing Sessions

The beauty of healing lies in its ability to empower you.

If everyone thinks you have the “perfect” life but secretly inside you feel unhappy unfulfilled
and keep thinking to yourself “what’s the point to all this?”

If you keep getting triggered over little things and afterwards you’ve felt like “who was that person?”

If you feel emotionally drained every time your toxic mother’s name comes up on your caller ID…

If you crave something different … something MORE … but don’t know what to do or
where to start or what’s wrong — Intuitive Coaching is for you …

You CAN uncover the root cause of your repeated negative patterns and heal from the
as you rediscover your deepest, truest self, and set her free.

When you do, you’ll develop the confidence and knowledge to create your most passionate, joy-filled life.

You feel trapped in your current situation. Nothing major is wrong (in fact, from the outside, it may even look like you’ve “got it all”), but things just don’t feel quite right.

You wish you could feel more in control and make choices that align with who you desire to be and the way you want to live but you kinda feel like a victim of your circumstances and other people are keeping you pigeon-holed and unhappy…

You’ve tried different methods to “fix” your life—positive thinking, meditation, self-help books or classes, journaling, and more—but nothing really sticks. You want change that lasts.

You find yourself repeating negative patterns in various aspects of your life: toxic relationships, self-sabotage, feeling like you’re not good enough, emotional reactivity (getting triggered over little things) … and even though you recognize the patterns, you don’t know how to stop them.


You have this nagging feeling this is not how life is supposed to feel…
and you’re ready for a change.
But what if you try really hard, and nothing
Or you accidentally make things worse?

And sure, you have thought about counseling or intuitive coaching, but you don’t love the idea of someone tearing open your emotional wounds
and asking you to think and talk about your problems (and we all have emotional wounds, whether we experienced trauma or had those
wounds handed down to us).

I get it (trust me, I’ve been there—more on that in a sec).

You see, you might not realize the reason why you keep getting emotionally triggered over little things, or why you keep finding yourself in toxic relationships with people who keep cheating and stringing you along treating you like garbage, or the reason why you self-sabotage when you get a promotion at work but then you gain 10 pounds cause you’re eating things you’re not supposed to….

is actually because of your childhood experiences that have shaped your beliefs—both positive and negative.

And when you don’t know that these beliefs and experiences can effect you so much that you don’t
know how to heal them, it creates this vicious cycle that we can never seem to escape from.

And if we don’t know how to process the emotions from our negative experiences properly, they can impact our lives negatively forever,
emotionally triggered by other people, the media, social media, and various situations. 

The only way to stop these negative patterns is to

process and heal our emotions without judgment.

True change requires a different approach… one that identifies and then heals your deepest emotional wounds while you create a better relationship with yourself … one that blends intuitive life coaching, emotional healing and spiritual guidance. 

When you take responsibility for your life and commit to your healing, nothing can stop you from re-connecting with your inner joy and creating the very life you desire even if you believe you will never heal.

You set yourself free… free to love yourself and others…
free to define what you desire… free to pursue and realize your dreams… free to be you.

Intuitive coaching works, just watch the videos below, not only because I’ve guided my clients to emotional freedom and deep joy, but because I’ve done the healing work myself to heal from depression, suicidal ideation, stop self sabotaging patterns and actually start to love and respect myself.

Meet your Intuitive Coaching Soul Guide


I’m Melany Oliver, an intuitive emotional healing coach and psychic empath. I’ve had tremendous success guiding my clients to healing, clarity, and greater joy.

But my journey to this point has been a long one.

Starting when I was just three years old, I suffered heartbreak in the form of physical and emotional abuse mainly from my mother.

During one summer visit to my grandmother’s in Bahia, Brazil, a mystical place, I was in an incredibly dark place. My grandmother and godmother took me to a healing spiritual center, where they energy cleansed my energy and had me see a psychic doctor. This was the beginning of my healing; each summer I found the next level. It was as if God knew I needed to heal in stages. 

Over the next several years, I fine-tuned the gifts of my empathy and sought an academic education; I started my career as a holistic and complementary therapist and have continued to learn more tools and techniques encompassing emotional, spiritual, energetic, and physical healing. (You can read a longer version of my story, including a list of my certifications and degrees, here.)

Now, I specialize in helping women who suffer from deep emotional wounds from childhood traumas and past negative relationships. I help them to heal and open themselves to love, so they can live happier, more fulfilling lives.

I’d love nothing more than for you to experience that, too

Intuitive Coaching Sessions with Melany Oliver - full body shot on beach

“I can really feel myself going through some big changes at the moment. Lots of tears and anger about my upbringing. I am understanding so clearly now what has caused all of this depression. I’ve been feeling more energetic, happy, and smiley, and I really hope I can continue on this path. It has felt like a true awakening. Understanding and learning so much from Melany has really shaped this path forward for me. I can now see so clearly that the relationships I’ve had (and continue to receive but will no longer accept) with my parents had caused me to shut down my emotions and feelings for so long, it came out as the most awful depression and feelings of worthlessness. Thank you again for all of your wonderful wisdom.” – Catherine, Australia

“2020 was a very tough year, and I reached a point in September when I could no longer stay in my marriage after 11 years and three kids. Melany taught me ways to explore my deepest self and truly understand what I was going through in regard to feelings. She taught me that reactions are actually feelings that need to be processed. Once I learned how to process my feelings, I learned how to speak up for myself and express my true feelings without attacking. I learned how to speak with confidence about my needs, and how to make myself clear without fear. Six months ago, I was lost and confused. Now, I know where I stand, I know what my needs are, and I feel strength in me. I’ve been so weak for so long. Thank you, Melany, for saving me … for helping me bring out the best in me.” – H, UAE.

I’d like to invite you to start your transformational journey today through…

Intuitive Coaching & Emotional Healing

… to clarify the root cause of an issue or pattern in your life and develop a strategy for healing it
to get you unstuck.

Intuitive Coaching will take you from lost and confused to feeling empowered about your decisions
and clear about exactly what you need to do to start healing.


Through your Intuitive Coaching & Emotional Healing journey with me, we’ll examine your issue and blocks, as well as how you’re keeping yourself stuck and what you need to do to change this.

You’ll walk away with a strategy and action plan for how to move forward in a way that
feels authentic to you and I’ll also share with you what to expect.

How does Intuitive Coaching work?

It is a minimum 3-6 Month Coaching commitment that will address your mindset and patterns. You can expect intuitive coaching, spiritual guidance & deep emotional healing specifically tailored to your needs.

Full email support & What’sApp check-ins in between sessions 
Weekly or bi-weekly sessions aligned with your preference 
Weekly accountability to keep you on track
Personalized homework & assignments
Access to one of my online programs suited to your needs
Audio tools & workbooks to support you

Different packages available depending on your needs.

If you have a yearning to experience a richer connection to yourself, to learn how to trust yourself so deeply that no one and nothing can shake you, to live more fully and embody the truths you feel in your heart…

My mission is to reconnect you to your heart & soul through Intuitive Coaching & Emotional Healing.

I’m not going to beat around the bush, here, comparing that investment level to a certain number of
dinners out or a couple of high-end hand bags.

Instead, I’ll ask you:

How much is it worth to you to find the healing you’ve been seeking or to discover one major issue that holds you back from living the life you desire … and exactly what you can do, starting right away, to begin healing it?

How many of your precious resources—time, money, energy, emotions—have you spent on
recovering from emotional breakdowns, managing toxic relationships or situations, and/or
wishing something was different?

Are you truly ready to live better…
more in alignment with who you truly are and
what you truly desire?

If you are, THIS is your first step.

Note, my work goes deep. It’s not always easy. In fact, sometimes it’s really, really hard. But it’s so worth it.

That being said, this type of healing is not for you if you:

  • Are unwilling to take full ownership and responsibility for your life.
  • Aren’t fully committed to your healing.
  • Aren’t ready to let go of the emotional blocks you’ve developed throughout your life.
  • Are unwilling to sincerely reconnect with your heart’s desire and honor your soul’s truth.
  • Are unwilling to be radically honest with yourself and others… and heal your relationship patterns to create meaningful connections with yourself and others.
  • Are looking for a quick fix (because it doesn’t exist).

On the other hand, if you’re ready to dive deep and discover what the real you craves, at the deepest,
truest level— and then begin healing, so you can create it— I’d love to talk with you.

If you desire to take everything to the next level with Intuitive Coaching & Emotional Healing,
your journey begins here:


“I have done a few sessions with Melany and I will continue to choose to speak to her whenever I feel I need some guidance and clarity.
Melany is lovely, gentle and extremely intuitive, everything she says resonates and is true to my situation. Her perception is very accurate and
her interpretation is spot on. Thank you Melany”
Anonymous, Lebanon

“You have completely changed my outlook on life, men and family life. Working with you has helped me in every aspect of my life! It made me see things differently, feel things differently, made me more emotional in a good way, it warmed me up thawed me out of sorts and helped me value myself. Thank you!”
Anonymous, Ireland