Emotionally drained every time your toxic mother’s name comes up on your caller ID?

Have the “perfect” life, but secretly feel unhappy, and unfulfilled?

Keep getting triggered over little things?

If you crave something different – something MORE –
Intuitive Coaching is for you…

You CAN uncover the root cause of your repeated negative patterns and heal from the inside, as you rediscover your deepest, truest self, and set her free.

I’m Melany Oliver, an intuitive emotional healing coach and psychic empath.

I’ve had tremendous success guiding my clients to healing, clarity, and greater joy.

I specialize in helping women who suffer from deep emotional wounds from childhood traumas and past negative relationships. I help them to heal and open themselves to love, so they can live happier, more fulfilling lives.

You have this nagging feeling this is not how life is supposed to feel…
and you’re ready for a change. But what if you try really hard, and nothing changes? Or you accidentally make things worse?

You feel trapped in your current situation. Nothing major is wrong, but things just don’t feel quite right.

You wish you could feel more in control and make choices that align with who you desire to be and the way you want to live but you kinda feel like a victim of your circumstances and other people are keeping you pigeon-holed and unhappy…

You’ve tried different methods to “fix” your life—positive thinking, meditation, self-help books or classes, journaling, and more—but nothing really sticks. You want change that lasts.

You find yourself repeating negative patterns in various aspects of your life: toxic relationships, self-sabotage, feeling like you’re not good enough, emotional reactivity (getting triggered over little things) … and even though you recognize the patterns, you don’t know how to stop them.

You might not realize the reason why you keep getting emotionally triggered over little things, or why you keep finding yourself in toxic relationships with people who keep cheating and stringing you along treating you like garbage, or the reason why you self-sabotage when you get a promotion at work but then you gain 10 pounds cause you’re eating things you’re not supposed to….

…is actually because of your childhood experiences that have shaped your beliefs—both positive and negative.

And when you don’t know that these beliefs and experiences can effect you so much that you don’t
know how to heal them, it creates this vicious cycle that we can never seem to escape from.

And if we don’t know how to process the emotions from our negative experiences properly, they can impact our lives negatively forever, emotionally triggered by other people, the media, social media, and various situations. 

The consultation will take you from lost and confused to feeling empowered about your decisions and clear about exactly what you need to do to start healing.
During a 60-minute Zoom session, we’ll examine your issue and blocks, as well as how you’re keeping yourself stuck and what you need to do to change this. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any clarifying questions you have, so you leave the session feeling complete.

You’ll walk away with a strategy and action plan for how to move forward in a way that
feels authentic to you and I’ll also share with you what to expect.

Intuitive coaching works: watch the videos below to hear from two of my clients talk about their experience of coaching with me:

Once you schedule, I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out and send back to me before our call. I’ll spend 45-60 minutes analyzing your questionnaire answers, and I’ll meditate and channel anything I’m intuiting. If you’d like, I’ll also send you a recording of the session at no additional cost.

Note: we won’t do any emotional processing work during this session; that is more safely accomplished in a coaching context. After the Intuitive Coaching & Emotional Healing Consultation, if you’re interested in a longer-term Intuitive Coaching package with me, we can discuss the options that suit you.

If you are, THIS is your first step.

Note, my work goes deep. It’s not always easy. In fact, sometimes it’s really, really hard. But it’s so worth it.

That being said, this type of healing is not for you if you:

Are unwilling to take full ownership and responsibility for your life.
Aren’t fully committed to your healing.
Aren’t ready to let go of the emotional blocks you’ve developed throughout your life.
Are unwilling to sincerely reconnect with your heart’s desire and honor your soul’s truth.
Are unwilling to be radically honest with yourself and others… and heal your relationship patterns to create meaningful connections with yourself and others.
Are looking for a quick fix (because it doesn’t exist).

An Intuitive Coaching Consultation can clarify the root cause of an issue in your life…and develop a strategy for healing it to get you unstuck.