I am the darkness
I am the night
I am all the things you hide.
I am the thoughts you don’t speak
I am the dirty secrets you keep.
I am your shadow
I am your Soul
I am part of the whole.
I am the things you want to ignore
I am the Rawr!
I am the triggered
I am the feared
I am not very liked here.
I am that which you deny
I am your best ally.
I am what you don’t want to see
I am what you reject
I am your unconscious regrets.
I am the wrong you can’t control
I am the mistakes you shamefully forget.
I am your underlying commitment
I am your deeper lie
I am the one who you disguise.
I am those aspects you repulse
I am what you painfully suppress.
I am the forbidden self
I am that which you project
I am the one you repress.
I am all the traits you judge
I am what you learnt to reject.
I am the captain of this ship
I am the one with the gold
I am the master with the gifts
I am that, I am
I am your link to it “All”