Healing the Broken Heart

Discover how to let go of your ex once and for all, so you can move on with your love life.

A Step-by-Step Program to Transcend Heartache and Heal your Heart

Discover how to let go of your ex once and for all, so you can move on with your love life.

Have you recently been heart-broken?

Are you unable to get beyond your breakup?

Do you waste your precious time replaying old memories?

Are you justifying holding on to resentment or sadness because they did you wrong?

Do you feel like your heart will never heal?

If any of the above resonates, then read on, because you are going to
love what I’m about to say…

It can be very difficult to let go of someone special for whatever reason.

We often subconsciously choose to suffer much longer than we need to. We fall into a victim mentality, picking at emotional scars, clinging to pain and sadness, creating damage that can take years to heal, if ever.

And if that weren’t enough, we let the past affect how we live in the present. Instead of living for the moment, cherishing the life we have and opening ourselves up for a better, more meaningful and rewarding relationship, we close off our heart for fear of being hurt again.

Well, you may not know this, but there is actually a process for healing a broken heart, and in my breakthrough Heal Your Broken Heart program you will discover the process in a step by step way that will help you to finally move on.


Healing the Broken Heart

A step-by-step program to transcend heartache and heal your heart.


How to finally get peace of mind with the past so you can live in the present

How to let go of all the pain so you can let your heart heal permanently

How to accept the breakup and all the negativity so you can move forward with your life

How to stop re-playing old memories over and over again

How to release blocks and resistance to letting your ex go so you move past your broken heart

How to cut energetic cords with your ex so that you can move on with your love life

How to release your resentment, regrets and grudges so that you can forgive unconditionally and allow yourself to receive love again

Created by Melany Oliver…

Melany is a Holistic Therapist & Emotional Empowerment Coach. Although she has a B.Sc (hons) in Health Sciences in Holistic & Complementary therapies, her approach to healing has always been more on the spiritual & intuitive side since Melany is very much an empath. She grew up taking part in mediumship healing and seances for over 2 decades and has developed a strong connection to Spirit.

She now uses her sensitivities and gifts to feel people’s heart & soul energy and detect emotional & energetic blocks that keep them from opening their hearts & having the life and relationship they truly desire.

With over 10 years of experience with healing deep emotional wounds, she now leverages her expertise to help women who are wounded by their childhood traumas & past negative relationships, heal themselves and open to love.

Melany also supports those on their spiritual journey learn how to process their emotions and life lessons, connect to their inner knowing and start to live out their heart’s desire.

Melany, I just want to say a huge thank you for the “Healing the Broken Heart” program you took me through. The issue I had was something which I have tried to resolve a number of times with little result. Since working with you over three sessions the issue has lost its grip and dissipated completely. I now feel lighter and free to live to my full potential. Your abilities and compassionate style made the process not only successful but enjoyable too. I am amazed at the transformation already and cannot wait for the next phase in my life. With much gratitude,


I listened to Melany’s “Heal Your Broken Heart” program a couple of months after a break-up with my long term partner. I had never done a course like this before and it is fair to say I embarked upon it as a healthy cynic, albeit with an open mind. The healing is gentle and gradual. But it works. And so now, four months down the line, I reflect in a calm and happy way on the break up of my relationship.


Imagine what you would do with your life once you’ve healed. Imagine feeling better about yourself and more optimistic about your future.

You will receive the support you’ve been missing, so you can begin healing your heart quickly and effectively, paving the way for the happiness and joy that you truly deserve.

Throughout the course of this program you will also be given specific exercises to support you in healing your heart.

Imagine feeling whole again, with limitless potential and a heart that is ready for the real, lasting love & relationship you deserve.

In 5 Weeks You Will Experience a Step-by-Step Process which includes:


Discover how to gently process the heartache so you can start to let go of all the judgements and justification of holding on.


Prepare your heart energetically to detach from the ended relationship. Identify your resistance & learn to surrender your heart to let go.


Learn how to forgive from your heart & cut energetic heart cord with your ex so you can make space for someone new to step in.


It is essential that you take all the lessons & learnings from your past relationship so that you don’t make the same mistake again.


Detach from the past completely so you can set your heart free and move on with ease & grace.

Healing the broken heart

What’s Included?

  Weekly Exercises to Support Your Heart Healing Process

 Step by Step 11 Audios pact with Theory, Healing Insights & Guided Visualization to Reinforce All Your Inner Work so you can Heal Your Heart

  Bonus Video Training Guides & Workbooks

  Practical Tools to Use to Shift Your Mindset & Heal your Heart


You’ll also get these for free!

Setting Your Heart Free Audio Meditation
(Valued at $47)

Emotional Freedom Technique (Valued at $97) (including video demo & script prompts)

Aroma Freedom Video Guide (Valued at $197) (to support you in releasing limiting beliefs and negative emotions) 

Self-Care Workbook
(Valued at $17)

Heal Your Heart & Open to Love…


$97 USD one-time payment

What’s included?

Module 1 – Releasing the Heartache
Module 2 – Preparing Your Heart to Heal
Module 3 – Forgive & Cut Those Heart Strings
Module 4 – Reframe the Heart Wound
Module 5 – Moving Your Heart Forward

BONUS – Setting Your Heart Free Meditation (Valued at $47)
BONUS – Emotional Freedom Technique (Valued at $97)
(including video demo & script prompts) 
BONUS – Aroma Freedom Video Guide (Valued at $197)
BONUS – Self-Care Workbook (Valued at 17)

If you prefer to do this 1:1 with me click here to read more about my coaching services. You will receive the entire program as a bonus!


How long will it take for me to go through the course?
You can go through the entire course in 5-weeks, this is what I recommend. Although you will have access to all the modules immediately, it’s important that you don’t rush the process. Take your time to integrate each module before moving on to the next – this is really important. This is not about going through the course in your head, but about processing your wounds and emotions in your heart. After each module there will be exercises and action to take and it’s important you do the work for each module so you can get the results you seek.
How long will I have access to this course?
After purchasing, you will have lifetime access! Plus if I ever update the course you will get all the updates, extra bonuses and new material.
How is this course delivered?
The course is delivered through an online app on my website. Once you have made your purchase you will receive an email where you will create an account and be able to log in. You will have immediate access to all the material and lessons however I do recommend you don’t skip steps and follow the structure and steps the way I designed it.
What is your experience with healing your broken heart?

I was the queen of being broken-hearted! Every boyfriend I had I thought “he is the one!” – sadly they didn’t think I was the one. I have been deeply broken-hearted at least 5 times in my life after a long term relationship. I would feel devastated every time. I would wallow in self-pity and get into victim mode not knowing that this was actually keeping me stuck in the heartache. I would drive myself crazy thinking about “what could have I done differently”. Honestly, I wish I had a process like this to support me through those hard times! One of my relationships took me 4 years to get over. Another one I thought I was over but 7 years later in a session, all this grief came up which I had unconsciously suppressed.

So if you’re struggling with a broken heart, trust me, I feel you!

With every heart-break I would learn different tools to support me and with time I noticed a pattern in terms of the healing process.

This became much easier to see when I started working with both women and men who were also suffering from a broken heart.

Over time I developed this program based on witnessing hundreds of people’s healing processes healing their broken heart. I started to track certain patterns and this is how Healing the Borken Heart came about. Until today this is the process I take clients through when they come with a broken heart.

The process works, trust it and put your heart into it knowing that you too are worthy and deserving of love as long as you have the courage to forgive and let go so you can open your heart again to LOVE.

What if I don’t like the course, can I get a refund?

I have put my heart and soul into creating this course and I can honestly say it will enlighten and inspire you in some way! If you feel connected to my message and what I have shared, I promise you will love it and will start to experience healing if you put your heart and soul into committing, taking this seriously and doing the work! Because this is a digital course once the course is delivered I do not offer refunds.

Melany was recommended to me during a very difficult time in my life. 23 years of marriage had ended with no closure. My husband who I had devoted 25 years to packed his bags and moved into an apartment without saying goodbye or why to me or the children. I had been seeing a psychiatrist who listened and provided medication to calm my nerves but to no avail. After my first meeting with Melany, I cancelled my appointment with the psychiatrist and threw away the meds. Melany took me through a course of healing sessions. That was four years ago, life is bright and I thank Melany for showing me the road to believing in myself and being positive about life.


18 months ago I went through a breakup from a long term relationship, a break-up that came from nowhere. You helped me through that time, you helped me to learn about myself and helped me to grow. From each session we’ve had, I’ve grown stronger in myself, more positive and grateful for everything I have in my life. ​Thank you so much Melany for everything that you have done and continue to do for me and others.I look forward to working with you again.. Whenever it will be.


Melany confirmed everything I was going through. I really enjoyed it, especially every time she confirmed something about my personality or the current phase I am going through. Though what I enjoyed, even more, was the level of openness and honesty during the session, and that’s something you cannot have with just anyone. I will definitely go for another session when the time is right.


Haven’t you suffered enough?

If you are ready to heal your heart and put your past relationship behind you, then this unique program will support you and help you do just that so that you can get ready to allow your heart to MOVE ON once and for all!


$97 USD one-time payment

What’s included?

Module 1 – Releasing the Heartache
Module 2 – Preparing Your Heart to Heal
Module 3 – Forgive & Cut Those Heart Strings
Module 4 – Reframe the Heart Wound
Module 5 – Moving Your Heart Forward

BONUS – Setting Your Heart Free Audio Meditation (Value $47)
BONUS – Emotional Freedom Technique (Value $197)
(including video demo & script prompts)
BONUS – Aroma Freedom Video Guide (Value $197)
BONUS – Self-Care Workbook (Value $17)

If you prefer to do this 1:1 with me click here to read more about my coaching services. You will receive the entire program as a bonus!