Why Am I SO Angry?

Why Am I So Angry? Have you ever got sooo angry you felt yourself turn into the incredible hulk? I have LOL I used to be a right fire-cracker. Any little thing would trigger me, I was like an active volcano about to erupt any second or anytime anyone scratched the surface of any of […]

How to Release Stress Once & For All!

How to Release Stress Once & For All! Did you know that 80% of health issues are stress related?  Did you know that your stress and all the problems caused by it actually stem from emotions that you have suppressed, denied, ignored and basically not handled properly? And did you know that those very emotions […]

Pursuing Spiritual Growth in Nature

Pursuing Spiritual Growth in Nature Nature therapy – simply spending time in verdant surrounds and enjoying stillness and peace – is increasingly recommended in a variety of therapeutic settings, including relief from stress and trauma, anxiety, and depression.     Numerous studies have shown that nature has a unique ability to effortlessly place human beings in a […]

5 Ways to Start Setting Boundaries After Emotional Abuse

5 Ways To Start Setting Boundaries After Emotional Abuse If you have suffered emotional abuse, especially if it took place over years at a very early age, one thing will be true and that is that your boundaries would have been broken. The word boundaries sometimes have the association with being harsh, mean, bad, negative […]

When Your Inner Work Gets You Nowhere..

When Your Inner Work Is Getting You Nowhere.. February 5th, 2016 Do you feel like you are doing all the inner work but not seeing any shifts in your life? If the answer is yes, then I invite you to look a little deeper.. I often come across a lot of people who claim to […]

The Subtle Traumas Sabotaging Your Life

The Subtle Traumas You Don’t Know About That Are Sabotaging Your Life February 5th, 2016 A few days ago I posted on social media about trauma and mentioned it can also be something you have witnessed. You can check it out on my Facebook group or Instagram page. I noticed a number of people were […]

My Ayahuasca Awakening

My Ayahuasca Awakening July 20th, 2014 Quick note for those that don’t know: Ayahuaska is a sacred vine used in healing and spiritual ceremonies by Shamans mainly in South America. I first heard about Ayahuasca when I was working in a festival as a massage therapist in my university days. I was intrigued and tempted […]