Signs of an Energy Vampire & How to Protect Yourself

Signs of an “Energy Vampire” & How to Protect Yourself February 5th, 2016 Energy is the essence of our universe. We can’t escape it. We are made of it and are in constant interaction with energies around us. There needs to be a balance energetically between any interaction otherwise our bodies are not able to […]

When Silence Speaks

When Silence Speaks October 19th, 2015 With all the noise around me recently, I was finding it very hard to be in my center. I got so overwhelmed coming back from my annual retreat into the big city that all the external noise started to affect my mind. Overloaded with thoughts all I wanted was some […]

Clearing Negative Energies Using Sacred Sounds

Clearing Negative Energies Using Sacred Sounds February 5th, 2016 “Sound” according to google dictionary is the vibrations that travels through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person’s or animal’s ear. It produces continuous and regular vibrations as opposed to noise. So like everything sound is just energy in motion. […]

My Soul’s Journey

My Soul’s Journey March 24th, 2015 Yesterday I had a huge breakthrough and released a whole lot of shame I had been holding on to about my past. I started hearing phrases in my head and decided to sit write it down, and it all came out.. Of course I cried, released it all and […]

What is Emotional Wellbeing Anyway?

What is Emotional Wellbeing Anyway? July 3rd, 2014 Emotional well-being relates to a number of things, some of which include self-acceptance, autonomy, positive relations within yourself and others, a sense of purpose in life, environmental mastery, ability to cope with stress, understanding and adapting to change. Everyday emotional well-being is about how we feel, think […]

Raising the Vibration of Your Home with Mother Earth

Raising the Vibration of Your Home with the Earth Element February 27th, 2014 Many ancient and modern day cultures consider our Mother Earth to be a living being which in many ways can provide for its inhabitants. The Earth was once honored, even to the point of asking permission when taking things out of the […]

My Ayahuasca Awakening

My Ayahuasca Awakening July 20th, 2014 Quick note for those that don’t know: Ayahuaska is a sacred vine used in healing and spiritual ceremonies by Shamans mainly in South America. I first heard about Ayahuasca when I was working in a festival as a massage therapist in my university days. I was intrigued and tempted […]

Aromatherapy for Home Use

Aromatherapy Quick Tips September 9th, 2013 Essential Oils are basically highly concentrated aromatic plant essences which are used in ‘Aromatherapy’. ‘Aroma’ can be described as “fragrance” a distinctive and pleasing smell, so technically yes it is ‘smell therapy’. Our sense of smell is strongly associated with the limbic system in the brain which is directly […]

How I Made my Perceived Weakness My Gift

How I Made My Perceived Weakness My Gift March 3rd, 2013 Ever since I can remember, family and friends always said that I was ‘too sensitive’. I would get emotional, become overwhelmed and sometimes cry over any small thing, be it a happy moment, a sad moment, or a difficult situation, I was unable to […]