How To Tell If You Are Faking “Spirituality”

How to Tell if You are Faking Spirituality February 5th, 2016 Have you been spiritually faking it? I have recently noticed this common trend in so many “spiritual people” which kind of took me by surprise (to some extent). This is a very tricky subject where those on the spiritual path (or claim to be) […]

Within the Void of Your Soul

Within the Void of Your Soul February 5th, 2016 Within the void of your soul where silence sits where nothing resides and every potential exists where I am the I AM a part of God and the whole in a tiny point we call “soul” Within the void of your soul The Akasha in motion […]

Consciousness Expansion

Consciousness Expansion February 5th, 2016 How aware are you? About how you truly feel.. About your intuition communicating with you.. About your beliefs and habits that limit you.. About what your reality is reflecting about you.. Awareness is the ability to perceive, sense, feel and be conscious of our reality, events, circumstances as well as […]

Be Your Own Valentine!

Be Your Own Valentine February 5th, 2016 Love is what unites us. Love has the ability to dissolve conflict and bring more peace into our hearts. Love supports healing, deepens relationships and even magnetises more of what our heart desires. Love though, I have learnt and now believe starts with loving yourself!  Not loving yourself will send […]

What’s your story?

What’s your story? February 5th, 2016 What’s your story? Everyone has a story that they feel limited by, emotionally attached to or even stuck on. You try to change it but can’t seem to break-free no matter how hard you try. This becomes tricky and sticky-icky when and if you start to make it a part […]

7 Tips to Transform Negative Perspectives

7 Tips to Transform Negative Perspectives February 5th, 2016 “A miracle is a change in perception from fear to love.” – Marianne Williamson Do you know what is the one thing that can transform your reality, struggles and love blocks?Your perception. That’s it. Transformation is a change in perception. Often how we perceive our reality is based […]

The Best You You Can Be

The Best You You Can Be February 5th, 2016 How do you see yourself? How do you perceive yourself to be? Last week I wrote about how we can bypass our limiting beliefs by merely using our imagination. With consistency and daily practice of visualising the reality we want fuelling it with strong positive emotions. My question is: […]

New Year Dreaming

New Year Dreaming February 5th, 2016 Here we are at 2016, how is it going so far? Have you set your intentions, made plans or listed goals for the year? The best way to set intentions in motion is to actually visualise it. This is because your mind understands images and pictures. You see, your […]

Winter Reflections

Winter Reflection February 5th, 2016 December is fast approaching and 2015 quickly coming to a close. I find that with all the festivities and celebrations during this time of the year people forget to go within. Winter is a time where animals hibernate and nature pulls it’s energies inwards for a time of  recovery, restoration and repose. The flow of […]

Love is the Way Home

Love is the Way Home February 5th, 2016 With so much chaos, war, poverty, terrorism, famine, hatred, injustice and pain in the world we live in today, sometimes it is very hard to believe that we are evolving as a human race. Regardless of what is happening, we must not get sucked in and feel angered, revolt […]

Overcoming the Delusion of “FEAR”

Overcoming the Delusion of “FEAR” February 5th, 2016 Has fear been harassing your mind? Isn’t it funny how one thought that hasn’t even happened or that is not even real can do that to us. One thought. One thought that you make a habit to think about consistently. The problem is that no amount of […]

Signs of an Energy Vampire & How to Protect Yourself

Signs of an “Energy Vampire” & How to Protect Yourself February 5th, 2016 Energy is the essence of our universe. We can’t escape it. We are made of it and are in constant interaction with energies around us. There needs to be a balance energetically between any interaction otherwise our bodies are not able to […]

When Silence Speaks

When Silence Speaks October 19th, 2015 With all the noise around me recently, I was finding it very hard to be in my center. I got so overwhelmed coming back from my annual retreat into the big city that all the external noise started to affect my mind. Overloaded with thoughts all I wanted was some […]

Clearing Negative Energies Using Sacred Sounds

Clearing Negative Energies Using Sacred Sounds February 5th, 2016 “Sound” according to google dictionary is the vibrations that travels through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person’s or animal’s ear. It produces continuous and regular vibrations as opposed to noise. So like everything sound is just energy in motion. […]

My Soul’s Journey

My Soul’s Journey March 24th, 2015 Yesterday I had a huge breakthrough and released a whole lot of shame I had been holding on to about my past. I started hearing phrases in my head and decided to sit write it down, and it all came out.. Of course I cried, released it all and […]