Ayahuasca Awakening
Brasil, July 22nd-29th 2018

If you’re ready to awaken and take your transformational power to the next level, then join me, for a heart-centered soul-powered retreat in Bahia Brasil!
22nd – 29th July 2018!

Imagine waking up in paradise…

You walking down this beach with the wind gently kissing your face as you contemplate all the wonderful insights you received from your Sacred Ayahuasca Ceremony.

Your heart fills with joy as you walk back to your cozy bungalow surrounded by jungle. You have never felt so connected to nature, so alive and so secure within your Soul.

From bathing in a beautiful natural pond to immersing yourself in a crisp refreshing waterfall, your feeling of euphoria in awakening to deeper truths just makes it all worth it, everything makes sense.

You have this inner knowing that you’re on the right path…


This is Your Soul Calling you…

What is possible with Ayahuasca?

You will release all those negative thoughts that have been replaying in your mind for years so you can finally feel the inner peace that comes from a clear mind…

You will let go of all those toxic emotions inside of your body that you have suppressed and once gone you will feel so light and full of energy.

You gain greater awareness into your life, your relationships, your soul’s purpose and general guidance on how to continue to dive deeper into your own inner journey.

You will be able to process your biggest blocks, fears, and traumas keeping you stuck so you can finally break free from these negative life patterns

You can meet your Spirit Guides and connect with your Higher Self and literally ask for guidance on whatever it is you are seeking to understand or know.

This journey will open your heart and align you to your soul in such a way that it will impact the rest of your life!

My Soul Says YES…

Why Bahia, Brasil?

Being born in Bahia and having grown up halfway across the globe, I always felt a part of my heart was missing… Bahia is a very special place and I’m not just saying that because I’m from there! The energy, the people, the culture, nature, it’s just got a warm captive vibe about the place. It has been my dream to share with people my home & combine it somehow with my work.

Brasil is also one of the few places in the world where Ayahuasca is completely legal as it’s commonly used by shamans and religious groups for spiritual purposes as well as healing the body, mind, and spirit.

The Indigenous tribes in the Amazon have been using this sacred plant medicine for centuries and the people have kept the original Ayahuasca preparation methods as opposed to all the mixing with other plants and chemicals used in many places that promote Ayahuasca today.

The sacred vine also grows naturally in the surroundings where you will be staying. Because of this, I know the quality is pure and the intention is right for such a sacred and powerful process.

The “Bahiano” Way…


Throughout the day we will be exploring the town, going to yoga classes, doing meditations, indulging in what nature has to offer as well as sharing and discussing all our insights from each ayahuasca journey as we go…

Ceremonies will be held every other night at the ceremony room, these will be the only night everyone stays together overnight. When the sun rises you can make your way to your bungalow and rest until breakfast.

The delicious food you will be served is all vegetarian and in accordance to the Ayahuasca diet necessary to support you in cleansing your body.

The daily itinerary has enough time for you to relax and slow down to the pace of nature so you can recharge and nurture your Soul before heading home.

Oh, I just know you will fall in love with the place and want to come back every year!

If you want to make the most out of your Ayahuasca experience, it is best to cleanse your body of any toxins and start a healthy vegetarian diet so your body is clean and receptive to the medicine.

At least a week before the retreat, it is recommended to stop all alcohol intake, smoking and any recreational drugs, fermented and aged food, red meat and meat in general such as fish/chicken, salt and any supplements you may be taking.

If you are on medication, please inform me and we will discuss with the facilitators prior to the trip.

Most of the fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients are fresh from the land and local farms. Delicious vegan meals will be prepared and served for you throughout your stay so you can relax and enjoy your experience and be well nourished in the process.

At meal times we will dine like one big family, so there will be a nice homely feel, after all, if you are called to come on this journey then you all are on the path to awakening! And what’s better than eating together and getting to know your Soul family.

Curious how to prepare for this sacred ceremony?

The best preparation is to come with no expectations, have an open mind and a humble heart. Mother Ayahuasca is a very wise sacred healing plant and will give you what you need at that moment.

We will all be setting our sacred heart intentions before each ceremony. You will also have a 30min Soul Coaching one-on-one with me prior to the trip so you can get support tailored to your specific needs.

As long as your Soul is calling you forward to join this journey, trust that you’re on the right path and your spirit guides are already preparing you.

And don’t worry – you won’t be doing this alone…

I will be guiding you every step of the way! There will be group calls pre and post-retreat as well as classes and integration sessions throughout your entire journey.

Ayahuasca is known as “vine of the soul” by the Shamans. There are many different names for Ayahuasca, it’s sometimes known as “la medicina”, Santo Daime, Caapi, Iowaska, Hoasca, Vegetal, Yage and Uni.

The spirit of Ayahuasca has been experienced by many as a female entity, often called “Mother Ayahuasca”. Mother Ayahuasca has a very strong presence, she is a wise teacher and will guide you on your inner journey.

Nausea and other symptoms commonly experienced by people who take part in Ayahuasca ceremonies all merely mental and emotional blocks as well as ego identification.

Profound spiritual experiences are possible when you surrender to break through this illusion and open up to see the truth.

No, you won’t be staying in tents left to fend for yourself in the jungle.

Sleep is soo important, I know, and the cozy cabanas where you will be staying are well kept with a mosquito net, mini-fridge for your own snacks, shower and comfy beds. (Note: with the exception of the dormitory)

You will have plenty of time to relax. Time to nurture YOU, while you contemplate on your insights overlooking the beautiful jungle that will be surrounding you.

The Bonuses!!

* One 30min Clarity Call with Me so we can discuss how I can support you on your journey

* Pre-Trip Group Call – You can ask me any last minute queries & meet everyone in the group as well as receive a special energy healing to release fears & resistance and set a strong intention so you can come with an open heart!

* Access Your Soul Blueprint – I will teach you a sacred prayer to connect with your Heart Center and access your Soul Essence so you can continue to work with your own consciousness, channel your higher self and get the guidance you need at any time for the rest of your life!

* Post-Trip Group Call – I will help you integrate all the lessons, insights and awareness you gained so you can truly embody the wisdom you received and start truly aligning with your Soul.

OK! I’m in!

Soul Searching?

On this journey, there is no escaping or avoiding your Soul! There may be tears, laughter, purging, confusion, clarity, moments of anxiety as you face the unknown as well as an overflow of love and feeling of belonging…

It sounds crazy but you will go through whatever you need to in order to have your MAJOR breakthrough! Know that it’s all for your highest and best, I promise.

With Mother Ayahuasca’s support you can:

  • Activate your pineal gland and skyrocket your intuition
  • Connect with your higher self & get clarity on your heart’s calling
  • Release what no longer serves you so you can finally move on with your life
  • Heal traumas on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level
  • Get insight on how you self-sabotage & how to break-free from this
  • Open your heart to love, connect to Mother Earth and remember who you are!

And so much more…

You will just have to say YES and join me there!!

Your Facilitators

Silvia is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist for over 20 years. She has been investigating modified states of consciousness for over 25 years with Shamans all over South and Central America. She now focuses on healing with Spiritual Development and Ayahuasca integration.

Rohan is a Software Developer and an Ayahuasca retreat facilitator. He had a profound shift in consciousness with Ayahuasca in 2014. This experience lead him to continue his inner search where he found his true Soul calling to help people awaken in 2015.

Melany is a Holistic Therapist & Intuitive Healer with 10 years of experience helping women heal deep emotional wounds. She discovered the healing power of Ayahuasca in 2014 and has been going to ceremonies ever since for self-development and spiritual growth.

YES! I’m Coming!!

This Journey Is For You If…


  • You are on the Soul journey of awakening but sometimes feel you get in your own way with all the inner work you do
  • You are feeling a call for great big huge transformation and understand it requires you to dive deep into your own consciousness
  • You know you still have a lot of unresolved traumas that are blocking your life and want to forgive, heal and move on already
  • You don’t want to travel alone to a country you don’t know or speak the language and prefer to be in a safe group with an experienced facilitator that will guide you
  • You are excited and even scared about this journey but KNOW it’s right for you
  • You are open to the shamanic tradition and believe in honoring Mother Earth’s wisdom
  • Mother Ayahuasca is calling you…

This Trip is NOT For You If…


  • You don’t want to look within to heal your traumas, release blocks and break-free from negative patterns
  • You aren’t willing to be open and vulnerable with like-minded people on the journey
  • You love making excuses to justify your self-sabotaging behaviors
  • You are not comfortable being in nature or in the jungle and will complain about getting a little nature-durty
  • You are not on the Soul path and prefer to blame others rather than take responsibility for your life
  • You are a taker not a giver and don’t like sharing anything with others

ALRIGHT! Register me now!

What’s Included


  • 8 days / 7 nights at a spacious and comfortable bungalow (shared)
  • One Escorted Beach Trip (You can explore others on your free time)
  • Waterfall Trip including entrance fee
  • Airport transfers in Ilheus, Bahia
  • Daily meals at retreat; breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • Yoga Classes every other day
  • Guided Meditation Sessions
  • Healing Integration Sessions
  • Healing Art & Painting
  • Plenty of free-time for you to explore, relax and reflect on your Ayahuasca Awakening process

What’s NOT Included


  • Return Flights from your home country to Brazil including internal flights to/from Ilheus
  • Visa fees and any other airport arrival/departure fees & taxes
  • Extra nights in Itacare, Salvador or elsewhere en route
  • Personal items & expenses; laundry, minibar drinks, snacks, phone calls, shopping/souvenirs etc
  • Activities not included in the itinerary (specific tours, treks, and additional activities)
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

This is really just the beginning..

So, are you ready to transform your life?

One Final Message from Melany


Dear Truth Seeker,

I know you must have a million thoughts going through your mind right now, from excitement to anxiety, fears but also hope that a full-blown intense transformation is possible!

You have been stuck in negative life patterns for so long and searching for something truly magical to finally break-free and yes, this is it!

And oh, I know the feeling! It took me 10 years of inner work and still I had lots of blocks. So this may feel “too good to be true”!

To transform your life you must face all your fears, forgive those who hurt you in the past, look at your shadow in the eye, acknowledge the excuses you make to keep yourself safe and let me tell you, Mother Ayahuasca (and myself as your facilitator) will gently guide you to do just that.

So you have nothing to fear, I will literally hold your hand every step of the way if that’s what it takes.

I want you to know that you are not alone!

Not only have I done Ayahuasca many many times now, Brasil is my home country! I speak the language, I have contacts and friends there, my mother’s side of the family are all in Bahia. I will do whatever it takes to make you feel safe and right at home.

I would LOVE to guide you through your Ayahuasca Awakening journey and show you the magic of my home Bahia, where my heart is! Come join me if you have the courage to dive deeper into your truth and awaken to your highest potential.