Akashic Records

Are you feeling like a lost Soul in search for answers and meaning to your experiences?

Do you have a lot of questions about who you are on a Soul level?

Would you like to understand yourself better and connect more to your essence as a spiritual being?

Are you wondering how you can access more of your Soul truth?

I can help you to understand yourself better, gain invaluable insight into your potential, and increase awareness of your blocks and how to transform them. 


The Akashic Records are the vibrational record of your soul’s journey across space and time. It is often referred to as "The Book of Life" in different religious texts. It holds the energy of your Soul Blueprint and carries forth information about your soul's journey, purpose, lessons, gifts, legacy, and awareness on how to overcome challenges, blocks and reach your highest potential in this life. It holds the memory of all our experiences from past, present, and possible future lives. 

Your Akashic Records is your Soul-level consciousness connected to All That Is. It is embedded in your Soul, like a blueprint of your essence.

Anything that holds energy has an Akashic Record that can be easily accessed through a channeling process. 

The Akashic Records itself exists in all dimensions time and space. It is the DNA of the Universe, the essence of which All things emerge from.

The Akashic Records is the fabric of all creation and realities. It is consciousness in it's purest form unmanifested. It is the zero point field and provides a template for physical and non-physical form.




An Akashic Records Reading is a private session with me, where I open your Akashic Records and access your Soul Blueprint. By connecting with your Soul essence we can uncover your blocks, patterns (both psychological and emotional), life path, connect with your Higher Self, start unraveling disempowering energy cords,
clear your energy and more.


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Life Patterns


Energy Blocks


Spirit Messages


Soul Contracts


"You have the amazing ability to somehow pick up the vibe that I'm feeling and guide yourself into the scenario. You have the skills to verbally communicate what is actually happening with me even if I'm halfway across the world or in a different country, you are always able to understand and provide me with the best solution for my overall well being. You give me the right advice on how to handle the situation, what to expect, what has happened and/or how to resolve it. You always give me a clear direction on what I have to focus on in order to improve and self-develop. I thank you so so much for all of your love and support. I have complete faith and trust in the messages and treatments that I receive from you. You have been able to deliver very intensely deep messages to me that not many people would imagine or understand and continue to do so over anyone else in my life. I really really appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for me!"

Nikhil D'Souza, Canada, Producer / Production Manager

Metaphorically Speaking...

The Akashic Records often speaks through metaphors. I may see images, become aware of specific feelings, get instant knowing, hear words or may even be guided to do some instant healing in that moment. I will channel whatever I am perceiving in response to your question. 

Getting your Akashic Records opened alone will create a shift in your consciousness as you access more of your Soul essence. This gives you an opportunity to understand your Soul truth and see things from your Soul's perspective.

There are a number of ways in which we can work with your Akashic Records, it is truly an all-encompassing and complete system of guidance, healing & transformation.




 By connecting to your Soul's Akashic Records I can tune into where you are on your Soul journey & get a glimpse of what is going on 'energetically' on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. 

An Akashic Records reading is NOT like a Mediumship or Psychic Reading where I will give you any random information I am perceiving for validation and tell you what you should or shouldn't be doing. Once we open your Akashic Records, YOU will guide the entire session with your questions and intention for the reading. This gives you an opportunity to find your Soul's truth and make your own choices with the information you receive.


Connecting to your Akashic Records is a sacred process and I ask that you honor these sessions with the utmost integrity and respect.


I will start with a heart centering meditation & a blessing to open & connect to your soul's Akashic Records. Once I have your records open, you can start the session by asking your questions one at a time. Once the session is complete I will close your records.

An Akashic Record Reading Can Help You:

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  • Know more about your life lessons, purpose & how to reach your highest potential in this life

  • Help you in making empowered choices aligned with your Soul 

  • Discover what is blocking you from healing & how to break-free from your negative life patterns

  • Clear karmic cords keeping you entangled in disempowering circumstances

  • Get clarity on relationship dynamics & how to resolve them so that you can move on to having healthier & more fulfilled relationships

  • Become aware of soul contracts & vows holding you back & techniques to clear it

  • Access your Soul's essence & connect with your Higher Self

  • Release emotional and energetic trauma creating obstructing your path

  • Learn ways to reclaim your personal power to support you in creating a life aligned with your Soul truth

  • Ask questions & receive messages directly from your Spirit Guides & Ancestors


"I have done a few readings with Melany and I will continue to choose to speak to her whenever I feel I need some guidance and clarity. Melany is lovely, gentle and extremely intuitive, everything she says resonates and is true to my situation. Her readings is very accurate and her interpretation is spot on. Thank you Melany"

Anonymous, Lebanon Housewife ​

Wouldn't you like to connect more to your soul's truth?

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