As I was contemplating on what to write on this blog, I thought to myself what is the number one thing I help clients with…

And yes, it is LOVE.

I realised that I don’t often write about love or blocks to love, and thinking about it maybe never have in such a direct manner..

And since it was Valentine’s Day yesterday, I thought to bring up the blocks that stops you from attracting love.

What creates love blocks?

What causes negative relationship patterns?

And how can you attract love or have a deeper connection in your current relationship?

Over the years I have come across the same “Love Blocks” over and over again in my practice so please do not overlook these.

As tempted as you are to dismiss some of these “logically” or perhaps because you don’t “feel” it emotionally so intensely today, if you are unable to attract a life partner or repeating the same negative relationship patterns, just be open to consider the possibility of having either one or all of the below blocks to love.

If you are already in a relationship these same love blocks can also be creating barriers to your connection and intimacy with your partner so yes this applies to you too.

So let me get right to it…




It is amazing how many women I have come across who are not over their ex even after years of the breakup (even though they claim they are).

So as much as you “think” you are, if you are still…. thinking about him, attached in some way to the idea of “what could have been”, sending messages to check in here and there, wondering about what you did or didn’t do, or perhaps lingering on to someone who you know is not right for you or who won’t commit to you, and everything in between – you are not over your ex.

This mental, emotional and energetic entanglement will only keep you tied to the past, corded to your ex, living in a fantasy world of “what if” and in a hopeless delusion which will only continue to disempower you and make you lose faith in love.

So the question then becomes..

Will you continue to allow your ex to rob you of your happiness and the love forever after you so desire or will you chose to cut the cords that bind you?

The choice is yours.



These are a little harder to acknowledge as it is deep rooted in childhood.

You may have suppressed the emotional wound so much that you “believe” it is not affecting your life. After all, if you are reading this, you survived it right?

You must understand that when you are a child, your consciousness is like a sponge. You absorb everything you see and experience, and if it is not processed in a positive manner these then become the negative patterns that play out much later in life in a sabotaging way.

Even things you were constantly told as a child is planted in your subconscious! Scary to think huh?

So if you have not dealt with any of your childhood wounds, perhaps the above may get you to think again about facing those if you are experiencing some relationship challenges and want to attract more love into your life.



Yes, I know what you’re thinking.. the old “love yourself” advice!

What can I say.. It’s true.

This one does stem from the above two blocks, so your first step is to truly heal those wounds. It is only after you have done that, that you can start to truly cultivate your self-love.

This is something you need to work on… daily!

Think loving thoughts about yourself. Nurture your body with good food. Rest when you need it. Saying “no” to something you don’t want to do is also an act of self-love.

You will not be able to even start loving yourself if you have not healed your wounds. 

And when you do this you can then attract more LOVE into your life!

So whether you are in a good relationship or single (and loving it), there is always room for a little more love.


P.S. For all you lovely single ladies who felt down on Love Day, here’s my Valentine Message to you: Click here.

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Healing the broken heart

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