Feeling a lack of motivation recently?

Or perhaps procrastinating getting things done?

I noticed this seems to be the theme of the month with a few clients – lack of motivation.

Some felt this more in the area of love, others at work and some just generally speaking about “life”.

Whatever the area you don’t feel motivated about, I can tell you the core of it stems down to 3 things.

It’s actually completely normal to feel a lack of motivation sometimes.

This is the ebb and flow of life!

We move forwards in waves or motions…

Just like the change of seasons.

And just like the moon cycles..

We go through phases.

Phases of growth, motivation & motion forwards..

And phases of rest, recuperation and reflection.

And every now and then we get stuck in inertia.

As a Spiritual Life Coach & Healer being completely solo in my business, self-motivation is vital for me to keep moving forwards and in the process I have learnt a few tricks here and there.

I discussed in the last blog 5 Tips to Prevent a Breakdown (if you missed it you can read it again click here), this sets the foundation for staying motivated. Additionally here are the…

3 Causes of Lack of Motivation & How to Get Moving:


1. Emotional Blocks 

Suppressed and denied emotions are one of your biggest blocks of feeling motivated.

I know this from personal experience in one of my procrastination phase.

A few years back I was stuck procrastinating for weeks, when a shadow aspect came up and I became aware of it. So naturally I sat down to do my inner work after a few days of resistance (I am human too). I claimed it fully and completely in that moment and let it go.

The next day I was the most productive I had been for weeks, things that was taking me weeks I got it all done in 2 days. I continued this motion forward for the next few weeks!

So how to get over this emotional motivation block?

Well you guessed it – process your emotions!

Take time to journal and do your inner work.

The only way out is through, so get to it.

If you need help, check out my Healing Emotional Wounds course!


2. Limiting Habit 


Habits form over time, they say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Once a habit is formed, neural pathways in the brain are created. The more you do this habit the stronger the pathway gets hence they can be a little stubborn to break sometimes.

How do you break a habit?

First rule is, if it takes less than 2mins you must do it now. If you get this one rule down it can potentially change your life! No joke, make this into a new habit and you can thank me later.

Second rule is to tell yourself you will just start (whatever it is you are procrastinating) and do it even if it’s for 5mins. 5mins is nothing right? You know starting is really the hardest part, once you get over this you will already be on a role 😉

Third rule to break a habit is to do things differently or not the way you normally would. For example, if you have a tendency to put your right shoe on first instead put on your left shoe first for a week, walk backwards when you are getting around your house, see if you can brush your teeth with the left hand (if you’re right handed), you get the idea?

Give this a go so you can start breaking some habits, start small as this will open the doors for the bigger ones!


3. Lack of Higher Purpose or Incentive 


This is a big one for a lot of people. I know because I hear it a lot in sessions. If you are stuck in a job you don’t enjoy or that doesn’t give you a feeling of having a purpose or any incentive, then how do you expect to feel motivated over long periods of time?

If you have the luxury of not needing to work, or if being a mother is not enough for you to feel your sense of purpose then I would suggest you go deep into your heart and find what will bring you joy and fulfillment.

It could be pottery or painting more, or perhaps doing charity work.

There needs to be either an incentive or higher purpose for you to be motivated in moving forwards in life.

So what is your big vision?

What would fulfill your soul?

Journal about it, ponder on this question if you haven’t done so already.

Even if you do this as a hobby or part-time honour that. This alone will make you feel more motivated as you get a sense of higher purpose and fulfilment in life.

Here’s to you moving forwards now!

Oh and, if you need support moving forward check out the Soul Coordinates Workbook!

This little workbook is jam-packed (64-pages) with questions and exercises for you to truly connect with where you are on your Soul Journey. Once you have established your Soul Coordinates you can then create a plan of action to move forwards and start creating the life you want to live based on your answers and what came up for you going through this process.

Whether you are just starting your journey or have been on this path for a little while and looking to re-connect and tune in you will love this process of inner reflection. 

If you need support on your healing journey and want more personalized guidance check out my Intuitive Coaching & Emotional Healing Sessions and let’s get you started on getting your life back.

All techniques and information I share are considered coaching, self-help or complementary therapies. I am not a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist or medical doctor, I have a degree in Health Sciences in Complementary Therapies. Everything I write and talk about comes mainly from my own experience in healing myself and the tools, techniques, and resources I learned throughout my own inner journey.

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