Heal your emotional wounds and start to follow
& live your heart path! 

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They say that the longest journey you will ever take is the
18 inches from your head down to your heart…

It’s the journey from who you think you are to becoming who you truly are…

It’s the journey of letting go of conditioned thoughts, limited thinking, negative beliefs, fears, thoughts filled with should have’s and could have’s, what if’s, regrets, control, addictions, self-sabotage, never feeling good enough or fulfilled and never feeling like you’re actually living your life!

But more like life is passing you by…

It’s the journey of un-learning what you were taught, so that you can become who you are.

I believe the freedom you are looking for is the freedom to be You.

To be yourself in all situations and circumstances honestly, truthfully, lovingly and authentically.

To do YOU in this life. 

And this is what living with an open heart is all about.

So if you are questioning your life path, if you are not happy or fulfilled with your current job or reality…

If you have tried everything out there and are feeling frustrated with things not changing…

If you have been reflecting if there’s more to life than suffering…

Then you are already in the process of initiating your journey from your head down to your heart. 

Now you have a choice.


You can choose to stay in this emotional rollercoaster exactly where you are.


But you also have to face the consequences of that decision. Which can manifest as depression, anxiety, toxic relationships, feeling unfulfilled, never feeling good enough, amongst many other things!


You can choose that. 

OR you can choose to look within. 

To have the courage to face your Soul’s truth.

Because if you sincerely desire to create a life filled with joy, love, peace, passion and live out your dreams…

Then you MUST Open Your Heart and follow YOUR Heart path. 

Hi, I’m Melany.

I have a B.Sc (Hons) in Complementary Therapies focused on Health Sciences from the University of Westminster, London. Prior to this I also completed a VCTC Diploma in Complementary Therapies at Solihull College, Birmingham and was nominated as holistic therapist student of the year.

I started my career as a holistic and complementary therapist using more natural approaches to healing including aromatherapy, cranio-sacral therapy, shiatsu, reflexology, looking at environmental stress, lifestyle, reiki, sports massage therapy and other holistic therapies to treat clients with all sorts of conditions. 

Since my graduation, I continued to learn more tools and techniques to further develop my skills attending numerous trainings and seminars including NLP practitioner, Hypnotherapy practitioner, Feng Shui Practitioner, Reiki Master & Teacher, Jung psychoanalysis seminars amongst many other mind, body and energy healing techniques. 

I have been working as a Holistic Therapist, Spiritual Guide, Inner Work, Emotional Empowerment & Trauma Healing Coach for around 15years now. 

After a decade of working with hundreds of women and noticing how emotions affect people’s health and impact their life, I now specialize in helping women who suffer from deep emotional wounds and are wounded by their childhood traumas and past negative relationships heal themselves and open themselves to love so that they can live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. 


Learn the root cause of your emotional wounds 

& simple steps you can take today to begin to heal!

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Your heart already KNOWS what you need to do.
I’m here to help you do it – step by step.

“I have known Melany since 2005 at the University of Westminster. I was always attracted by her personality, quiet and mystical. In January 2013 I really felt I was on my knees, everything I had worked for over the past 2 years went into the ether: my wedding, my land, my projects, my dreams… I knew Mel was doing some kind of healing work and I decided to reach out for some help energetically. I was shocked at the immediate effect of what she did especially the fact that it was at a distant!! I instantly felt better, my sleeping pattern improved, work was getting busier and new opportunities started rising. I am a therapist myself but recently decided to get back to my creative side: dancing, modeling etc… Within a month I got an amazing opportunity to work with top photographers and video makers. I couldn’t believe it! All that clearing energy work needs to be taken more seriously because it simply works. I am so grateful to have reached out to Melany she has helped me open doors I never thought could be possible.”

Moniasse Sessou, London, UK

Bodywork Therapist & Model

“I spent years denying, dismissing, distracting, numbing, and running from my emotions. I finally reached out to Melany because I realized that my ability to feel was buried under so many protective layers that I was emotionally void and simply going through the motions of living my life.

Melany showed me how to feel again and in doing so I started to heal. As a result of our work together I was able to access and process stuck emotions. She held a safe space for me throughout the whole process, intuitively guiding me back to myself. I now allow myself to embrace the full range of human emotions. Yes, there is the pain, fear and sadness but I also get to feel the joy, connection, gratitude and love. Because of Melany I feel alive again and it is amazing! I will be forever grateful for her gifts and the opportunity I had to work with her.”

Christina Petrie, Seattle USA

Website Design & Development

Melany has absolutely changed my life! I began working with Melany due to my physical health, I knew there was something deeper underlining my current issues but couldn’t quite understand what. For 8 years I suffered from a severe digestive disorder that had been reeking havoc in every aspect of my life. For 2 years I had been working on the physical element of my issue but had not yet approached the spiritual, emotional and mental aspect until I met Melany. I instantly felt at ease with Melany and had complete faith and trust in her expertise in order for me to take that next step, which was a big one. Melany intuitively knew what I needed, and gently guided and supported me through each process. I truly felt like we were working together for my greater good and that Melany always had my best interests at heart. I am forever grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Melany, she helped me unlock what had been troubling me for so many years, she set me free and on the path of true healing. Melany I thank you for helping me heal and regain my life back, my gratitude is beyond words.”

Yvette Franzos, Sydney

Pilates and IntenSati Instructor

“Mel came into my life at a time when I didn’t have many roads left to take and I was very stuck. She was, and still is, a huge blessing in my life and an addition I spent 6 years searching for. She has opened me up to myself, in a deeply scary and beautifully profound way. Every day she is the cheerleader on the sidelines to my journey inwards, facing my fears and healing my wounds. She is gifted with the intuition and empathy to help me through it. I thank god, and thank her, for being my courage when I need it. I cannot recommend working with her enough! “

Hadeel Jazzar, Saudi Arabia

“My first energy balancing experience with Melany was 8 years ago. At the time, I knew that something significant within me had shifted, but I hadn’t yet grasped the magnitude of the effect it would have on my life – and what a truly profound effect it has been.

I ended a so-called “perfect” relationship that I was unhappy in, because I realised I had only been going through the motions to conform to societal norms. I’d been doing it unwittingly in an attempt to normalize myself after the emotionally traumatic loss of a parent – which I had also unknowingly buried my feelings for.

I excelled in an extremely high-pressure (and severely underpaid) job that was demanding in every sense – physically, mentally, and emotionally – in a notoriously ‘ugly’ industry, but when it started to conflict with my morals and I realised what a high price I was paying with it taking a serious toll on every aspect of my life, I eventually found the courage to leave it and move on. I learned to stand up for myself, which resulted in abated feelings of guilt within my family, and a stronger sense of self-worth, stemming from issues related to deep-rooted childhood trauma and a close family member’s struggles with mental health – that led to intensity in my own issues with depression – in my adult life.

While my initial session with Mel had been almost a decade ago – and had immediately inspired positive changes in my life – I now undeniably see that the clarity it gave me to approach my problems differently, and see life through another perspective while changing my reactions to it, was a catalyst. The ripple effect helped me work through the many deeper layers of my issues, and find my soul in what can only be described as “setting me free”, as cliched as that sounds.
After a series of events that saw me hit an emotional and physical rock bottom – I was hospitalised for severe adrenal fatigue, that high-pressure job had utterly drained me in every way, and I thought I had lost the only person I had ever truly loved – I knew I had to make a change. Despite building up the courage to make a career change that would impact the rest of my life beyond work, I still felt trapped, lost, and didn’t know how to move forward. Although I hadn’t seen Mel for a session in years, I knew I had to get in touch with her again. In a strange twist of fate, she emailed me at that exact time, inviting me to a hand-picked limited group for the exact type of energy work I’d just been planning to contact her about. Through a combination of one-on-one sessions, her audio guides, and more, I have made leaps and bounds since then. She has helped me redefine my truths, understand the seemingly subtle shifts in my life that have caused enormous impact on the rest of my life, and develop healthier, stronger relationships – not only with others, but with myself.

Once a cynic about the metaphysical – now long-reformed after seeing and feeling the undeniable effects energy work can have on your life – I have worked with a lot of wonderful energy healers over the years. She practically single-handedly ended my skepticism, while helping me develop my own immense belief and faith in energy, the universe, and myself, setting me on a path that I can only describe as an awakening. One of my favourite things about how Mel works is that she never asks you to be falsely and unfailingly positive, or to hide from the darker parts of your psyche or the more so-called unseemly aspects of your subconscious. Yet while teaching you that you must face your demons to conquer them so to speak, she also offers endless support while ensuring that you that you can absolutely resolve whatever issues you may be facing – and giving you the tools to do so.

It is difficult to explain the growth that I’ve experienced as a result of it, but in a tangible sense, it has enabled me to move on to being in a happy relationship with someone who I’m fairly certain is my soulmate; a job that pays 50% more than my previous one did; the ability to stand up for myself and not only know but fight for what I’m worth; a much more stable, joyful, respectful relationship with my family; and more genuine, balanced friendships. On an internal level, I feel a deep sense of harmony that can only come from knowing who you truly are, and being at peace with your soul. I thought I was strong, brave, confident, focused, thoughtful, and loving before – but I had only scratched the surface of how I could flourish after my work with Mel.”

“You have the amazing ability to somehow pick up the vibe that I’m feeling and guide yourself into the scenario. You have the skills to verbally communicate what is actually happening with me even if I’m half way across the world or in a different country, you are always able to understand and provide me with the best solution for my overall well being. You give me the right advice on how to handle the situation, what to expect, what has happened and/or how to resolve it. You always give me a clear direction on what I have to focus on in order to improve and self-develop. I thank you so so much for all of your love and support. I have complete faith and trust in the messages and treatments that I receive from you. You have been able to deliver very intensely deep messages to me that not many people would imagine or understand and continue to do so over anyone else in my life. I really really appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for me!”

Nikhil D’Souza, Canada

Producer / Production Manager

“My experience with Melany, her intuition, and her guidance was incredible. I came in with an open heart and mind, truly unsure of what we would experience together. Melany prefaced our time by telling me she is not a fortune-teller and she can’t change the past, but she can help me to focus my energy on the direction the Universe is paving for me; in short, she could help guide me towards my own life’s alignment. And she did. Melany illuminated pathways for me that quite literally connected the dots. She gave me validation on how to best serve my partner and move forward in my professional life. Her warmth and kindness created a gorgeous and safe space to allow realizations and self-confirmation to occur, building for me strength in my resolve to keep progressing! She’s right – she cannot know the future. But Melany can help you to build the future you desire if you can remain open and willing to seeing different possibilities!”

Erin Salem, USA

My biggest challenges were; focusing and stepping up my game for performances, and mental preparation for achieving my goals. Mel helped me on so many levels – emotionally and mentally – and also taught me a few simple methods and techniques to overcome my challenges. I have implemented all of the techniques Mel taught me, and practiced them on a continuous basis. After a few sessions with Mel I started achieving all of my goals – to name a few; I landed two of the biggest modeling campaigns of my career, I successfully launched and hosted my own online food show, I presented at numerous big events and awards ceremonies, and cooked live to over a million viewers on the UK’s most popular daytime TV show; This Morning. I am so grateful for Mel and all the ways in which she has helped me achieve my dreams and to everyone around me who supports and advises me; family, friends and colleagues.

Paul Frangie, Dubai

Chef & TV Personality

“I have been struggling with health issues when a friend recommended healing sessions with Melany. During my sessions with her I have experienced a profound shift in the way of thinking about my “struggles”. As a result, I have found energy to make some important changes and have started feeling calmer and at peace with my situation. In my view and experience, Melany has a very unique gift to reach and connect with people on a deep subconscious level. I am very grateful to have found Melany and for my experience with her healing.”

Eva Taylor, Dubai

Yoga Instructor

“I can just about remember back to age 6 when I had an injection. From this point on every injection and especially blood test has been traumatic and getting worse. I thought I would grow out of the crying, the uncontrollable shaking, the vomiting and the panic attacks. This wasn’t the case. At 28, after a particularly embarrassing situation where I was crying like a baby, shaking uncontrollably, had to return to the hospital multiple times and eventually hit a nurse and couldn’t remember a thing afterwards, I contacted Mel and asked for help. I had tried everything from talking to specialists, having acupuncture and turning up for the blood test under the influence, nothing worked.

During the first session Mel taught me about how these phobias come about and explained why it was getting worse and why I was unlikely to just ‘grow out of it’. It all made perfect sense. The second session was the hypnotherapy itself, which was actually amazing and extremely relaxing. It turns out that the phobia is likely to have developed much earlier than I thought!

About a month after the hypnotherapy I was due to have a blood test, I went in sat down, this was already a vast improvement, held out my arm, looked away and the blood was taken without a hitch. Since then I have successfully given blood, no shaking, no crying, no panic attacks or other adverse reactions.”

Victoria Roper, UK

Sports Therapist, B.Sc (Hons)

I’ve known Melany a long time, however, it was only a few years ago that I went to see her for her knowledge and expertise in holistic therapy. I was so stressed that it was having an impact on my health, so much so I found myself in the hospital on several occasions. Following MRI scans, blood tests and X-rays I was advised to take several forms of conventional medicine. I decided instead to see Mel who went deeper than the symptoms on the surface and down to the source. I saw Mel for six weeks and after employing her methods and approach I’ve since been more successful in work, have great relationships, am happy, and most of all healthy. Not only did she help improve my emotional and physical well being, she’s given me direction on how to prevent going down that slippery slope again. Thanks Mel!

Andrew Meikle, London UK

Co-founder & CEO of Sport Lobster

“Melany, I really want to thank you. I’m eternally grateful for your Loving presence, your intuition, and your ability to create a safe, sacred space for healing to happen. What rare and beautiful qualities these are. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to experience some profound transformations in my life.”

Neha Jamani, California

Medicinal Chef

“A friend referred me to Melany. I truly believe that I was meant to meet Melany and she was brought to me just when I needed her most in my life. “We attract what we are ready for.”

I approached Melany for help when I really felt as though I was hitting quite a deep and intense emotional hole following some major family-related issues that were incredibly deep rooted. The most prominent of which were issues with body image, self-hatred & destruction, eating disorders, mother-daughter relationship and family conflict. Although Melany is not the first spiritual/energetic coach I have worked with- she is most definitely the first of her kind.

Melany approaches her practice with complete honesty, integrity and vulnerability. I truly felt protected and safe throughout my sessions with her. Not only that, I felt as though Melany was incredibly invested (from a detached space) in helping me through my issues and creating a space for me to heal.

Melany was able to bring me to a new space of awareness and healing that I was not yet aware of. She helped me to release a lot of self-damaging beliefs and thought-patterns that I had developed at a young age and from previous lives. Melany used a variety of techniques to help me reach this new space of self-love, lightness and openness. She was able to teach me about maintaining personal boundaries in relationships and how to make peace with previous pains.

Not only that, Melany has re-invigorated a deep passion for energetic healing, colour therapy and essential oils—which I have since been using very much personally as well as planning to use more in my own practice. My work with Melany was perfectly timed, as I was about to embark on a reunion trip with my family. As a result of my time working with Melany, I have noticed major shifts within myself and within my relationships especially with my mother. There has been a dramatic transformation for me personally. I am beyond grateful for all of Melany’s help and would recommend her to anyone who is attracted to working with her.

Chloe Elgar, Canada

BA Psych & Eng, CNP (Hons.) Holistic Nutritionist, Natural Food Chef & Writer

“​For many people, a break-up is synonym to suffering. It is true in so many ways .. My girlfriend and I recently broke up and surprisingly, this break up is leading me to personal discovery. Sometimes you look at the mirror in a reluctant way, as you know there are things in yourself you do not want to face. Well, this break-up is accelerating the process of facing everything I once did not want to face.

Melany confirmed everything I was going through. I really enjoyed it, especially every time she confirmed something about my personality or the current phase I am going through. Though what I enjoyed, even more, was the level of openness and honesty during the session, and that’s something you cannot have with just anyone.

I will definitely go for another session when the time is right.. until then if you are reading this, I hope you look into the mirror and start facing your deepest fears.. And when you do, consult Melany” :))

Nassib El Khoury, Lebannon

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