Healing is not about tools or techniques,

it’s about how much truth can you accept emotionally in your heart.

Emotional Healing & Intuitive Life Coach | Healing Emotional Trauma

Discover what stops you from living the life you desire, so you can heal, release emotional trauma, and create a joy-filled life! 

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If you’re looking for an intuitive life coach who can help you heal from emotional trauma, so you can feel more
empowered and in control of your life, this is for you.

Discover the Deeply Rooted Reasons You Self-Sabotage, Repeat Negative Patterns, and Feel Like a Victim of Your Circumstances. 

When you do, you’ll feel in control of your emotions and your life, trust yourself to make decisions that align with your truth, and experience more joy!

Do you sense that there is more to life?


Perhaps you’re questioning your life path … you aren’t fulfilled or truly happy with your current reality,
and you feel trapped … but aren’t sure what to shift or how to shift it.


Maybe you find yourself repeating patterns—self-sabotage, unhealthy relationships,
feeling like you’re not good enough— and you can’t figure out how to stop them.


Or, maybe you wish something about your life was different, but aren’t sure what, exactly…

These big-picture issues can show up as exhaustion, irritability, reactivity, and frustration,
which can easily result in feeling like your life is out of your control.


If any of this resonates, you’re not alone.


So many people suffer emotional trauma during their childhoods, or inherit trauma from previous generations.
They end up in toxic relationships, struggle to define what they really want, and lack the self-worth to make changes.


As a result, they go through their lives feeling anxiety, depression, and/or dissatisfaction,
and often feel stuck. If this sounds familiar, I want you to know that there is hope.

When You Uncover and Heal Your Deep Emotional Wounds,
You CAN Set Yourself Free
and Create a Happy, Fulfilling Life.

As an Intuitive Life Coach, I’ll show you how.

After every session with Mel I said “mind blown”. I came to Mel at a time in my life when I was recovering from a traumatic situation that left me feeling scared, small and unable to move forward, stacked on top of a lifetime of unfortunate events.

Mel has an incredible ability to find the moments in your life when things shifted and irrational truths were set in your subconscious, and to guide you through changing their impact on your present and future. I’ve spent many years in therapy for anxiety and I can confidently say I haven’t had nearly as much success or shift with any of them as I have with Mel. The journey I experienced with her, the new truths I have put in place, the tools she has given me to carry on being a healthy and able-minded individual are absolutely invaluable.

I still can’t fully explain what I’ve experienced but I’ve changed in such a wonderful way. And I’m beaming with new energy ready to live the next chapter of my journey, people closest to me have really noticed it as well. I’m stronger, braver, more confident, less afraid and focused.

If you’re struggling but you have an aching desire for growth, resolution, and most of all freedom, I highly recommend working with Mel.”

Fathima, Dubai

Intuitive Life Coaching Client

Intuitive Life Coach | Healing Emotional Trauma

Hi, I’m Melany.

I’m an intuitive life coach, specializing in emotional healing. While I’m happy to tell you that I’ve had tremendous success guiding my clients to healing, clarity, and greater joy, my journey has been a long one.

I have a B.Sc (Hons) in Complementary Therapies focused on Health Sciences from the University of Westminster, London. Prior to this I also completed a VCTC Diploma in Complementary Therapies at Solihull College, Birmingham UK and was nominated as holistic therapist student of the year.

I started my career as a holistic and complementary therapist using more natural approaches to healing including aromatherapy, craniosacral therapy, shiatsu, reflexology, looking at environmental stress, lifestyle, reiki, sports massage therapy and other holistic therapies to treat clients with all sorts of conditions. 

Since my graduation, I continued to learn more tools and techniques to further develop my skills attending numerous trainings and seminars including NLP practitioner, Hypnotherapy practitioner, Feng Shui Practitioner, Reiki Master & Teacher, Jung psychoanalysis seminars amongst many other mind, body and energy healing techniques. 

I have been working as a Holistic Therapist, Spiritual Guide, Inner Work, Emotional Empowerment & Trauma Healing Coach for around 15years now. 

After a decade of working with hundreds of women and noticing how emotions affect people’s health and impact their life, I now specialize in helping women who suffer from deep emotional wounds and are wounded by their childhood traumas and past negative relationships heal themselves and open themselves to love so that they can live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. 

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As an Intuitive Life Coach, I specialize in helping women who suffer from deep emotional wounds from childhood traumas and past negative relationships. I guide them to heal and open themselves to love, so they can live happier, more fulfilling lives.

“I spent years denying, dismissing, distracting, numbing, and running from my emotions. I finally reached out to Melany because I realized that my ability to feel was buried under so many protective layers that I was emotionally void and simply going through the motions of living my life.

Melany showed me how to feel again and in doing so I started to heal. As a result of our work together I was able to access and process stuck emotions. She held a safe space for me throughout the whole process, intuitively guiding me back to myself. I now allow myself to embrace the full range of human emotions. Yes, there is the pain, fear and sadness but I also get to feel the joy, connection, gratitude and love. Because of Melany I feel alive again and it is amazing! I will be forever grateful for her gifts and the opportunity I had to work with her.”

Christina Petrie, Seattle USA

Intuitive Life Coaching Client

True healing means rediscovering who you are, at the core, heart level.
It means peeling back the protective layers you formed after being hurt, so that you can identify exactly what you want and then create it, with confidence.

When you seek true healing, you can change your life.


You’re no longer a victim of your past, overtaken by strong emotions and ruled by negative patterns.


Instead, you’re able to create a life filled with joy, love, peace, and passion as you recognize and live out your dreams!

How does that sound?


Your heart already knows what you need to do. I’m here to help you do it.


If you’re ready to open your heart and mind, heal your deepest emotional wounds, and live with greater peace and joy, take the first step right now: sign up to watch the Open Your Heart Video Guide, so you can learn what it truly takes to heal … to break free from negative patterns and start attracting more of what your heart desires.

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“I love having sessions with you! It was great to get out of ignorance and find the true meaning of love. Every session taught me a new thing about me, love and life. Good to find myself! Your coaching really really changed my life for good! I’m more aware of my emotions, my actions, my reactions and that helps me create balance in every area of my life. I feel things from the heart and that continues to make my life beautiful. Can’t thank you enough, Melany. You’re a beautiful soul and your guidance truly helps change lives for good.” – Geetanjalis, Dubai 

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