Are you ready to finally heal & fill your life with more love and joy than you thought possible?


Hi. I’m Melany.

I am a Spiritual Guide & Intuitive Healer.

I am a born empath; I can naturally feel what your soul is experiencing. I’m here to tell you, beautiful soul, that You can heal your emotional pain & change any reality you no longer desire! Are you heart-broken? Haunted by the traumatic events of your past? Re-living the same relationship or negative life patterns? Unable to find love & joy in life?

I passionately believe that your pain, traumas & emotional wounds are gifts from the Divine to help you grow & open your heart to deeper truths. It all starts with getting to know yourself better.

I can help you learn to define your current and recurring beliefs and then uncover which ones are weakening you and blocking you from moving forwards in life, be it personally or professionally. ​

Whether you are unhappy with your current love situation or are just starting your spiritual journey towards healing life-long wounds, I can: ​

~ Hold a safe space for your wounds to surface

~ Connect with you deeply to show you how change is born within

~ Dedicate my energy to help you change yours


Chances are very good that, your heart already KNOWS what you need to do, what steps to take, and even what strategies to implement to arrive at the answers you’re seeking. ​


Here's something you may not realize:

At the conscious level your vision is obstructed by certain thoughts, feelings and emotions which manifest themselves in the form of worry, anxiety and stress. When you are in this state of mind it’s hard to see which path to take, even if it’s right in front of you. I know because I was there once. I've been through it and got myself out of it and learnt so much along my journey.

My mission to set wounded hearts free so they can live out more of what their heart truly desires!
So if you are feeling imprisoned by your wounds, traumatic past or negative life patterns and my work resonates with you,
it would be an honor to guide you!

Let's get you started on your healing journey...

Your heart already KNOWS what you need to do.

I’m here to help you do it - step by step.

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