Real Transformation Blooms from Within

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Your Path to Healing, Spiritual Growth &
Living with an Open Heart is a heartbeat away…

Affirmations, vision boards, meditation, yoga, crystals and burning sage is NOT the way to
REAL healing, self-development & spiritual growth!

So, if you have been doing all the above and more and feeling
more lost than when you started, I feel you.

Hi, I’m Melany.

I am a Holistic Therapist & Emotional Empowerment Coach. My focus is on your emotional wellbeing. 

I’m here to tell you, beautiful soul, that you can heal your emotional pain & change any reality you no longer desire! Are you heart-broken? Haunted by the traumatic events of your past? Re-living the same relationship or negative life patterns? Unable to find love & joy in life?

I passionately believe that your pain, traumas & emotional wounds are gifts from the Divine to help you grow & open your heart to deeper truths. It all starts with getting to know yourself better.

This is why I created this heartfelt documentary to share with you the TRUTH of what I learned on my healing journey of:


Why you keep repeating negative patterns & what keeps you stuck there


What blocks your ability to connect to your heart as well as your ability to experience true love, attract what your heart desires and have joy in your daily life


What it means to start healing from the inside out so you can truly heal and attract more of what your heart desires

If you are ready to get off the emotional roller coaster and Open Your Heart to receive more love, joy and inner peace so you can start living a happier & more fulfilling life then this is for you

After you watch this you will finally have a clear understanding of what it really takes to heal & Open Your Heart so you can transform your life PERMANENTLY.

Sign up here to receive a 30min Video Guide to help you learn the root cause of your emotional wounds & simple steps you can take today to begin to heal!

Your heart already KNOWS what you need to do.
I’m here to help you do it – step by step.

“I have known Melany since 2005 at the University of Westminster. I was always attracted by her personality, quiet and mystical. In January 2013 I really felt I was on my knees, everything I had worked for over the past 2 years went into the ether: my wedding, my land, my projects, my dreams… I knew Mel was doing some kind of healing work and I decided to reach out for some help energetically. I was shocked at the immediate effect of what she did especially the fact that it was at a distant!! I instantly felt better, my sleeping pattern improved, work was getting busier and new opportunities started rising. I am a therapist myself but recently decided to get back to my creative side: dancing, modelling etc… Within a month I got an amazing opportunity to work with top photographers and video makers. I couldn’t believe it! All that clearing energy work needs to be taken more seriously because it simply works. I am so grateful to have reached out to Melany she has helped me open doors I never thought could be possible.”

Moniasse Sessou, London, UK
Bodywork Therapist & Model