EXPOSED: Heart-Core Tools to Catapult your Spiritual Evolution

Also, How to Release Limiting Beliefs, Patterns & Imprints StoppingYou from Fulfilling Your Heart’s Desires!

Learn How to Navigate Through Your Own Consciousness,  Shift What No Longer Serves You...& Enjoy More Inner Peace & A Much Deeper Connection to Your Soul

Life is a School for the Soul

Most people are completely unaware of how to process their emotions, break-free from negative patterns or alter their paradigm when it’s long overdue..

Life is a School for the Soul; Emotions are the Language and Different Aspects of Reality are the Subjects.

What is NOT taught in schools (which certainly should be – in my humble opinion) is that there are many practical tools & simple processes for people to digest your emotions, transform your inner turmoil, change your limiting beliefs, cultivate your inner peace and as a direct result, re- shape your reality and bring about your established  emotional intelligence.

Dr. Bruce Lipton has already proven scientifically that our thoughts & belief systems create our personal reality. This new science of epigenetics is fantastic news, because it means that we can actually change the reality we no longer want to continue. We can transform many things including our health, our financial circumstances, our relationships and our personal wellbeing.. by just doing the inner work to enhance our inner Self.

The #1 Reason Why People Remain Stuck

When someone keeps experiencing the same situation, or is feeling stuck in one area of their life – be it financial, career wise, issues at work, in relationships or very personal matters – if they are constantly anxious, easily triggered emotionally, or overwhelmed with life, it is often because they have not dealt with their own deeply suppressed emotions, their inner conflicts, or faced their traumas, and have not looked at their deep subconscious beliefs, or their entangled energies.

It is a known fact that our subconscious mind is THOUSANDS of times MORE powerful than our conscious mind.
Previous studies have shown that our subconscious mind is running the show 95% of the time! Our brain prepares for action a third of a second before our conscious mind decides to act. This means that the subconscious level is the one who is really in control… That’s why trying to change deep-rooted subconscious patterns consciously, will almost never ever work!

In that case, we often find ourselves to keep on repeating the very same patterns, while being unable to move past the established limitations of our subconscious mind.  However, when you journey into the depths of your heart – and start clearing your old  emotional wounds and imprints that are stored in your subconscious mind – you’ll find that you can shift things, feel inner peace and live a life that is filled with Joy, Passion and Optimism.

~ Become Aware of Your Triggers and Acknowledge Them.
~ Start a Meditation Practice.
~ Declare Positive Affirmations.
~ Visualize Your Desired Outcome.
~ Take Inspired Action.

Maybe you have tried some of the above already, or have attempted all of them before now?

Perhaps it has helped you a little with some things and you have managed to change a few things in your life.. but if you’re like the majority of the population, you are still not completely fulfilled and lack the right tools and structures to deeply deal with your inner world in order to accomplish more, and start to attract what you really want and eventually get to see the Real Beauty in Life once again.

~ Perhaps you have started to think very positive things, but your past wounds still continue to drag you down
~ It could be that you have done some inner work and still struggle with the same old issues
~ Or possibly, you are in a job that pays the bills but it’s not your genuine heart’s calling
~ Maybe you think you are doing all the right things but are still not getting any positive results?

Basically, you are stuck in set patterns that you can’t escape from.. You are already aware of this and have some idea of how to shift this, but are simply not able to, no matter how hard you try – at least, not in the way that you truly want to remove your present mental paradigm!

But Wait! Don’t Blame Yourself..
If You Are Not Attracting Your Heart’s Desires, Here’s the Good News… 

The reason you are still stuck in a rut and are frustrated by your attempts, is not
because you can’t or, deep down, don’t want to – and it’s also NOT because you don’t
have it inside you.

The only explanation for you to still be having difficulties with the same issues is that
you do not have the right tools & structures to dig deep enough to be able to transmute
the inner energetic pattern holding your reality in place.

I will emphasize that again, in far more straightforward terms:

You simply haven’t used the right tools to transform what’s blocking you.

Because of this basic factor, you remain stuck and unable to change anything in your
life, as there are suppressed emotions, unresolved inner issues and personal conflicts
that require your full acknowledgement and attention before you can truly let them go!

After spending thousands of time and money on psychics, clairvoyants, healers, and
several courses, searching recklessly for the one thing that will change my life, I
eventually realized that I am actually on a long journey.

There is no one magic button to press, nor any quick fix and certainly no ending.

There are important lessons, personal experiences and understandings that will bring
you closer to your true Self.

I will teach you how to learn those lessons & understand how to accurately process
your personal experiences.

During this program I will gently guide you to understand yourself and your experiences,
as you feel more at peace with who you really are and where you are in your Soul

You’ll get my favourite key tools that helped me along my own inner journey and have
equally helped thousands of my clients as well.
Over many years of treating numerous clients with different emotional issues, I became
able to learn and to see how sometimes one tool just did not cut it, whereas other tools
unravelled the stuck patterns just like no-one else’s business.

It was all about using the right tool for that very specific issue and using it exactly in
accordance to where the person was, during the process of that part of their personal

The tools I will present to you have the ability to unlock any deep-rooted limiting
patterns ingrained in your consciousness so you can begin to feel more connected to
your Soul, understand your experiences and as a result, catapult your Spiritual Evolution.

If you want to connect more to your heart wisdom and start radiating your heart’s desires, you will need to clear all of your heart wounds first!

So, please get ready to dive deep within your heart to create some lasting changes,
because the Journey Within is your missing piece to resolve the self-mastery and
emotional freedom puzzle.

The Heart-core Tools You Will Learn
When You Start on the Heart Path’s first step..

12 Amazing Processes You Can Benefit from,
by Using Them to Understand Yourself Better &
Consequently Live a More Fulfilled Life

When you understand how your consciousness works, you will quickly be able to see the
patterns you are projecting into your reality.

 This is just like being your own Guru – so whenever ‘issues’ come up you will become
aware of what is happening and can start your own inner journey, by using the tools
taught to you here & begin to shift ‘the issue’ instantly.
 You will love the feeling of expanding your awareness in this way as you continue to
become clearer within yourself and connect more to your heart.

 Imagine taking full responsibility in your life – no more blaming others, no more feeling
helpless, or victimized – and instead, you will start feeling empowered, centered and
constantly in awe.

When you release toxic emotions from your body, you are physically cleansing your

 It is even better when you become clearer within yourself – and become immune to any
emotional hijack – and are more able to make the right decisions for you. 

Not only will you feel lighter and your body be healthier, but you will also have more
vitality and be able to vibrate higher to attract more of what you truly want in your Life

The more you forgive others, your past and yourself, you will feel lighter, with more
vitality and the easier it will be to attract your heart’s desires.

 Why? Because holding onto anger, resentment, hate and grudges will weigh you down
energetically. This negative weight, makes it far more difficult to attract what you really
want, and will most certainly keep you stuck in the past.

You will begin to feel happier, feel at peace with yourself and the world you live in – The concept of Forgiving will open your heart again to receive all the good things in Life.

As soon as you start healing your inner child, you will begin to untangle limiting patterns
that were imprinted upon you in the past. So you will truly be healing your deeper
wounds. And when this happens you can finally release any negative emotions and stop
reacting to situations that used to trigger you. 

It is better not to be scared to look at your emotional wounds. It will require your inner
strength and expose your vulnerability, but I promise you that once you dive deep and
acknowledge it, then you will sense emotional freedom in a way you have not
experienced before.

When you change your belief system, you are actually changing your biochemistry.

 You are in physical reality closing down all the receptors (that lay in the outer part of
each of your billions of cells) for the limiting belief that no longer serves you.

 By constantly eliminating negative beliefs you can slowly, but surely, start creating a
new reality.. based on far more positive, supportive and healthier beliefs & programming. 

Just think how amazing it would be to start living the life of your long sought-after

As Dr. Wayne Dyer has previously declared: “When you change the way you look at
things, the things you look at change.” 

As you learn to empower yourself through reframing your personal story, your past will
become far more colourful and negative situations can be immediately neutralized. 

Suddenly you will have more inner resources preparing you for any stressful situation
you may encounter in the future.

We have over 50,000 thoughts per day! The more of these thoughts that are focused
directly on what we want, the quicker and easier it will be to manifest our dreams. 

Stopping the old habits of thinking negatively can take you to the next level, beyond
your current unsatisfying and therefore unsatisfactory and inadequate, comfort zone. 

Your thought paradigm is a completely false prison; if you look very closely, you will see
that it has open doors, so all you have to do is just walk out – and be free!

This may be the hardest part for your ego to swallow; However, it will also become the
most humbling. 
You will want to fight and toss and turn with the aspects you reject within yourself, but
I can assure you that these parts will eventually become bearing gifts. 

Once you realize what you are hiding in the shadows, which are essentially those faces
you are ashamed of.. and embrace them as your own, no-one can ever use them against

And how good would it feel to finally accept ALL of who you really are as a genuine and
solid person!

When your own conflicting desires come to an agreement, you will find that you actually
start attracting what you really want and your life will start flowing effortlessly.

You will feel more completely aligned with your Soul and feel connected to your heart’s

A sense of inner peace will come over you when you no longer have your own internal
energies fighting over each other.

The better the relationship you have with yourself, the more your relationships with
others will flourish. 

You will find that your friendships may change; you will start attracting new positive
people into your life who will be more in alignment with your new positive energy. 

Imagine feeling safe to be yourself, feeling good about who you are and connecting more
to your true essence of being.

Your Soul point resides in your heart. When you are connected to your heart, you connect
with your essence, with your Soul, with the Divine part of you.. You become one with
who you truly are at the deepest level. 
The heart is far more than just a simple blood pump. Science research has found that
the heart has an awareness of its own, and has access to intuition far beyond space
and time! 

It is only when you open your heart and fully trust it, that you can reach your highest
potential. Imagine what will be possible for you if you start to emerge from your
personal heart space..

When you’re on a spiritual journey wishing to learn more about yourself, it’s easy to get
off the main track, go out of focus, and become distracted by the mundane everyday
events of life..

What you need is a structure, a firm way to safeguard your balance on this inner journey. 

Operating in this way, you can then be sure to always be moving forwards on your inner
journey and constantly be expanding your awareness..

The reward for consciousness expansion is infinite.. 
it’s what we are all here to experience!

It’s actually my passion, my own obsession.. And I’ve put my heart and soul into creating
this program for you to do the same with ease and grace.

The Heart Path’s first step is to Heal Your
Heart Wounds:

The Complete Self Healing Program

I would like to invite you on a journey into your own self-consciousness,  and follow the
only path that will take you into your heart. 

This course is designed to work you through a consciousness- expanding framework in
order to transform you from deep within. 

Whether you have had therapy before with little or no success, have already taken other
courses or programs, or you are just starting your spiritual journey, this can be a dramatic
positive shift for you.

~ You will learn how your consciousness operates and understand how
to influence it for your highest and best Self to emerge!

~ You will be able to feel the changes as you go through the program, something that
cannot be put into words – it must be both physically and mentally experienced. 

~ You can and will journey through this program many times during your life, and each
time you will discover something new.

~ You will enter into a higher level of awareness and continue to grow as you continue
on your journey into the depths of your heart.

And the BEST OF ALL is that once you make the change from within there will be no
going back to the old limiting patterns, EVER! 

In all Honest Truth – You Will Finally Begin to Set Your True Self Free!

More importantly, you will experience a deeper connection to your Soul. You will feel
more in control of your life and have a sense of your inner strength that emerges from
directly within you. 

And when this happens.. You can truly let your Heart Sing!  

You’ll find the Universe opens up and your path becomes very clear. 

Ultimately, you will be coming home to yourself! And no-one will ever be able to take
that away from you.



                My Mission is to Reconnect You to Your Heart.. 

                And Healing Your Heart Wounds is your first step.

Unfortunately there is no easy route. Trust me, I’ve spent many years over time looking
for the ‘magic wand’.. and I’ve learnt the hard way. 

So, I now want to share with you all the knowledge I’ve acquired from having previously
taken countless different courses and witnessed amazing teachers I’ve had the pleasure
to learn from.

What’s even better for you is that I’ve cut out all the pointless nonsense and I am giving
the guidance to you on a silverplatter.. I will provide you with all the good stuff that will
get you the positive results you desire! 

So, if this resonates with you in any way, I would love to guide you through my Heart
Paths and gently start by showing you how to Journey Within.. 

What you will receive throughout your personal journey:

~ A twelve-module training program which reveals exactly how to use each tool to shift
your inner stuck patterns 

~ Theory behind each tool so you can fully understand them and put them to good use

~ Guided meditations to support each module & which will enable you to listen and
re-listen to them whenever you like 

~ Practical exercises so you can effortlessly start to shift things that no longer serves

~ Live Calls with Activations & Downloads for your consciousness to support you on 
this deep inner journey

~ Full recording of all the classes so you can enjoy going through the journey all over
again, when you feel the need

~ Private Facebook group for a life-time of support & guidance on the tools and lessons