3 Blocks Keeping You From Attracting Your Heart’s Desires!

3 Blocks Keeping You From Attracting Your Heart’s Desires! Do you feel unable to attract your heart’s desires? What if I told you the answer is already within you? Isn’t that empowering? There are areas in your life where things just seem to flow. You feel good about it, you get what you desire and […]

3 Blocks Stopping You from Attracting LOVE

As I was contemplating on what to write on this blog, I thought to myself what is the number one thing I help clients with… And yes, it is LOVE. I realised that I don’t often write about love or blocks to love, and thinking about it maybe never have in such a direct manner.. […]

Why You Must Process Your Emotions

Why You Must Process Your Emotions February 5th, 2016 “If you don’t manage your emotions, they will eventually manage you” – Deborah Rozman I have recently noticed how some people are so afraid of their own emotions! They see it as this big scary monster that they would much rather suppress and ignore.. and pretend that everything […]

My Top 5 Self-Help Books!

My Top 5 Self-Help Books! February 5th, 2016 What is your favourite book? It’s a tough one isn’t it? Whenever someone asks me that question, my initial thoughts are “One book? There are so many good books!” On top of that there are different genres.. where do you even start! Clients often ask me to […]

Setting Intentions to Attract Your Heart’s Desires

Setting Intentions to Attract Your Heart’s Desires February 5th, 2016 How do you go about setting your intentions? The best way to set intentions in motion is to actually visualise it. This is because your mind understands images and pictures. You see, your mind cannot tell the difference between something you imagine or something that […]

How to Improve ALL Your Relationships

How to Improve ALL of Your Relationships February 5th, 2016 “Our ability to find love is based on our ability to love ourselves.”  The relationship we have with ourselves reflects the relationships we attract with others. There is always a lesson when misunderstandings come up in our relationships, whether it is with family, friends, co-workers […]

When Your Inner Work Gets You Nowhere..

When Your Inner Work Is Getting You Nowhere.. February 5th, 2016 Do you feel like you are doing all the inner work but not seeing any shifts in your life? If the answer is yes, then I invite you to look a little deeper.. I often come across a lot of people who claim to […]

The Subtle Traumas Sabotaging Your Life

The Subtle Traumas You Don’t Know About That Are Sabotaging Your Life February 5th, 2016 A few days ago I posted on social media about trauma and mentioned it can also be something you have witnessed. You can check it out on my Facebook group or Instagram page. I noticed a number of people were […]

3 Blocks Keeping You from Moving Forwards & What To Do About Them!

3 Blocks Keeping You from Moving Forwards & What To Do About Them! February 5th, 2016 Feeling a lack of motivation recently? Or perhaps procrastinating getting things done? I noticed this seems to be the theme of the month with a few clients – lack of motivation. Some felt this more in the area of […]

5 Tips to Prevent a Breakdown

5 Tips to Prevent A Breakdown February 5th, 2016 Do you have anchors in place to prevent you from getting stressed, overwhelmed or having a complete breakdown? No? You’re not alone, not many people do! Stress, overwhelm or breakdowns don’t just happen overnight. They start slowly, little by little, invading your space and energy… Until […]

I Am That

I Am That July 11th, 2016 I am the darkness I am the night I am all the things you hide. I am the thoughts you don’t speak I am the dirty secrets you keep. I am your shadow I am your Soul I am part of the whole. I am the things you want […]

How To Tell If You Are Faking “Spirituality”

How to Tell if You are Faking Spirituality February 5th, 2016 Have you been spiritually faking it? I have recently noticed this common trend in so many “spiritual people” which kind of took me by surprise (to some extent). This is a very tricky subject where those on the spiritual path (or claim to be) […]

Within the Void of Your Soul

Within the Void of Your Soul February 5th, 2016 Within the void of your soul where silence sits where nothing resides and every potential exists where I am the I AM a part of God and the whole in a tiny point we call “soul” Within the void of your soul The Akasha in motion […]

Consciousness Expansion

Consciousness Expansion February 5th, 2016 How aware are you? About how you truly feel.. About your intuition communicating with you.. About your beliefs and habits that limit you.. About what your reality is reflecting about you.. Awareness is the ability to perceive, sense, feel and be conscious of our reality, events, circumstances as well as […]

Be Your Own Valentine!

Be Your Own Valentine February 5th, 2016 Love is what unites us. Love has the ability to dissolve conflict and bring more peace into our hearts. Love supports healing, deepens relationships and even magnetises more of what our heart desires. Love though, I have learnt and now believe starts with loving yourself!  Not loving yourself will send […]